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20% off Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges @ InkStation


Just used this code and it worked!

Unsure of when it will expire.

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  • These compatibles appear expensive compared to the compatibles on ebay etc. e.g. OKI 301DN, which I use and work well.

    • Ebay cheap ones are generally backyard refilled ones with ink that fades very quickly

      • Yeah maybe some are. The kitsets can be a bit flakey (melt a hole in the side of the toner cartridge and replace the chip on the cartridge)..
        But ones I have used seem OK over the years. Or I could just kep buying new printers and throwing away the old ones.

        • Also, you need a positively fed air mask to handle toner powder safely, if you do it often.

          The carcinogens are similar to second hand smoke.

          Its the main reason businesses have 'printing rooms' these days with extractor fans; if they have a strict health officer that is;

          Shouldnt be in the same room as a heavily-used laser printer.

    • They're one of the cheapest places for reliable inks and toners - I've ordered from eBay before and apart from getting sent someone else's toners (which took 3 weeks to resolve and get the ones I ordered), the quality wasn't very good.

      I've been buying ink and toners from these guys for almost 10 years and have NEVER had a problem with the quality, and their service is excellent (with fast delivery too). Always try the coupon codes in this format though, they always seem to have VIP10, VIP15 or VIP20 running.

  • This is an ongoing discount code. I have been using it for years.

    I can attest that inkstation have fantastic customer service, when I had an issue with one of their cartridges.

    Their deliveries come very quickly too.

  • First time buyer but i can confirm the code still works today. I’ve had poor experiences from eBay sellers for HP ink replacement cartridges; from items not turning up to them not working on arrival. Let’s hope these guys are more reliable.