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[PC] Cyberpunk 2077 ₽1999 (~A$36.47) @ GOG (VPN Required)


Great price if you're willing to do some VPN'ing to Russia. I used Hola VPN extension in Chrome and it worked a treat. You only need VPN to purchase the game and not to play. Mod: Use Hola at your own discretion.

Make sure you add the game to your existing GOG account (if you have one).

Don't forget to pick up the free registration rewards.

Credit to HUKD and Chollometro.

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  • those extra rego rewards (comestic stuff) is in my GOG store but I can't get into the game, built my PC with 3k worth of parts so surely can't be my PC being crap, I wonder if they realised we are working a foreign version and can't get in, might have to buy steam version I guess, people on that app have been in for an hour now.

    • +1

      Mines been working fine

    • there is no "foreign version"

      restart GOG and make sure you got the update

  • Thanks op!

  • Used PIA (private internet access) to Ukraine, login to gog normally, buy in USD on paypal to 28deg card. Easy peasy. Downloading now.

  • Anyone having any issues launching this? I've tried to hit play but it says 'go back to sleep samurai, it isnt 10am Thursday yet'. Not sure if GOG launcher is syncing with local time if we've bought using russian vpn?

    • Had the same issue then I completely closed gog then launched it again and it started downloading a small file then I could launch the game.

      • Sweet, i'll try again later then. Thanks

  • The game is up and running guys. It looks pretty amazing even running on the RTX2070 Super with Ultra settings, no RT.

    • What is your screen resolution? 1080p?

      • 1440p running on the 144hz monitor, I haven't checked what FPS I'm getting but it's pretty smooth.

        I can run Ultra RT mode on it using DLSS and it's okay. But I don't like the pixellate view when I'm moving.

        • Cheers, it looks like my RX570 can play it on 1080p haha.

    • Yep, I was trying to work out what settings to run it on, I'm on an RTX 2070 Max-Q. There's some odd bugs that seem to be dependent on graphics settings too. If I switch RTX OFF, it runs very smoothly. I turned it back on, started on HIGH, but modified many settings to be more aligned to the nvidia geforce experience recommendations.

      Visual artifacts were mostly when I had local shadow settings on high.

  • I've tried 3 different payment methods and they all keep failing - has this deal been pulled?

    • I did it 56minutes ago?

      • +1

        Nevermind, the issue is the GOG isn't sending me emails for my 2 factor authentication. Reckon their site has been over loaded.

        • I can't even log into the client due to the stupid 2-factor enabled, can't disable it because their backend sucks and won't send any code at all.

        • +1

          you can turn off 2 factor authentication in 'privacy and settings' then 'login and security' - you can enable and disable it there.

          • @Marmaduke: Again if the backend worked, yes I would be able to, but it won't email you the code to disable it.

            • @aussiekid: oh right that is annoying. I was able to get the code while not using the VPN but as soon as I was on the VPN it didn't send me codes…

              • @Marmaduke: After over an hour I finally got my 2FA code to unlock it. FFS.

                • @aussiekid: I had the same issue but requested the code to be resent a couple of times and it came through instantly.

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    does anyone know the price of Baldur's Gate 3 with VPN??

  • I'll wait until it becomes 80% off and it'll be like $10 or something….

    • +3

      you could be waiting a while if the Witcher 3 pricing is anything to go by…

      • -1

        Hahahahahahhaha - yeah, nothing over 70% yet… It's funny, because I bought it full price on preorder at EB Games and come 5 years later and I've still yet to play the game….and now the base game is $12…and then you have to get the expansion pass which was $6 at one point, or get the game of the year edition (about $24) which basically has the base game and the expansion pass. Did this to the witcher 2 as well, bought the premium edition retail, at GAME I think for $50, and still haven't even finished it….well one of the reasons at the time was I was getting 20fps even on the lowest possible graphical setting and it was just simply unplayable for me. The first one I played as soon as I bought it though, which was for $8 for the enhanced edition and didn't regret not playing it or buying it.


        Biggest facepalm I have made….now unless I intend on playing it within a month or two of purchase, I shouldn't bother buying anymore games at full price….or even sale price for that matter….unless for archival purposes….and or happens to be the cheapest price so far….

  • +1

    Fired it up today, it works great! I bought it for more expensive than most here, but it's well worth it from what I've seen.

    A few things:

    1) Extras do download, but GOG gives no indication at all that it works. You'll find them in the download directory. Jump into settings to set the directory as somewhere else.

    2) It DOES work with 452.06 geforce drivers, so for anyone who has any newer drivers wreak absolute havoc with flickering, youtube not playing, screen corruption on boot, you CAN play it on 452.06

    3) My copy ran VERY well on my Lenovo Legion laptop so far, with raytracing on as well, with high density of population to boot, and high/ultra settings on most areas. I fired up the game, and it tried to set graphics too high. I exited, loaded geforce experience, and it set it to optimised. I then tried the game to see how it would run, just for the opening sequences. Seemed to run great, and no noticeable bugs on the first 10 mins of play.

    4) Bitdefender detected some files for install as a virus. Add an exception to the install folder, in !TEMP, and reboot. It worked for me then.

    • how much do you pay for bitdender?

      I just got the family 15 licenses

      • I paid $29.99AUD for my family to be covered, but it was a special deal

  • +2

    They have fixed the loophole. I have VPNed to Ukraine and Russia and it still shows in Aus Dollar price. Even changing my GOG location and currency didnt work.

    • +3

      did you try a new browser session, I found that it remembered the AU from the first time I visited… I then used incognito and it worked.

      • Thanks dhoodle, you are a gem. It had cached all the wrong info. Switched over to Firefox and did it there with a fresh GOG login to my existing account. All worked a charm.

  • Played it for a while and it didn't wowed me right away much like with The Witcher 3 did. I know that if I persevere with it, I will enjoy it fully much like I did with The Witcher 3. What is it with CDPR games affecting me this way?

    Unlike the first instant I played Death Stranding, that game floored and wowed from the get go. Maybe because this game has a more philosophical story which I find more interesting? Who knows.

  • +1

    using GOG to VPN (PIA) to ukraine and to Latvia, always shows up as 60 euros / 72USD

    tried clearing cache and launching browser incognito to no avail

    Anyone in the same boat/got tips?

    • +1

      Same issue here too with PIA.

    • I turned on PIA to Ukraine, opened up a new Chrome window in incognito then logged into GoG and it came up fine as $29.99 usd. Paid via paypal using 28deg in USD.

    • it as expensive in many places. Ukraine as $29 USD but i found Romania was a bit cheaper at $26.69 USD approx. I ended up paying $37.44 AUD

      (using PIA as well)

  • Just paid using Hola VPN. Works fine.

  • Worked fine with Cyberghost 1 day trial. $36.05 using UP bank through PayPal.

    Just wish I had faster internet! 50mbit/s does not cut it anymore for downloading big games!

  • Need help! Using NordVPN, connecting from ukraine but Paypal payment is not available. What can I do about it?

    • What price are you getting? Im seeing $72

      • USD 29.99 or RUB 2249. but paypal option is out.

  • +1

    ok, so i picked up mine….. lets play……. lets see whats all the buzz about

  • I just managed to get it working. Was hella hard.

    Credit cards wouldn't work while using the vpn also. I had to use paypal.

    Without logging into your account, switch on the vpn, and add it to the basket.

    Disconnect vpn and close browser. Turn browser back on and log into your account without the vpn. If you try to log in with the VPN you'll get 2 factor verification and it won't work. Once logged in, turn on vpn again. Pay with paypal.


  • Lots of other very good deals there too. Divinity 2 for $14 AUD, Baldur's Gate 3 pre-order $40, Everspace $1.

    Don't want to get greedy and get banned though so I didn't get anything else

  • Is anyone's GOG.com still stuck in Russian?

  • Just tried tro buy, got all the way through pretty easily with Purevpn to russia. Hit pay on the paypal screen and then the gog website crashed.

    Will give it another try tomorrow

  • why keep showing me A$ 89.95, I used VPN to Russia

    • Thinks you're still in Au. Browser cache maybe. Try clearing ur cache on your browser, or even better use a different browser. Turn on the VPN first before loading the browser.

  • is the game platform on Steam or Epic games?

    • Neither, its on GOG (no drm).

      • is it bad if there is no drm?

        • +1

          Its good, drm is digital rights management. You dont want drm.

        • +1

          DRM is basically a business-consumer marriage with a pre-nup that specifies you'll forfeit everything you purchased from the company should you or they end the relationship. With GOG you "own" the game in the traditional sense and don't have to maintain a relationship to use what you bought (although the waters have been muddied here with some titles requiring GOG Galaxy for online multiplayer).

  • +1

    been playing all night, awesome game, especially fun when you use the in game codes to modify it

    • what do you mean by game codes to modify it?

      • +2


        • hahaha Now I know what you mean… what about "IDKFA" That is awesome too!!

    • +1

      Nice, can I modify it to get a solid 60fps at least on low settings?

      • +1

        You need to download more ram.

  • Login with VPN, can add to cart

    Can't checkout. Credit Cards dont work. Paypal won't let me log in :(

    No way to pay.

  • Tried using my IPVanish VPN, but seems they don't have a Russian server o.O ??

    So used Chrome with HOLA Extension (uninstalled after) as advised, paid with Paypal, got the game for $38.46 AUD.

    Very happy, and cheers :)

  • For some reason, only Hola worked. My paid vpn kept showing up as AUD, and only switching to Hola got it showing in Rubles.

    Credit cards didn't work - but paypal did.

    • I thought it wasnt a good idea to use paypal with vpn's?

  • Thank you OP, got my game for AU$38.46 too. Used Hola & Paypal.

  • Has anyone managed to play it after purchasing through this method? I get a crash report every time i hit play on GOG. Please helppppp!

    • +1

      Answer to the first question is pretty obvious isn't it?

      Checked your graphics drivers are up to date?

    • +1

      Try reinstalling the language files. Fixed it for me

  • Has anyone had issues trying to pay for this using cc or debit visa cards while using a vpn?. used to be able to do it, but since GOG added a new system for payments in backend havent been able to do so….

  • I can't play it either it says "flatlined"

    I don't think it's related to paying this way though - theres hundreds of posts about being unable to start the game even via steam or epic. Buggy

    • See my post above, language files were corrupt and i couldnt play. Try redownloading them.

    • I bought it with the Russian vpn and it plays no problem in English for me. GOG Galaxy had a lot of issues downloading & patching it though, had to restart Galaxy many times to get it to cooperate. Definitely not a good launcher.

  • Worked fine for my with Hola & Paypal, paid AU$36.60.

    Game runs fine when indoors with my 2060 Super and i7 4790, but once outside it drops to 40-45fps. This is at high settings, RT off and 1440p.

  • can i play this without a grapics card on my laptop?

    I am guessing no haha

  • Ended up being $41 after PayPal conversion, but still, good price and can launch it via steam.

    • or launch via Nvidia Geforce Experience?

  • I caved - $35.50AUD with 28C Mastercard via USD conversion

  • Oh i just realized Its $36 on my steam haha so might as well buy it there without vpn

    • How?

      • +1

        you need a steam account 10 years + old to do it and had to do it prior to steam upgrading their systems.

        My account is permanently russian now but can only top up using gift cards

  • Thanks.

    Managed to get it working via Firefox and Hola, paid via PayPal.

  • $38.13 via paypal, worked no worries with Purevpn.

    Downloading via the gog software now. Worked on my existing primary account.

  • Ooh, I want one please. What is it again??

  • I'm glad I didn't purchase this but decided to wait.

    I think it's at least another year away from being decent.

    • +2

      On PC its fine. There are some minor things but personally i havent seen anything game breaking.

      Most the criticism now seems to be aimed at the ps4 and comically bad graphics at points.

      • +2

        Nothing game breaking either but ive got so many t posers and no clippers that really bust the immersion.

      • The main criticism I have is about the interactivity of the open world and the broken promises about what could be done.

        Bugs are fine and to be expected. Really obvious oversights and a lack of polish are not to be expected in a AAA title. I think when V lies down in bed during the prologue sequence is very much indicative of the problems at CDPR. They can't even make a character lie down in bed correctly, which is why the world feels duller than GTA3 despite being very pretty.

        I remember when CDPR said a long time ago that there will be over 1000 NPCs with hand crafted daily routines. Instead we get NPCs spawning in and out within the players view and I'm not talking about LOD of NPC detail on console, I'm talking about the NPCs themselves being replaced while they are still on screen on PC. Stuff Rockstar got right with GTA3 20 years ago, CDPR can't get right now.

        It needs maybe 1-2 years for content, optimisations and polish. If EA released a game in this state the pitchforks would have not only been sharpened, but thrust into the devs by now.

        Here's hoping CDPR can pull a Sean Murray.

    • so youre making judgements on a game u havent played

  • is the game as we hoped and dreamed?

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