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Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699 (Save $400) @ JB Hi-Fi


Got an email with this offer. Seems like a great deal.

Until Wednesday get yourself $400 off^ the current ticketed price of a Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 . Simply present the Exclusive Coupon below at any JB Hi-Fi Store in Australia or buy online by visiting jbhifi.com.au, adding the product to your shopping cart & entering the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout.
Limit of 1 unit each per Coupon. Available instore and online. While stocks last. Offer ends Wednesday 9th December 2020.

Stack with 15% off JB gift cards from last weeks Coles deals to save even further!


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  • After 6 flats in 2200km on my original M365 non pro I am giving up and getting a Hero S8 with solid tyres.

    Yes they were filled to 60psi.
    ~100kg rider.
    Always abrasion flats from rubbing, replacing tyres didn't help.
    Given 4/6 were front tyre I'd haphazard a guess its the front motor heating the tube too much given I've flashed more powerful firmware.

    And they are a major PITA to replace, if they had a split hub design wouldn't be an issue. But for a daily commuter ain't got time to deal with flats and struggling with tyre levers and boiling water to get a tyre on..

    • +1

      its meant to be 50psi max. maybe thats why?

      • +1

        90-100kg is 45-50 psi front, 55-60psi rear. The only risk you do running higher psi is increased risk of blow-out and a slightly firmer ride. Higher PSI preferable to stop the tube moving and rubbing.

    • Always abrasion flats from rubbing, replacing tyres didn't help.
      Given 4/6 were front tyre I'd haphazard a guess its the front motor heating the tube too much

      I'd be very surprised if it was anything to do with heat from the motor. By abrasion flats, do you mean two small holes caused by the tube being pinched between tyre and rim? IE a pinch flat: https://bicycles.stackexchange.com/questions/16480/what-are-...

      If that is the issue, shifting your weight to reduce the loading on each wheel when going over bumps would help, as would a thicker tube. You could also experiment with higher pressure, but you might blow out your tyre.

      • Nope abrasion like lots of small holes. Hence the higher PSI to try stop the tube moving and replacing the tyre as may have been tyre delaminating?
        Its not a puncture or pinch.

        My main issue is how difficult it is to replace a tyre, horrible design for maintainability.

    • +1

      I have done about the same kms, weigh about 10 kgs lighter, ride on city roads with lots debris and glass. My PSI si around 50 and I use slime https://www.bigw.com.au/product/slime-tyre-tube-sealant/p/54... and never had a flat. Although they are probably about due for a replacement due to wear.

      Getting solid tyres is probably the worst thing you can do especially for shock absorpion and traction. There is a reason most tyres arnt solid.

      I know the custom firmware you are talking about and I use it to overclock my scooter and it has no bearing.

      • Yeah I know its a trade off with the bumpiness but new scooter coming has shocks so will be interesting to see how it compares.

      • Forgive my ignorance, what do you do with the slime?

      • Can I please ask how many ml of the slime sealant do you use on the tires?

    • I have a M365 Pro myself and I don't think a lot of people actually realise how difficult it is to replace the tubes/tyres on these.
      I would hazard a guess average people who aren't handy will really struggle to do it themselves.

    • Long time watching for the xiaomi or segway, I finally put the trigger on the S8 for the battery and the real brakes system. Just wondering about the vibration, which I've is worst? Solid tyres plus small suspension or tube tyres?

      • On back order so will have to wait and see..

  • Thanks OP was looking at this today, easy buy

  • Consider getting the ninebot g30 max from jb hifi for $960 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/segway-ninebot-kickscoote...
    Much sturdier, more range, and tubeless tires that won't have to be replaced every month ;)

    • +1

      I would suggest getting the second gen of the max as the one from JB when battery drop below 50% it’ll slow down

      • not true, I bought in April (from JB) and it has the gen2 motor. I've had no issues. speed or otherwise

  • Design-wise it looks very much like a Ninebot Max… Who copied who?

    • +1

      Same manufacturer, xiaomi bought segway. The firmware inside are very similar too.
      But the ninebot max is heavier, sturdier, and has a bigger battery.

      • Wow… Didn't realise.. I thought Xiaomi copied the design as usual

  • +2

    If i see anyone riding around on these ill know they are from OzB community

  • For the life of me can't connect from the app or find it. Using S20FE

    E: managed to get it to work eventually. Uninstall and install the app, set the region to Singapore. And I recommend wearing a helmet for everyone looking to buy one!

    • I set to Australia, setup and connect no problems. I did note it said Singapore (recommended) when I first loaded, but ignored that. I guess it's due to location limitations to speed, etc?

  • are these as durable like those you can hire in brisbane?

    • Not quite as durable cause they are designed to fold. But they are a smoother faster ride too.

  • Curious as to maximum hill inclination it can climb?

    • +1

      The item specifications can satisfy your curiosity:

      Climbing Angle: 12°

    • Gradeability

    • +1

      my driveway is 15% according to android compass app and I'm 105kg. It struggles but I'm not taking it at speed as the garage door is in the way. I suspect with a bit more momentum it would be less bad.

      Based on what I feel, I suspect the claim of 20 degrees is plausible assuming you're 75kg or lighter.

  • Any suggestions for adults that is compact and light weight with I assume limited range / underpowered as the trade offs.

    I am open to suggestions outside of the 65kg max limitation for short commutes, ie. Razor models that appear limited to kids.

    • +1

      I have the next model down from this, the m365 (regularly on sale for $500). Works fine for my commute, I'm 60kg, get around 20km on it (can push it to about 23km but it really runs out of oomph towards the end of the charge). However there are 2 short hills of around 10% gradent (~100m to scoot) that it will carry up but slows down significantly unless the charge is fresh or I give it a couple of kicks near the top. For $650ish and if I didn't already have my current scooter, I'd upgrade to this model, good value. I wouldn't get a kids model, I reckon it would get frustrating to spec down any more from the m365.

    • look at the Segway Ninebot ES2. much smaller and lighter

  • Damn need one of those $500 JB voucher deals with a 12 month mobile plan!

  • Things people don't consider before buying these : Knee Pain

    • Knee pain??? What how?

    • never had an issue in a few thousand km. the tyres are pneumatic, not hard rubber

  • +2

    I have the original m365 scooter and have done 4500km just from commuting.
    You are bound to get punctures with these no matter how diligent you are with maintaining tyre pressure and whether you use slime or not.
    I'll just warn you these are major PITA to replace the tubes and/or tyres. It's next to impossible unless you buy a metallic tyre wrench/lever.
    You also will likely need to drill the front valve hole larger.
    If you are not handy with these tasks, I would strongly advise against buying one. You will enjoy it until you get a puncture and you will just give up because you will feel like it's impossible to change the tubes yourself

    • Lol the comments on this video https://youtu.be/9c5oaCgBtV

      4500km is bonkers. You’d hope they’ve improved on the ease of replacement inner tube by now.

      God I hope I never get a puncture lol

      Continental just needs to start making gator skins for escooters lol

  • +1

    How would this size and bulk go on Brisbane trains?

    • I used to multi-mode on the Gold Coast line pre-COVID. Use one of the many vacant wheelchair zones, fold and rest the scooter on one of the hand grips to stop it from rolling during acceleration and deceleration.

  • +5

    For anyone wondering, the National Transport Commission have very recently completed a consultation process regarding these vehicles on our roads and have come up with a number of proposed frameworks for regulations to be decided by May 2021.

    Here are the full details https://www.ntc.gov.au/sites/default/files/assets/files/NTC-...

    • Nice. Hopefully a legislation to pass national soon

    • Thanks for the info!!

  • This or Segway Ninebot MAX? Not fussed about legality, plenty of e-bikes on the roads and footpaths in Melbourne.

    • +3

      From what I can see, I would go with MAX:

      1. MAX has drum brake instead of disc break = less maintenance
      2. MAX's folding mechanism is safer and better than Xiaomi's
      3. Rear wheel drive on MAX means you can lift up your front wheel easily to mount curb or get over bumps
      4. Tubeless tyres, less likely to get puncture but still have air in them so it's softer than solid tyres
      5. MAX has further range (but heavier)
      6. MAX also doesn't require charging brick, it has it built into the scooter. So you just need a cord if you're going to charge at your destination
      • Cheers!! Now to find the best deal on one :p

        • Ahh you missed the Black Friday sale at JB, it was $950 I think. 20% off.

          Surely there'll be a boxing day sale soon enough =D

    • +1

      the Ninebot Max is awesome, big pneumatic tyres, long range, decent speed, but it is on the heavy side.

      I have a few thousand km on mine now

      • I was tossing up between the pro 2 and the ninebot max gen 2. As I understand the Gen 2 Max is about 2-3kg lighter, but also has a smaller battery. Despite this it's still heavier than the pro 2. If I could find the max 2 for $650ish I probably would have got that. My colleague has a Max gen 1 and from what I've seen and compared with my old scooter it's very good.

        • ooh, I didn't know they released a gen2 version.

          hmm, 2kg lighter, but less range. looks like a good option

          price is relatively high, but I think it's fair value

  • Thanks i just bought 1 hehe. Hopefully it becomes legal soon in nsw

  • anybody managed to mod theirs yet? my firmware is currently v2.1.8 and it's telling me there's an update. I suspect it will update to v2.2.3 which breaks stuff like m365 dashboard and loading custom firmware, so I haven't updated.

    Watched a few videos about what's involved but not 100% confident about doing it atm. Not keen to brick a 1 day old scooter.

    • there are android based tools for doing so, I haven't as 25km/h is usually fast enough for me.

    • Let me know if you find anything out. I just updated my firmware though, hope that doesn't affect anything.

      I saw this link so I think it's possible, just need something dumbed down a bit more for me or in English.


    • I've managed to successfully install custom firmware on my pro 2. I used xiaoflasher. Cost me $11 (small donation) but I was more comfortable using this than the DownG method.

      I'm 105kg and I've seen it do 32km/h on a short 500m test ride. it's surprising how much quicker it feels when bumping it up from 24km/h

  • Do these scooters generally get discounted for the Boxing Day sales?

    • Lets hope so. I’m going to hold out for the MAX.

  • Contemplating one of these or an ebike. Being 6ft2 and 95kgs I’m a bit worried they might struggle given I have a decent hill to climb on my route to work. Plus the fact I live in the nanny state of Victoria.
    Has anyone looked at the Xiaomi Himo C26 ebike? Can’t really find reviews on them.

  • Does anyone have a screenshot of the coupon barcode sent via email? The store I went to today was super strict saying they need the coupon barcode and not just the code (bunch of numbers) to use in store as posted on here… Wanted to use the 15% off with it. The store kept getting confused thinking I was trying to price match instead of using a coupon code

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