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NBNCo Now Offering Free Technology Choice Upgrade Quotes, Was $330


NBNCo has gotten rid of the pay wall.
You now no longer have to pay to see what you would pay!

My FTTN to FTTP would cost me $13,455

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  • $2,936 which I thought was bad but after seeing some of the others here…

  • $2315 fttc -> fttp

    pondering it

    on hfc now - cutoff date is aug 21

    live in old house and has old degraded phone line and realistically need to replace the whole phone line first and run a whole new line from the pole into my office where the modem is before connecting to fttc … wonder how much that would cost?

  • Carindale, QLD - "A quote cannot be generated at this time."

    • +1

      Same here, Ashgrove QLD, currently on HFC.

      Maybe their estimator took a break.

  • $2755 INC GST, NBN is a joke, Liverals knew they could push this cost down our throat down the track plus make their mates rich in the process

  • +1

    To go from FTTN to FTTP is $ 9,512 inc. GST. Just imagine paying the $330 to find that out

  • Was $330 for a simple quote! That is almost illegal!

  • +1

    Wow what a scam. The cost for my unit is $14,941!!! This is for FTTC to FTTP

    The NBN has always disappointed me right from bungling our address and delaying the rollout only to our home in the entire suburb I think!

    There is an option for group application. But who cares? I hope wireless or 5G will someday put this dinosaur of a technology to bed.

  • +1

    $2798 feels like a relative bargain. But I get 102 down and high 30’s up. Not sure I can afford the extra cost of higher speed plans anyway.

  • Damn I only get $6,276

    HFC Change to FTTP

    Think our gov wants more tax payers to pay for the (already_outdated) infrastructures…

  • FTTN to FTTP = $ 12,742 inc. GST
    Have to keep my 50MB (52MB Actual speed) with Telstra…DOH !!!

  • Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069 - A quote cannot be generated at this time. Darn!

  • "Cost: A quote cannot be generated at this time."

    great… gave away my phone number and email for nothing…

    • You can put any name, any number and spam email ..

  • I’m confused by all this, didn’t the nbn say in sept they are gonna upgrade people who want it to 1gb connections?

    • Not in the cities I don't think. My read of it was that my Melbourne FTTC connection will not be upgraded.

  • $ 18,617 inc. GST…sure I'll jump right on it…

  • $ 13,734 inc. GST Willetton,WA to change from
    25mbps FTTN. I have already moved to Optus 5g thanks to Libs

  • +1

    $2826 for me. Do they have to dig up the front yard? My yard was concreted by a wog, who hated plants.

    • +1

      My wog neighbours across the road did that, bought the house from an elderly couple that had the most beautiful garden and dug it all up in favour of concrete and pavers :/

      • +6

        He came, he saw, he concreted.

  • Quote was quick - about 30 seconds.

    $14,013 inc. GST from HFC.

    A bit on the pricey side considering much of the network may be getting an upgrade from next year… I can already get 1000/50 on my POI.

    • Which makes it weird they used to charge money and take months only to dissuade people from it….

  • +1

    I don't understand… why's everyone complaining?

    You SAVE $300 on your quote from our benevolent NBN Overlords.

  • Mine is FTTN @ below adsl speeds , I don't use it as it is too slow and getting 150/50 with Optus home 4g.$13K and I'm 100mtres from the NBN ugly box round the corner as the crow fly's.Time to be patient wait and see if someone else pays nearby , then get another quote.This is where first in is not best dressed fair or not.

  • +1

    So let me get this straight, I would have previously had to have paid $330 for a quote of $25k to upgrade my shitty HFC connection to FTTP?

    • From memory there was actually 2 stages of quotes initially that you had to pay for, a rough estimate which would determine if it was possible, then an accurate quote. I may be misremembering from when it first came out and I was interested, then the quotes started coming in, lol.

  • FTTN to FTTP - $11,915 inc gst! Outrageous!

  • +1

    Just over $4000 to upgrade from FTTN to FTTP. Considering my neighbour has FTTP it's a bit more than I would have expected…

  • Remember when Tony Trumbbott said in 2013:

    Just if I may add something. I mean, at 25 megs, you can simultaneously be downloading four HD TV programmes. So you can have four people in four different parts of the standard house watching the sport, a movie, whatever you might be doing. So we are absolutely confident that 25 megs is going to be enough, more than enough, for the average household.

    • +1

      Typical business man talk.

      Either he is misinformed or trying to pull a big one over the Australian people.

      Still can't tell which one or if it is maybe both because he doesn't care or even know what a megabit is.

    • Highly compressed 1080p-ish should be good enough for anybody /s

    • "640K ought to be enough for anybody."

      • +2

        Laughs in 144p

      • "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers"

      • Bill Gates said back in the 90s that there was no future for the internet, or something along those lines.

        • +3

          Malcolm must have been in the audience taking notes.

    • +1

      I only get 23Mbps… MS Teams eats up 20Mb/s. That leaves me w/ 3Mb/s for OzB and NOTHING for the rest of the family.

  • South Yarra in VIC, HFC, quote is $12744, generated instantly

  • 3170 for $14,857 to upgrade from HFC to FTTP. Yike…..

    • $8,892 for me in 3170

  • How are you getting these? The form has said it's down for maintenance for the last hour?

  • My quote $14,000.00
    Wow ! What a bargain !

  • +1

    Can't wait for 5G to become mainstream so I can give the NBN a kick in the backside

  • $3100 for me. Not bad but think i am happy with 100/40 speed for now

  • $9,120 inc. GST (Blue Mountains, NSW)

    On 50/20 unlimited with TPG for now but sometimes it goes up to 70/20 I have noticed no idea why.

    I have changed to 100/40 and back to 50/20 now a few times to see what my max speed is like and on the past I did get up to high 80s but then it stabilised around low 60s so I decided that it was not worth the extra $20/month so went back to 50/20 which it usually hovers around now consistently.

    Upload speed I think can max out 20 and even 40.


  • Is the quote based on running fibre from the node you're connected to now, or the nearest node? I'm on the far end of a distribution area, so over a km from the node I'm connected to, but only 180m from the closest node. Quote is over $9,700.

  • $ 12,377 inc. GST

    probably about the same amount of labour hours for the whole street to be converted too

  • who actually paid 330 for the quote i wonder?

    • lots of people
      it also used to be 660.

    • Heaps of people, there's a big Whirlpool thread on it

      • lmao now how many of them want a refund. or maybe they are too rich to bother with it

  • What is this? Surely I can't be the only one who has no clue?

    • Got NBN? Is it sh*tty fibre to the node? Want fibre to your house instead? You used to have to pay over $300 to find out how much that would cost, now you can find out for free.

      • YOU HAD TO PAY TO GET A QUOTE?! Are you serious? Thats ridiculous.
        But yes I have FTTN, but thank god, it's really good and consistent. 100 down, 40 up consistently. (MAinly due to google wifi mesh)

  • +1

    Was quoted $13,605. No, thanks. Will stick with HFC.

  • +3

    Shoot - if NBN is a govt company and NBN is govt funded initiative it is tax payers money.
    Using tax payers money why is their inferior connections provided to one area and a superior service to different areas?

    And why is NBN trying to make money here when everyone should have got the same and if any NBN should foot the bill

    • +1

      Areed, Why pay for something that is Supposedly an essential service. Taxpayer Funded, Not Government. We are Being let down by Government.

      • -1

        Supposedly an essential service

        Optic fibre isn't essential.

        • So why did they waste money in getting the optic fibre rolled out to locations that already had ADSL connections?

          • -2

            @dragonfly090: Beats me…

            I was getting 110Mbps with Foxtel cable.

            • @jv: First of all, not everyone had access to cable, secondly the more uses on cable the more it got hammered. Thirdly what was your up speed like?

              • @lonewolf:

                Thirdly what was your up speed like?

                Around 5 -> 5.5 Mbps…

                • @jv: to me thats the best part of the NBN the up speed, I had cable also and the speed was good on cable especially when people started to leave cable for NBN, I was always getting 100+ but the up speed was soo annoying.

              • @lonewolf:

                secondly the more uses on cable the more it got hammered.

                Same is happening on NBN in our area….

    • if NBN is a govt company and NBN is govt funded

      Potentially to be sold off to Telstra….

  • what does this mean ;-)

    Good news! Your location already has access to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). You don’t need to proceed with your quote.

    Check your address to find out more

    • +2

      I find it hilarious how nbn is forced to confront and admit to the fact that FTTP is superior to the vast majority of the rest. So much for bridging the digital divide…equally. I guess giving people useable internet but then there being many tiers of it and a lot of variability is…close enough?

  • $9029 FTTN => FTTP (Newcastle nsw)

  • +1

    Good news! Your location already has access to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). You don’t need to proceed with your quote.

    • +1

      Saved $330!

  • $7600 FTTN -> FTTP, Geelong.

    • Are you in the iiNet footprint?

      • nope unfortunately

  • $ 16,265 inc. GST. FTTN to FTTP.

    I guess it would be much cheaper if your neighbour gets FTTP as there is already fibre closer to your neighbour’s house.

    • Not necessarily.

  • +3

    $38,228 HFC to FTTP… beat that!

    • +3

      $46,190 HFC to FTTP :(


  • Anyone got a quote for multiple premises switch yet?
    Fixed wireless to FTTP - $ 20,484
    Telstra conduit/put is out the front of the house, probably should’ve been included in fixed line footprint but that’s the way it is.

  • Could this conversion cost ever be written off as some sort of tax expense?

    • -1

      If you require the internet to work from home, yes.

    • +1

      No. I paid an accountant to investigate and there have been rulings about this. You cannot claim it on your tax just for working from home, and it’s rocky ground even for a business.

      Capital expenses can’t be claimed and the specific ruling regarding NBN build costs was because it LOOKS like a capital expense, even if it is not, then in essence it must be treated like a capital expense and so cannot be claimed.

  • +1

    HFC to FTTP = $23k.

    A big up yours to the LNP.

  • +1

    $ 17,207 inc. GST

    Don't even have nbn now lol, will stick to my Voda 4G

  • +1

    $8021 - under 50m from the node.

    Either these guys are on drugs or they make it so expensive in order to discourage upgrading.

    • +1

      I dont think it matters how far away you are from the node (at least from reading the WP thread). Since the fibre will need to bypass th enode its basically the same as a new fibre run.

  • Well, I've got the pit outside my house - only 25m total from the curb to where it goes into my house and quoted $3,780. That's about twice what I wanted to pay, but probably not outrageous compared to some of the FTTN—>FTTP quotes I've seen…

    I might get it done, just so that I have fibre all the way & future proof.

  • mine 16k.

    It is a total joke.

  • I have to pay $ 29,111 inc. GST (HFC to FTTP)

  • +1


    ** Form down for maintenance**
    Apologies for the inconvenience. We are currently performing routine maintenance. This form will be up and running again shortly so please check back soon.

    • +1

      We did it!

    • +1

      Realised that no one is Stupid enough to pay for something, we get one day get for free. Maybe by year 2035

  • +2

    $36,435, let fire up the printing machine

  • +1

    Just got my quote $26,386

  • +1

    Well that was fun, and very fast! $2594 to upgrade from FTTC to FTTP in Newport. Yeah, nah. My speeds are fine, just wish ISPs would try for higher speed tiers (250+) on FTTC connections.

  • $16k, ouch :(. Currently on HFC in Sydney

  • +1

    My quote HFC to FTTP, $39,092 inc. GST.

  • +1

    I was quoted $18,303 for the upgrade but thankfully GST is included, so that's some savings….

  • +1

    HFC to FTTP for me is $48,401. That's not gonna happen!

  • fttc to fttp —-> 2575

    hfc to fttp —-> sorry a quote cannot be generated at this time

    The figure must be so big they dont want to put it in a online quote

    The distance to where the hfc starts must be very far away. The fttc one is to the pit across the road I think.

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