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MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER AERO ITX OC 6GB $299 Delivered @ BPC Tech


Surprised this card is still at this great price and no one have yet posted about it. Not sure when it'll end, but I'd guess it's part of the BFCM sale, rather than clearance of previous gen stock (the new gen of entry/mainstream cards won't be introduced until Jan/Feb next year, and availability of the new gen cards have been horrible, so I wouldn't expect prices to go down until Feb next year, so a good three months), so maybe Monday. (StaticIce for general GTX 1660 Super pricing).

Slightly more expensive than this small form factor GTX 1660 SUPER card, but this MSI Aero is also arguably the best small form factor GTX 1660 Super card (suggested to be quieter due to slightly better cooling solution, but still, they perform virtually the same).

The price-to-performance value is still very decent being a GTX 1660 Super at <$300 DELIVERED. From my previous post:

Very capable in 1080p performance (although maybe not ultra high refresh), and entry level to 1440p (which might need some dial-down on settings), and excellent ITX form factor. It also has a decent heatsink with proper fin-stack and heatpipe implementation, rather than the old intel-style heatsink and fan on "lower" end models such as the ASUS Phoenix, Zotac mini range.

For more discussion regarding GTX 1660 Super performance and value etc, see previous deal posts.

Official product webpage: https://www.msi.com/Graphics-Card/GeForce-GTX-1660-SUPER-AER...

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  • not bad, do you know how much quieter a full length 1660 super would be out of curiosity, is there much difference in noise?

  • My personal opinion is that this 1660super will be obsoleted by the 3060 launch and I'm expecting that all the (remaining..) midrange 20XX would take its place in this price bracket (that is if you only consider NVIDIA of course, if you add AMD to the picture then I could assume my point is reinforced)

    • +11 votes

      They'll probably clear most of the Turing stock by then, nVidia really doesn't like discounting/doing firesale on their cards (considering how 1050/1060 cards were still absurdly expensive when similar performing AMD cards are cheaper by a big margin).

      But I agree with your point, it's the natural progression of tech, and it'll happen eventually, but it's all about price points. The upper price range of the market has just been stretched out quite a lot.

      AMD has claimed there will be AIB 6800/6800XT at MSRP in 4-8 weeks, so likely end of Jan. 6800 at $950, and knowing nVidia and its unicorn-like status MSRP, 3070 likely at similar $900/950 price point too. if RTX 3060 Ti at US$450 (2080S/1080Ti like performance tier) and RTX 3060 at US$400 (2070S like performance tier), that'll likely be $750/680 price point (incl consideration of Aussie tax). However, 2070S is already at $700ish at the lower/mid price point. So at the low/mid mainstream market, I don't think the price performance will actually change that much. With 1660 Super at $300, it's likely where it'll actually land, if not a bit higher (as most of the 1660 Super are at $350 currently). One may argue it's 'obsolete' in consideration of latest and greatest new tech, but there's always the lower end market where latest and greatest are not needed as long as there's sufficient performance for the price.

      Although I'd love to be proven wrong and that nVidia/AMD will give us something at $450 for 2070/2060S like performance LOL.

    • you're looking at $800-$900 for 3060 Ti, so 3060 should be about $600-$700, no where near this price bracket

    • That is pretty wildly optimistic given everything we've seen with all the previous launches this year.

      If you need a card now this is fine, if you're expecting big price drops on existing cards or some good value new offering then expect to wait months.

    • lol you lot were saying the same about 2080tis during the sales for them.

      I guarantee you everyone reading this wished they picked up the 2080tis when they were hitting 1089.

      • No? If you really want you can buy a 3070 for that price right now, with 99% the same performance.

        • in some games the 2080ti is better, and its been 3 months since the 2080ti was 1089.

          Up to you if it was worth the wait, but im kicking myself.

  • I think this is a pretty fair price. Could hang onto this for 6 months until next gen prices aren't stupid, then sell it for a decent chunk back or put it in a nice SFF box

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      Would this fit into a Dell optiplex

      • Yes, for the MT…. will fit, but need to swap PSU
        No, for the USFF…. won't fit, can't swap PSU.
        Maybe, for the SFF…. can't swap PSU, not sure about the fit.

        SFF… will fit length wise, and width wise. The thickness is the issue.
        Some models like the 9010 and earlier should fit, the 9020 and newer ones have the PCIe port higher so they won't fit. Overall, let's just say it fits. And you can swap the PSU as well. But good luck finding a PSU that's powerful enough which will fit in the same spot as the old OEM PSU. So I'd say no, you're limited upto a GTX 1650 (Low-Profile) cards for the SFF models / HTPC solution. Though I suspect that much better alternative from an Nvidia RTX 3050-Low Profile, or an AMD RX 6500Xt-Low Profile, should be here after 12 months. Though by that time, its likely that either we need to look at very cheap Dell OptiPlex PCs running an Intel i7-6700…. or simply look at buying/building new using either Vega-11 iGPU, or stepping up to a new (r3-5300x ?) budget Zen3 build.

        • Ok cheers, will get the 1650 lp

          • @mmd: Why not just get a cheap $50 case and $60 psu to replace the dell optiplex case and psu, which are the main limiting factors preventing you from utilizing a great gpu?

            • @s1Lence: It doesn't have standard brackets etc etc. So it will be a very hacked job, but it can be done, I've seen some people do it.

              Overall, I don't recommend it. Just buy the Mid-Tower and replace the PSU and GPU. Or buy the cheap SFF and use a Low-Profile card. Stay away from the USFF ones. But as I alluded to above, the old Core i5-2400 upto Core i7-4790…. they're getting long in the tooth, which is why the OptiPlex's are losing their appeal (which is good). Hopefully we can see 6c/6t or 4c/8t Zen3 systems at the entry prices, which allows us to skip all these TechYesCity-like hacky jobs or the very limiting Low-Profile cards.

              • @Kangal: im saying just buy a psu and case then move all the components to that new case with the new psu, throw out the oem case from the dell

                i think we are saying the same thing?

                • @s1Lence: im saying just buy a psu and case then move all the components to that new case with the new psu, throw out the oem case from the dell

                  A bit more complex.
                  Dell, HP, lenovo use their own propietary PSU. U have to buy another cable to convert over to the pins on the motherboard.
                  I also remember vaguely that some ppl having issues with the front ports.

                  Additional cost means its prolly more worthit to get a cheapie from techfast.

                  Using dell SFF for HTPC and playing 4k movies. Partner uses it occasionally to finish office work.

  • Got one from CA the other day as a temp card til the new 3060 and 6700 come out. Solid 1080p gaming for now.

  • Thanks op. Picked one up for my new system to tide me over until stock levels on the 3080 level out. Will still be a big upgrade over my old 970 and means I can sell my old system complete to recoup some costs

  • Would this full-length, twin-fan card be a better choice for an extra $40?


    • +2 votes

      It's really up to you personally. I personally am not really convinced it's going to be a ~13% better performing card, and that's before factoring shipping (so more costly if you can't pick up). I'm happy with most 1660 Super cards actually as long as they don't have the intel-like crappy heatsink (eg ASUS Phoenix), unless if they are $50 or 25% cheaper (whichever is cheaper) than the cheapest competition with proper heatsink. I rate it a "solid" price for 1660 Super DELIVERED at $315, and a "very good"/"great" price at/under $300 including delivery.

      • Thanks, I just ordered the MSI. It's going into an ATX case, so size didn't matter, was just concerned as to how well the heatsink would work and if the single fan would be noisy compared to twin fan.

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gigabyte-GTX1660-SUPER-6GB-Gaming-PCIe-Video-Card-GV-N166SGAMING-OC-6GD/174100620321?hash=item288934a421:g:nT4AAOSwZzdfwuRC:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3070!AU!-1

      Thought this one looked OK for $320 if you want a long boy. Personally I'd go for the cheap option.

    • Same thoughts. Don't really want full length, tossing up between this and the MSI Gaming X but is $40 more as well (missed it on sale the other day).
      Most of the time I'm not gaming so I like my PC to be silent. The X has idle fan stop, and is apparently one the quietest under load.
      Don't see mention of fan stop on the Aero (the 1060 had it though), and can't really find any info on its noise levels.

      If I needed to talk my self into the extra $40 I'd say probably be in my system for a while (still have a crappy GTX950 from 5 years ago, nearly anything would be an upgrade, but at least it's silent) so guess over the long term the extra bucks for silence isn't so bad.

      Only really looking for something to try out PCVR on the Quest 2.

      • +2 votes

        The Gaming X is definitely superior in cooling and noise (only ~33 dBa under load).

        I don't know whether the Aero has fan stop, but you can always config your own fan curve to make your own fan stop in MSI Afterburner, which is what I did with my Gigabyte 1660S mini which doesn't come with fan stop (I undervolted mine too).

  • I bought this one to play cyberpunk 2 weeks ago for 350 :(

    • yea =S it's a weird/tough time period to be building pc/buying parts. There's going to be "tax" (depreciation) cost if you can't wait till the sales periods towards the end of the year, especially during a new gen release season.

      Having said that, $350 is actually already a very solid price for this particular card, as it's been trending way higher at the $410+ for a long time. Small form factor cards often are at increased price point vs bigger cards, and prices come down much slower.

  • This would be a pretty crusty model though or what.

  • I have a 1060 3gb running in my vr rig, it can barely handle any game so I don't use it much. Would this be a suitable replacement? Or should I invest more?

    • I have played hl alyx on both the 1060 3gb and msi 1660s itx, the extra vram was really helpful for vr, just playable on the 1060 vs completely flawless on the 1660. I personally havent struggled with any games since upgrading but I also didnt have many problems with the 1060 (in any game other than hl alyx). It depends what you plan on playing but I would possibly stretch your budget to a 2060 if you are really struggling on the 1060.

      • How's the noise levels on MSI Aero? As I mentioned here I like a silent PC so trying to decide between the Aero and Gaming X.

        • I found it pretty loud at load, unnoticable for idle or light usage, although you can always alter the fan curve. I guess If you value silence probably go the gaming X. I ended up removing the fan/shroud on the Aero due to noise at load.

    • It would be a modest upgrade. 20-40% depending on the game. If you went up a tier, say to a 2070S, it would essentially be 100% more performance. The extra 3GB VRAM on the 1660 Super would help a lot though as 3GB is really bad nowadays with the minimum being around 4GB for most modern titles.

      • Of course the 2070 Super is way better.. but it's price to match. Cheapest I can see right now is $600+

        • It's been below that, $539 is the cheapest so far. Otherwise you could get a 5700XT which is almost the same and has been $499 the past few days. $200 extra is not that much of a step up when you consider the performance increase over the 1660 Super. The only card between that and 2070S is the 2060 Super and 2070, both of which have been a little under $499 but they aren't as good value as the 2070S if you can get it for $500-550.

    • You could like, wait a bit, and see what next gen cards come out in early 2021.

  • Does one less fan mean faster heating?

    • Depends on the actual heatsink implementation, and how fast/noisy you allow the fan to spin at. The MSI Aero is expected to operate at around 40 dBa underload.

      • I'm not really concerned with noise, just temperature control

        • I can only guess it'll either be similar to the mainstream cards with two fans, or slightly worse. It really depends on the heatsink implementation.

  • 1660 supers are very capable. Would you really want to game at 4k? You're down to 60hz then anyway due to hdmi or display port limits. 2060 really only slightly better and you may not notice. If anything gets a little flashy drop your settings to medium and use less power to boot

    • You're down to 60hz then anyway due to hdmi or display port limits.

      This is no longer true. 4k 120hz gaming is doable but mainly for older / esports titles.

  • Should there be a Paypal payment option? They mention being able to use it but doesn't offer at checkout.

    • Best to contact BPC Tech about that.

      • Yeh, thought I'd ask anyway whether anyone else who bought saw the option rather than have to wait till they open tomorrow.

        Anyway, looks like they don't. Pity, let's hope I don't need them free PayPal returns…

  • Got one, completed bank transfer - how long until order status updated + tracking info provided?

  • Honestly completely on the fence on getting this, at this point everyone knows the 6800/xt and the new rtx cards are just out of reach for the average consumer.
    Just bought a 1440p 144hz monitor a few days ago. Wonder if i can game on this above 60 fps on 1440p. Terrible year for pc building.

  • $319 now.