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[Seconds] Sony WH-1000XM3 $219 Delivered @ Sony eBay


$20 cheaper than before. Great deal if you ask me.

However in typical ozbargain fashion I'll be holding off until sub $200…then maybe sub $180…then maybe sub $160.

(Link updated to Silver, Black color is sold out)

Mod 24/12 1030pm - Back in stock in black, with new link (updated). Thanks to Roguewolf

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  • "Ill wait for the Ebay Dollar deals in 2036 for these to be listed."

  • will wait for Ebay 20% off from sony :)

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    OP, buy it now, if you are using it for work calls. As it is below < $300, no brainer :D

    • Main usage scenario would be travel. But can't justify buying when I don't have a job to travel to and international travel still seems a minimum 6 months away.

    • Don’t think it is good for calls

    • +5 votes

      These are pretty bad for calls, especially in noisy places, the environment noise will be amplified through the mics. I have v2 and v3.

    • Have tried these for work too; awful call mic quality and even worse in an office environment with background noise

      Really need one with a boom microphone if you are doing work calls

    • Is under 300 bucks a certain tax threshold that could be written off or something? If be curious because I'd need one for work anyway


      Or wait for January if plan using shortcut method (exp. Dec).

      • Please explain…

        • +2 votes

          80c/hr shortcut method already includes expenses for home office and equipment, so you won't be able to include it as work related deduction.
          Shortcut method period ends in Dec (unless extended again), meaning expenses in January can be accounted differently.
          All of the above only relevant if shortcut method is any interest at all, can always use other calculation methods.

          Disclaimer: this is not an advice, do your own research or talk to your accountant.

  • Great cans for commuting / music / solo gaming, but be warned this set SUCKS if you're planning on connecting to a Windows PC for work calls.

    • I've been using them for the last 9 months with my Windows 10 PC. It works great. Not sure what your issue is, but they're fantastic with my Lenovo laptop. I use them for about 6hr a day, 5 days a week!

      • He said work calls (and I have to agree, have yet to have a meeting with someone wearing one of these who didn't give up 3 minutes in because we couldn't understand them)

        • use a separate mic and disable headset. change the adapter to stereo and it should work great. then again u need a separate mic.

        • I use my XM3 for work calls too. I have zero issues with them whether they're paired with my work laptop (Win 10), iPhone XR, iPad Pro, Samsung S8+ or Xiaomi Poco X3. I've even used them with my Vodafone TV Android box.

          If they don't work for you, there is an issue with your configuration.

          • @vrsac: you can only connect to 1 device at a time

            • @longmaster: true. However, it's not an issue for me as I use NFC when switching between devices. It takes literally seconds to connect this way.

              If you need to connect o multiple devices at the same time, get XM4. Keep in mind that you'll lose support for aptX and aptX HD codecs since XM4 does not support them!
              aptX codec is important to me since (out of all HD codecs), Windows 10 only has support for aptX. This is important when I'm listening to music in HD quality via Spotify or other sources on my Windows 10 laptop. The only other codec there is SBC which is total and utter rubbish!
              This the main reason why I haven't got the new XM4 headphones. That and the fact that there is only a slight improvement in NC and sound quality.

              If you're an Apple user, you're in luck since XM3 and XM4 support AAC codec.

  • A quarter of the price of the new Apple Airpods Max.

  • Waiting for airpods Max haters and sales soon.

  • Lots of complaints about white noise /sounds of waterfalls with ANC switched on.

  • so what are these really like? Has anyone got some that can give a good review of whether they are worth the price? I have a Sony 700 series and I like them, would the upgrade be worth it?

    • Can't speak for the mark3 but I've had the mark2 for about 3 years now and hands down best headphones I've ever owned. Noise cancelling is true noise cancelling and slices out everything else… took them on a plane once and they were great. Even the non-cancelling mode is excellent. After listening to my fave songs on these you're able to hear different sounds. Battery also lasts a while and this is after 3 years…

      Only thing I'd mention is my ears sometimes get sweaty after hours of use, but mind you this is after 5-6+ hours… not sure many others have this problem and I think it's to do with my face proportions lol….

      In general can't recommend enough and can only imagine the XM3 are the same if not better… maybe wait for a few others to comment on them or have a read online about them

      edit: should add that I've no reason to upgrade atm as my XM2 continue to serve me well… not sure there's too much of a price difference between the two but definitely go for the XM3s if the price gap is scarce (I think these headphones are up to their fourth iteration by now)

      • Also have MK2 and still as good as the first day I bought them. They last a long time until needing a recharge. Also the best headphones I've ever owned by far. Kinda sad I can't upgrade yet because my MK2 are still so good haha

      • If you can spare the money, Dekoni make replacement earpads for it, thicker and slightlyy firmer than the stock ones. They’re pretty expensive at roughly 80 bucks, but definitely worth it. Adds about 12dB extra passive attenuation, and the best part is they’re available in both synthetic leather, and velour.

        My XM2s earpads were starting to crack and peel, so I replaced them with the velour ones, since I much prefer them to leather or even faux leather, ever since I got velour earpads on my Sennheiser HD-25ii back oh, fifteen years ago now. I can definitely attest to them blocking more noise, and they’re much more comfortable with the extra 2-ish millimetres of depth.

        • Thank you very much! I'm going to look into these…

          were they hard to install?

          • @Telex: not at all, the earpads unclip, you just gently need to pop them out, then pop the new ones in. They are left/right oriented

    • I don't have Sony 700 for comparison, but I came from using shitty earphones to this one and I do really like the noise cancelling (although it kinda backfires a bit when nothing is playing because I have tinnitus)

      Microphone seems fine too imo, but then again I'm really not that picky with mic in general.

      Tldr I think is a good headphone for this second hand price

    • They are fairly good imo. However the only negatives are the headband is creaky, and sometimes will hurt your head.

    • See my mini-review here.

    • I upgraded from QC25's to XM3's early last year and they've been amazing.

      - Amazing NC (some argue QC35's do it better, but I think XM3's are ahead)
      - Better SQ than QC25's or QC35's
      - Before the XM4's came out, they were the best NC headphones on the market in my opinion
      - I find the touch controls really handy and easy to use (flick up/down/left/right)

      - Not as comfortable as QC35's for longer periods (I'm talking several hours on a plane), but if music is firing through the headphones I tend to feel it less.

      I've not compared to the latest NCH-700's or the XM4's as I'm yet to spend good time with either.

      Is it worth upgrading from your Sony 700's… yes! (or you could wait for a XM4 deal)

      • Yeah, I’ve tried both the QC35s and XM2/3/4, and I’d say the Sonys edge the Bose on NC, but the fact that it’s so subjective means that they are effectively on par, and it goes down to the individual’s perception.

        That being said, I think the Sonys definitely have the advantage when it comes to sound quality, the addition of LDAC and Aptx HD means that they do definitely sound better, although for most people the difference is negligible.

    • Had mine for around 12 months, and I’d highly recommend them for this price.

      The battery life is fantastic (probably 12 to 20 hours depending what you’re listening to), noise cancellation is great and pretty similar to the Bose. It comes with a pretty handy hard travel case.

      The sound quality is really good, and suitable for movies or music or most genres. The soundstage is reasonable but not as good as an open backed high end set of Sennheisers or equivalent.

      Like others, I’d say the mic isn’t great, but it’s usable in a pinch when you get a call. After a few hours my ears get fairly warm, but they’re definitely comfortable overall to wear for long periods (plane, train or office).

      For this price, I don’t think anything would come close.

  • Surely these will be discontinued eventually.(don't know the facts though) I would be jumping on this excellent deal sooner than later

  • I bought these as Seconds previously. Very happy with them. Strongly recommended at this price.

  • I'm also getting $20 off with a spend and save on eligible items code, looks like it's a unique code though.

  • How is this one compare new airpod pro headphone :) ?

  • does Sony provide tax invoice for refurbished item?

  • Has anybody had issues with crackling sound during quiet sections of playback/no playback in the right ear? It’s not noticeable during most audio.

    • I have, and it's an known issue. No way to fix it

    • Got mine on Black Friday. It has happened to me a couple of times. It only lasts a couple of minutes tho.

    • Called Sony and got it repaired within 3 week. Known issue with the slight wind sound on right earcup. Was free of charge and easy to do.

    • Mine happens intermittently in the left ear.

      Unbearably annoying when listening to something on low volume or wearing the headphones with no sound.

      Sending mine in for a service soon… although it hasn't been acting up for a few weeks…

  • Tried these and good for ANC but not much else. Skullcandy Crusher Evo….now that's a different story!!! :)

  • Hmm, 4 of these - one each for my family, or one AirPods Max just for myself?

  • I've recently bought and returned the WH-1000XM4's. Incredible functionality and ANC but I found the audio quality seriously underwhelming, which surprised me, having read all the glowing reviews. I did test it with an LDAC compatible device and Tidal Hi-Fi. They lack overall clarity and the bass, especially, was terrible - no definition, can't discern individual notes in the low octaves, and virtually no sub-bass to speak off.

    This is coming from someone who's generally a Sony fanboi. My older Sony Hear.on 2 (aka WH-H900N) and MDR-1ABT sound a lot more refined. Overall, I've found the M4 character to be similar (but better) to the Bose signature sound, than Sony's own older models. I also have the original WI-1000X and the WF-1000X and both also sound better to my ears (the WI in particular are amazing, especially with LDAC and a lossless source) than the flagship WH-1000XM4.

    For context, I use Focal Elears with an Auralic DAC/Amp combo for active listening (and previously Sennheiser HD6XX).

    • I felt the same, to my ears the Bose and Sony models lacked detail and weren't very fun to listen to, though the noise cancelling was great.

      Auditioned them all in a store with my own music library and wound up going with a pair of Bowers & Wilkins PX7 and am very happy with them wired or with AptX. Great for cutting out noise on public transport, aircon, fans etc.

    • My older Sony Hear.on 2 (aka WH-H900N) and MDR-1ABT sound a lot more refined.

      Yes Hear.on 2 (aka WH-H900N) is the sweet spot IMO, less powerful Noise-cancelling but much better sound than XM3.
      H900N has been as cheap as $180 Brand-new in store find only and $175 for seconds.

      XM3 is approaching $180 price, but even if they were the same price I would prefer H.ear On 2 (WH-H900N).

  • Do these come in a retail box? Looking for a Xmas gift so presentation is important

    • I ordered this the other day, planned to post it here and forgot! I'm picking it up today so will let you know how it's packaged.

    • So, it comes in a full retail box (did have a few decent scratches and one dent on the front of the packaging) with an orange sticker on the side, can remove it easily. Does also have 2 barcode stickers on the sides of the box saying "Sony Seconds" which can also be removed with some careful effort. Other than that appears brand new.

  • Yes, wait for 20% eBay sale