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Xbox Series X $749 In-Store @ JB Hi-Fi (Selected Locations)


Get in quickly - I was in store inquiring about stock and Broadmeadows, VIC have just received 24 today, with 4 already gone. Managed to pick one up!!

Update Dec 8 10:12am: Reported to be available at these NSW stores:

  • World Square, Sydney
  • Chatswood

Update Dec 9 2:02pm: Reported to be available at:

  • Maribyrnong, VIC

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        • I fully agree. And I stated in another answer I looked into that. By currently EB games have not stock, so there is not trade in possible. And I am not keen on jumping though hoops with idiots on gumtree or FB trying to sell my current console only to than wait for ages to get the XSX month later (at RRP or below).

        • To look at it another way, whats the point in waiting?

          Well depending on how long you're happy to wait

          • Not everyone wants to sell their old hardware
          • Save a heap of money buying when the hardware has dropped in price
          • More games will be available, and at lower prices
          • More opportunity to buy second hand (games and/or hardware)
          • Give time for system software bugs to be worked out
          • Give time for new and improved hardware revisions
          • Larger online player base for multiplayer games (as more people would have moved onto next gen)

          And that's just off the top of my head. Typically I've always waited 12-24 months, and saved hundreds of dollars as a result.

          This gen, we've actually already jumped on early for once (PS5 is tucked away waiting for Christmas Day). We skipped the PS4 and went an Xbox One last gen (I picked up a brand new original Xbox One bundle for only $249 after the One S was released), so we're looking at working through the PS4 exclusives back catalogue on the PS5. But there is still plenty of valid reasons for people to wait.

          • +1

            @kapone: The player base isn’t particularly relevant in the case of the Xbox as the titles currently are all cross gen anyway. You can play on a Series X alongside people with a One X or One just fine. Maybe it’s different for the PS but on Xbox your markets still around 50 million users.

            Game library size I don’t see as hugely important either this gen unless you are fixated on games optimised for the new hardware, in which case waiting will give you more. If you buy now you then add to your library as time goes however. Both systems also have expansive backwards compatible libraries.

            A dollars worth something different to everyone, but as someone with a secure income the $100-$150 tops you’re likely to save over the next 6 months is easily made up in terms of time I get out of the hardware. If you’re happy to wait longer then sure, you’ll save more at the expense of possibly missing out. I’ll fully acknowledge that for some this is a big deal, and I have friends that will spent a year waiting for something to save what I’d consider to be an insignificant amount, not because they couldn’t buy whatever, simply because they are so driven to save a bit extra.

            If you aren’t happy with the hardware then obviously a mid gen refresh may be worth waiting for, but we’re talking 3 years probably from now until you see that and you’re then entering mid generation. I know some people swear by waiting for that, but again my financial situations sound enough that I’d just buy now and if any upgrades actually worth going to, and sometimes they aren’t, then there will be trade in deals anyway. I obviously don’t talk for others, but even having lived through the RROD with the 360 or having the launch Switch with lower battery capacity, I can’t think of a time where I’d have rather have gone without for years waiting for iterations to arrive. When the One S came around I just traded up from my One and it was all of $150 out of pocket to do the upgrade.

            Right now EB trade ins price a 500GB at more or less retail if you’re a level 4 member ($340), so if you are willing to trade in you’ll likely not be much or any worse off than if you waited until the One S price also falls off a cliff alongside any new system price drops.

            Certainly if you’re talking to someone trying to buy a console before Xmas, I’m guessing you’ll have a hard time convincing them to wait for a mid gen hardware refresh. It’s important to some but should hardly be a deterrent to someone that wants to adopt the console early.

            In the case of MS, but not Sony, the OS is basically the same too so the platforms largely stable software wise. There’s a few minor things here and there, but it’s far from the mess the software has been when major overhauls have occurred.

            I’m sure people will have reasons for holding back, but if you can afford it there’s less reasons than ever to wait, especially if you value your time more than a hundred dollars or two. Certainly in previous gens the strongest argument for waiting was game libraries wouldn’t carry forward and that AAA titles would come out on the previous gen console that you may miss as they weren’t getting a next gen release. To get around that you basically had to own both the next and previous gen systems. Those issues are gone for this system and what’s left is what I’d consider much less a reason to hang onto previous gen console and much less impact to jumping on board early. Unlike previous gens I think the argument for early adoption is as strong, if not stronger, to fence sitting for 6-12 months. Anyone willing to wait longer isn’t the people looking to buy this holiday anyway.

    • +3

      Some people dedicate a huge portion of their life to gaming. Let them get excited over something in 2020.

    • +4

      next gen consoles come around every 6-8 years. So it’s pretty much hyped around release days anyway.

      This time around; the value for money is very good. You get true 4k graphics, with fastest storage on pcie4 and hardware accelerated loading times (not even available on pcs yet) and first take on console’s ability for hardware ray tracing.

      • I couldn't agree more. This is the reason why I bought it, instead of building a new "compact" gaming PC that's "comparable" (you will spend thousands).

    • +4

      The main reason I wanted to get an XSX is because of the trade in deal I got for my XOX at EB Games, I paid $367 after trade in which made a lot of sense to me.

      • Yep I looked at that one and would have gone for it trading in my one X. But I missed out couldn't bothered to constantly keep checking. Once they have stock I will look into this again. But I guess the trade in value of the ONE X will have suffered a fair bit by than.

        • I thought the tradein gig at EB was until January?

          • +1

            @pharkurnell: But they are no longer taking orders/pre orders. So it only works when you walk in and they have stock- that's what I had been told.

    • +7

      You don't need it now. However, right now, you are getting mostly quality of life improvements only:

      • Quick Resume (I switch between games a lot on Series X, something I wouldn't do on One X)
      • Faster Game Load (due to SSD and CPU)
      • 4K 60fps patch on a small number of games
      • Limited cross gen titles looking better

      Is it worth it? It really depends. Most of us are lazy to put an SSD into XBox One X. EB's trade-in deal was quite enticing. I didn't need to figure out how to sell my XBox One X, extra controller, games. Ended up paying $200 in total out of pocket for Series X. That was enough to trick my brain to get one.

      • +1

        Again a proper answer, thank you!

    • I don't think it's fair to have a go at people's responses when you ask a question that a simple google search returns plenty of results instantly.

      • Who did I have a go at? As far as I can see I even thanked some of the good folks here for their replies

    • +1

      I too wouldn't be in any hurry, but One X had numerous failures and issues I just wnated it gone. The EB games upgrade option came along and I got lucky.

      But I too would normally wait.

      • Yep unfortunately missed out on that. I keep checking every time we go to a shopping center, as my Son always keep dragging me into any EB games we come across . Should they have stock one day (after Christmas things might improve, who knows) I will happily swap it as well.

    • They have a thing installed called a nvm which loads a game faster (PC's have had them for years) And the new cards have Ray tracing so you can see reflections in puddles etc so yeah its next gen and everyone needs it now LOL

    • PS5 from what I can tell can improve visuals and performance on a ton of PS4 games, plus Demon Souls release, etc.

      Plenty of goodies for the PS5 so people want an immediate upgrade.

      FWIW I am with you, I will wait until the PS5 Slim eventually comes out.

    • Launch models are usually the only models that are hackable because all the exploits and bugs are not patched yet. With later models all the loopholes are fixed and chances of enjoying your… legitimate backup copies of different games becomes almost impossible.

  • +11

    I'm only upset because OP paid for a plastic bag.

  • word on the street is many have cancelled their Xbox pre-orders and getting PS5 instead.

    • +24

      Doesn't really sound like something that the streets would talk about.

      • +7

        ♫ ♬ I'm not trying to play you
        Even tho I would like to
        I think PS5 is really fit
        You're fit but my gosh don't you know it ♬ ♫

        • +1

          LOL.. thanks for lighting up my day.

  • OzRRP

  • -3

    Next bargain post would be ps10 (tentative date) preorder

  • +1

    What is this site now, OzStockList ???

    This belongs on the forums at best.

    • +1

      Yeah, haven't you heard?

  • +6

    It's one thing when it's in stock online. Having 20 in one store, somewhere in Australia though at RRP?

    Sorry but no I don't think every time someone finds a batch in store they should post it as a deal.

    How do you even know there's still stock there?

    Stock announcements go here

  • dealbot; pS5 fanb0is (to the comment you deleted)

    • +1

      Nothing can be deleted off the internet!

  • +23

    All you posters getting salty with the RRP post, if you don't like it move along. There is value in this post to many people who missed out on pre orders, the going rate on the market is much higher than RRP as they're not easy to come by in store. Use some common sense.

    • -17

      if you don't like it move along.

      I'll be happy to move along if OP and mods can keep it to a certain thread where those looking to buy a PS5 in Broadmeadows Victoria can possibly grab one of the few that still remain.
      All this is doing is highlighting where scalpers can go.

      • +2

        Calm down…

        • -1

          Says a Victorian..
          Do you want to see every store in Australia with stock of the PS5 in store lol because we've already done every store online

      • +2

        Report it.If the mods don't remove it, they clearly condone the post.

        • -11

          Already have, will see what the response is. Honestly expecting it to just be marked out of stock before mods can reach a decision.

  • +1

    So its selling for $1200-$1300 and its not a bargain ?

    For Smarties they be ringing :)

    OP a HERO .

    • +2

      If you want to talk about prices for private sellers go to the forums.

      $749 is RRP. You know, what STORES sell the console for.

    • +1

      That's the PS5 Disc Edition.

      The Series X is now selling for lot less, around $800-900 on FB Marketplace and Gumtree.

    • No Xbox series x sells for that from scalpers. Easy to get for $900

  • Received alert.
    Checked post.
    No bargain here.

  • OOS

  • +2

    Do they have PS5 in stock ?

  • +11

    It's so weird how people on this site just selectively downvote things like this. The amount of PS5's, Switch Animal Crossing Editions, etc. that get shitloads of upvotes at RRP….. but this, no? Is it just that you don't like xbox or something lmao?

    • -8

      What a load of inane drivel. I'm using a bargain website to look for bargains on items I'm interested in purchasing. I'll downvote non-deals on those items.

      • +2

        So are you actually in the market for a new Xbox like you are claiming? If so, I don't see how you would get so worked up over being notified of new stock. I already have mine so it's of no use for me but I would certainly be grateful for these posts if I was after one.

        • -2

          So are you actually in the market for a new Xbox like you are claiming?

          Yes I am.

          I don't see how you would get so worked up over being notified of new stock.

          I am waiting for a bargain/deal on one. I'm not in a rush to get it. If I wanted to pay RRP, I would have just pre-ordered one.

          I don't see how

          Do you see now?

          • +1

            @OzDJ_: OK dude. Keep waiting because you will be waiting a while for stock level to return to normal let alone for bargains to become available. Plenty of people want it now so maybe stay away from xbox or ps5 posts for a while since there is no bargain to be had here.

  • +2

    OP you may have vitamin D deficiency from looking at those nails and skin.

  • +3


  • paying for a plastic bag is the worst part of this deal

  • +2

    Thank you for this post.

    I have informed some friends that have missed out to start calling around. My Xbox Series X with Telstra just got send out in the mail today. It should arrive tomorrow.

    Thanks again OP. There may still be hope for people who thought they would miss out having one over the Christmas Break.

  • +2

    OP what have you done. Tears everywhere.

  • +14

    I gave this a plus solely because these deals trigger jv

  • +12

    Nothing excites me quite like people having a REEEEEEEEEEE at a deal people clearly think is worthy and having a sook to mods only for the deal to stay up. They're the anti maskers of Ozb.

  • +1

    Guys.. Plenty of stocks around nation.

    $0.15 - JB Plastic Bags

  • 16 cents for plastic bags?

    • I guess many store does now a days to discourage people to use plastic bags for environment or use reusable bags.

  • Called up Chapel Street JB, and got one

    • does JB put an order on hold over the phone? Or did you pay for it already?

      • I called in and asked if they had any in stock. The person didn't give me a straight answer , but instead asked if this has been posted on some forum :-)

        When I mentioned I live 5 mins away, he took down my name and put one on hold for me.

        • Well played! Some of them are definitely not helpful. Thanks for the info!

  • +3

    Funny how I ordered my xbox series X in the minute it went up, only for jb to tell me over a month later, they'd put me in the second wave "because reasons"

    Saw this post and thought awesome the second wave is in as they keep fobbing you off and telling you that they have no info, no idea when its coming in.

    Just called modbury and got told we don't know anything about any other stores, we don't know what's going on, it's all microsoft's fault.

    Surely your going to know when you have a delivery coming into your freaking stores.

    • Dunno why JB did that. I was on second wave (end of year), EB bumped me up to launch day (first wave) for Series X - EB did tell me in advance. PS5, I was on third wave (2021), EB asked me to pick it up last week. However, for PS5, there was no prior notice, no e-mail, the store just called and asked me to pick it up.

  • +1

    can you pay with those 15% discounted gift cards :

  • +21

    PS5 back in stock: "Thanks OP!"

    Xbox back in stock: "Downvoted cos RRP"

    • Must be the 16 cents plastic bags. You don't need plastic bags with PS5…. EB did give me 2 plastic bags for free with Series X. I was hoping to get 2 plastic bags for PS5, but no….

  • +8

    I don't understand why everyone is whinging about the price being RRP. There are many on here that appreciate these posts to advise availability (for consoles, GPUs, CPUs), I don't see any other forum that is doing this. Maybe it does belong elsewhere, but until such a place is widely known people will continue posting here.

    • Because it is OZB. Some people feel this deal feels like OZRRP.

    • +11

      Agreed. There is a title and price. If it doesnt interest you, dont click it. If it helps someone, then isnt it a good thing?

      • +6

        Exactly. Funny they can't stand it but they take their time to click into it, down vote and post a comment. Probably far less stress for you to just shrug it off as an useless post and move on.

  • None in JB Hifi Sydney CBD (just got back)

    • I bet they will release these in the coming weeks in Sydney.

  • There seems to be more and more stock of this one and Series S, but when PS5 stock goes live it usually go OOS within minutes.

    Maybe demand is getting lower and lower for the X-Box.

    • Demand for Playstation is much higher, always has been. Pretty common knowledge

  • +2

    Broadmeadows out of stock. I was in the centre when it posted but still too slow!

    • +2

      dengit haha just called them and was told the same, ah well!

      Good on you OP for posting this tho

    • How come man, my friend called them. Booked one over the phone and just picked up from there. Unlucky

      • +1

        Your friend may have picked up the very last unit before I called :)

  • +4

    Thanks OP. Told my friend about this deal, he rushed and got one.

  • +3

    OZRRP is still better than OZOOS
    so that's a +1

  • +2

    Might as well post bottles of Grange with RRP because hard to get.

    • If there's enough demand for it and it gets scalped then I guess it's worth a post now. See how it goes down posting limited shoes, clothes, etc.

    • No need because a simple google search turns up plenty of stores with stock.

  • +1

    Once OP posted it, it will become OZOOS in no time

  • +3

    So much pain and suffering in the comments. So much.

  • +1

    i managed to call up a local jb hifi and they had one left in stock in brisbane. Now to pay with my him gift cards for 15% off

  • thanks op.

    just got one from jb Roseland in Sydney.

    still have some left in stock

  • Sigh… I suppose it is a "Deal", but not a bargain.

    Just packing my Series X for return, as it won't turn on anymore … (Took me about an hour to find a paperclip to eject the AC Valhalla disc out). Hopefully I get the replacement before Christmas. It did require calling microsoft as the website would not work with the returns. So having store stock is kind of tempting, but YMMV.

    The launch batch may not be RROD levels of defective, but it's early days. My theory is that they cheaped out on the PSU on the units as it was shutting down while in games. After the 40'c weekend, it just refused to turn on again, even after 2-3 hours from a cold start. I'm sure they'll work on the manufacturing defect(s)… sic.

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