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PNY GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB $749 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


$50 more than the Galax deal that is OOS, 1YR more warranty.

My experience with this store;
I had a Gigabyte RX 570 which needed to be RMA'd through PCCG, even though they couldn't recreate
the issue they sent it through with a prepaid AusPost slip after I emailed them a video of the issue.

Edit: I agree with the comments below, get a GTX1650 Super for $199 or GTX1660 Super for $299 and play on 1080p, prices are f'd y'all.

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  • very unique design, looks like a toy

  • I feel like RTX3060 Ti should be around 500

    • Even though true, most people don't care and will still pay it.

    • +21 votes

      So, the retail price for the 3060ti is $399 USD, at current exchange rates that's $538.50 (xe.com 1 USD = 1.34962 AUD).

      At 10% for GST makes it $592.35. So if it were starting at $600 AUD that'd be ok, maybe a nice one at $650.

      It's instead starting at $700, and the cheapest available right now is $750AUD. Asus have one for $1000! :O

      Wait, don't buy it, please, your video game's FPS is not worth you wasting $100-200 or even $400, the card isn't worth that much.

      • No one getting it that these online stores steal our pocket, very stupid price for 3060Ti

      • It's at least good to see people turning their nose up at $800+ for this card.

      • Nvidia set their official Australian RRP at $688, I believe.


          what is the definition of AUD $688? is that the price we should be paying or that ++ ?

        • AIB cards always charge slightly more but I don't think it's worth it though

      • Thats for NVIDIA reference cards, the other manufacturers add their own coolers etc, so are more expensive.

        Your right, I would not pay more than $630 for the different coolers.

      • small market island disposable income tax

    • Unfortunately, AMD pricing the Radeon 6800 at $570 put paid to that. Had they decided to put price pressure on the 3070, that would have flowed onto the 3060 Ti pricing.

      Instead, they decided to roll the dice a GPU generation or two early, and have basically made a bunch of DoA products, complete with a paper launch. All that hard work, and they just repeated too many mistakes of the Vega series.

      And none of the speaks to the huge additional costs tacked on in AU for reasons that cannot be explained by the 'Australia tax'.

  • I wonder how they're going to sell 2080 supers at $1k+
    Will they drop down to below $700


      should they have stock left … that is the Q.

    • I'm assuming that retailers are probably going to slap them into pre-built systems and sell it to the "non tech savvy" people, -which is the general population.

      You see so many people these days buying the latest smartphone models without having a clue as to what the performance of a Snapdragon 865 or A14 chip is. -And they usually don't even need it.

      So as much as I'd like to see them hit hard below $700, I have my doubts.
      If they do though, it'll be great to see the scalper retailers get screwed that way.

      • So when the average consumer gets the fastest chip on a phone you guys complain they don’t need the speed. Yet when they buy a system with lower power you say they’re getting scam. What do you want the average consumer to actually do?

        • ?
          They can do what they want. It's their money. They choose what to spend it on.

          People have different interests so it's not their fault or my fault that they don't want to spend time on research about computers or smartphones and they end up buying pre-built systems with an overpriced GPU or a smartphone that is way over spec for them.

          I simply laid out my observation on consumers in recent years and gave my guess on how things will play out with regards to the pricing of the 2080 super. I may or may not be correct. It's just a guess.

          The only real "complaint" I had was about the scalper retailers.

  • I have had a do RMA's / DOA's few times for my builds over the years with PC Case gear always been very good to deal with and sort issue out other than waiting for freight. Happy to pay a bit more for their service where I can.

    • Isn't funny how we are happy to pay more for something that should be standard? I've lived all over the world and as consumers, we (Aussies) are pushovers. That's why we pay through the nose for everything.

    • I can vouch for PCCG, I had an AIO water cooler that intermittently wouldnt start it's pump/had a blockage on PC startup that caused the CPU to overheat. Send them a video of the issue when they said they couldnt recreate it and they refunded me immediately.

  • Madness that entry level cards are $700+. Looks like PC building will be becoming super expensive in the future.

    • With PC building and gaming becoming more popular you'd think prices would drop as production increases to match.

      Weird times almost makes me want to just buy a Xbox.

      • Everything has had the "Apple effect" applied to it. Make things look scarce and you can charge whatever you want. Just look at phones now. Even the brands which used to compete on price such as Xiaomi and OnePlus now have entry phones starting at $700 where they used to be $300-400. Its now happening to video cards. So annoying but I guess manufacturers will continue to charge $3k+ for the latest video cards if people are silly enough to buy them at this price.

    • I hope it comes back down, GTX-1660 Super can be found for as little as $299 which isn't too far behind the new consoles, it's what I have and 1080p/75Hz on nearly all games at Max settings. I won't need an upgrade until I go 1440p/144Hz.

      • If by pretty close you mean less than half as powerful then yeah I guess it’s pretty close.

        The Xbox Series X GPU is more powerful than a RTX 2080 Super. It appears to be a RX 6800 with a few less cores.

        • The new consoles compare to the 2070 Super which is +50% over the 1660 Super, which itself is currently overkill unless you have a 1440p/144Hz monitor.


            @Jimbuscus: remember poor game optimisation in PC so I have to sincerely disagree with your statement below

            GTX-1660 Super can be found for as little as $299 which isn't too far behind the new consoles

            The new consoles compare to the 2070 Super which is +50% over the 1660 Super, which itself is currently overkill unless you have a 1440p/144Hz monitor.

            I mean on paper yes but you need to look at real life scenarios yeah

    • Tbf this not entry level. 3rd tier down from the top and trades blows with a 2080 super. Still a very capable 1440p card.

      • Still the lowest of the released cards.

        • There was a time when the 3070 was the lowest released card and the 3060 TI was just a rumour. Did that make the 3070 an entry level card?

          • @Stoz: Its a midrange card and always has been. Not sure what your point is as the xx60 series and below have always been low end cards. As per the OPs point, the 1660Ti is only $300.

            • @Piranha2004: Surely it would be more sensible to compare the RTX 3060 TI with RTX 2060 Super rather than 1660 Ti?

              It's much closer to the same same price range, significantly more powerful, and has RT cores - so the 3060 Ti is really the replacement for 2060 Super

  • Great for warranty, if you are the original purchaser.. of any of PCCase gears products

    If you are the subsequent owner / purchaser (ie secondhand) of any of their products.. its pretty much impossible to get warranty,
    Australian consumer laws apply only to the original purchaser,
    RMAs need to be done of the original purchaser and through their ordering system online..

    Given, they also do not allow click and collect.. or any pick ups now.. I've pretty much given up on buying from PCCasegear..

    Its difficult to on sell your PCcasegear stuff with a clear conscience, if you know the subsequent purchaser(s) may need to chase you down for all the RMAs.. for the next 2-10 years..

    • Wow good to know. For me when I sell stuff i'm always willing to assist with RMA if it's needed. I figure it's so rare that something like that happens anyway

    • I plan to have my card for the warranty period anyway

    • I can confirm this from personal experience. I bought a second hand Inno3d 1070ti which worked for about a month and then died. I had a paper receipt but without the login details for the original purchasers account PCCG weren't interested in helping. Result = $500 wasted.

  • lol 750 bucks for a 3060ti. Glad I'm neither desperate nor stupid!

  • Whilst I'm not keen to pay over RRP for something (Nvidia set their Au RRP to $688), I still don't understand the hate for a card that performs slightly better than 2080 super, and is available for hundreds of dollars less. I think people were spoiled with the exponential increases achieved in yesteryear and have come to just expect that manufactures should be able to produce significantly better products every single generation and not charge any more for it…
    If I was producing the worlds best leading-edge products, which involve billions of dollars in R&D, producing en-masse within tight timeframes, and taking on huge financial risk if anything doesn't go to plan, I'd want to make good profit too.

    • Because the 20-series was over priced compared to 10-series and this is a new generation years later. The 3080 Super/ti should be expensive not the XX60ti.

      If I got a card for $375, then a 2x performance card 3yrs later for $750, then it's exactly the same $/fps despite being 3yrs later.

    • I think people were spoiled with the exponential increases achieved in yesteryear and have come to just expect that manufactures should be able to produce significantly better products every single generation and not charge any more for it…

      If it isn't better for the same cost then what reason do I have to buy it unless my current GPU is broken?

  • My solution: Get old. My eyesight is nowhere near good enough for 4k to really matter, so chugging along on a 6GB 1060 with 1080p keeps me perfectly happy.

  • not entirely related… but any signs of the 3060ti forcing prices on 20** down?

    • Not until the GTX 3050 is on the market, but at these prices the 20-series will undercut the 30-series just enough that they will sell gradually until out of stock. The biggest price jump was during announcements, I think the lowest we will see the 2060 super will be $380 just before it's out of stock.

  • I know the price is steep, but until AMD pull their head in, Nvidia can charge this as it reportedly runs faster than a 2080 Super.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpXxzzLOw00

    Just look at the benchmarks and the $/frame.

    3060ti if around 700$ is worth it…. when compared to 2080 super pricing and even the 5700XT (which can't do jack in raytracing)

    I am already kinda impressed it can hit almost 60fps at 1440p with ray tracing WITHOUT dlss.

    • You shouldn't be expecting the same results for the price as time goes by, look at the performance between PS4 & PS5

    • +1 vote

      you do realise that 5700XT is now sub 500 yeah?

      • yeah i know but if you normalize the price to performance it will outperform especially with DLSS.

        3070 should have been the 3060ti. This will drop the pricing of 20xx series and 3070 the most.

  • No ozrrp comments for me to neg today 🤔