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Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 6GB/128GB $368.24 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


A whole $1 cheaper than last time.

Comes with 2 years warranty too which is a huge plus.

Also in terms of delivery times (as it gets brought up every time) I ordered on the 23/11 and just got a notification that it's due for delivery today, so around 2.5 weeks.

The POCO X3 includes an AI quad-camera with a 64MP primary sensor and can take ultra-wide-angle photos for landscape, portrait mode, and macro mode.
The POCO X3 includes the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor, and an Octa-Core CPU.
The POCO X3 features a 6.67" display with a 120hz display for smoother scrolling and browsing.
The POCO X3 includes 5160mAh big battery, for more prolonged phone usage without having to recharge.
The POCO X3 charges via USB-C and supports up to 33W fast charging. A 33W fast charger is also included in the box.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    Mine has just been shipped from the last deal. Ordered on the 27th November. Remember to be patient, this is absolutely the best place to buy, actual customer service+usually pretty lenient 2 year warranty. Makes it easily worth over any of the grey importer's sales, including Kogan.

  • Just checking, X3 version does not having NFC feature, right?

    • +3

      It does, when you click the link it says Poco X3 NFC

    • +8

      Considering the NFC in the title i am pretty sure it would have NFC

    • Sorry, updated the title now, forgot to add NFC to the name before when posting.

  • Good one

  • Great phone . My new case from Nilkon AliExpress just came in two days ago

    • +2

      My now home-based LG G4 is still rocking its Nilkin circle case. I think the hinge is going to outlast my knees.

    • Is that the camera cover case?

      I ended up grabbing a regular "carbon fibre" case, but was looking at that one.

      How is the build quality? Might pick one up on the new sale they have going on now.

      • I bought the camera cover case but don't like it. The big camera cover edge feels rough sitting on the fingers when typing. Using the supplied case again for now.

        • Ah that's fair.

          It looks neat but I guess real world application is its own beast.

      • +3


        I bought this one, black color.
        It looks and feels nice.
        No fingerprints can get on it.

        I was thinking about getting the case with the camera cover but i remember reading that you dont want dust or dirt or sand trapped under that cover.
        The only thing i miss is that the original cover that came with the case has a usb c flap which is pretty cool. The original case is still a great case to use.

        i also bought a different leather case from another brand coming from aliexpress. I hope that ones good.

        • This case looks really good!

          Might pick one up when I get sick of the one I already ordered.

        • Oh yea forgot to mention it comes with a phone stand, the one I linked

    • How long did it take for the case to arrive?

  • My poco x3 has been having this issue where when ever you use google chrome the phone goes into reading mode ever since the latest chrome update.

    • Delete. Reinstall.

      • +1

        I tried but it's a system app. I looked on some forums and a lot of people are experiencing it and they suggested to uninstall the latest chrome update and it's been okay since.

        • +1

          Microsoft Edge (mobile) works on it just fine, it's based on Chromium so very similar to Chrome
          I've switched to it since a) it's not google (how odd I prefer MS over google, times change), b) it doesnt hijack my media keys on PC.

    • Yeah I got that issue too

    • +1

      Not a direct solution to your problem, but I'd highly recommend Firefox Nightly for Android over Chrome since it has full support for desktop extensions like uBlock Origin.

  • +1

    I.R. blaster - don't forget it's got a I.R. blaster… No AptX, IPS screen and only USB C 2.0 but did I mention it's got an I.R. blaster?

    Fast charging 33W, 62% in 30 min, 100% in 65 min (advertised)

    FM radio, recording

    IP53 splash-proof

    Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)

    • That's why I'm keeping my LG G6. It's got HIFI Quad DAC, and USB 3.1

    • Curious about the IR blaster, what do you use it for?

      Is there an app to control your TV/air conditioner etc or something?

      • Exactly that . I have a Samsung remote app , handy when the remote goes flat or missing .

        • Oh sounds cool. Might have to try it out when mine arrives then, thanks!

      • +1

        i use it for my air conditioning. it has an inbuilt remote app that works fine.

        I can also use it on my sony tv. but the normal remote is much more responsive, so i barely use the phone

    • no aptx codec support?

    • +1

      Lady it's so good in the hand.. You know the procedures!

  • +1

    Top notch phone!!!

    • +5

      Where's the notch?

  • +1

    this or the Redmi Note 9 Pro?

    • +1

      If you play games, this.

      If not, RN9Pro will be sufficient.

      You miss out on the 120Hz screen (which can be a bit of a gimmick outside of gaming), but chipset is only slightly worse, only noticeable in gaming.

      • +1

        Which camera is better - this or Redmi Note 9 Pro?

        • Not sure, Poco X3 photo examples do look very good from what I've seen.

          Haven't looked into the Redmi's camera though.

  • The camera seems to struggle a little bit, even with Gcam, no 5G and apparently sometimes it has an erratic backlight (is this fixed?). For the price, pretty solid, shame about the camera and backlight.

    • +1

      I own one and am a fairly fussy photographer. I think the camera is in league with my Samsung S9+. I'm not sure why you would say it's not good? Is much better than the camera on my old Redmi Note Pro. For $300+ .

      • Thanks for confirming. It was photos taken from XDA forums and reviews.

  • Warranty is in the UK so you will need to post it to UK for warranty claim and use a reshipping company with a fake postal address because they don't return ship overseas.

    • Are you sure about this? I bought and item from Amazon US that was faulty and for return I just had to take it to my local post office. No cost. Took ages to arrive back there but got a refund. Hassle free,

      • I agree with you that's what happened when I returned stuff to Amazon us..

  • Good find OP

  • A bit of a weird question, but what do you get if you buy a mid range smartphone (like oneplus 8t) instead?
    How can you quantify the gains?

    • +1

      Not sure how one can quantify the gains, but when you decide to get a new phone, you do consider the brand, cost, size, UI, and features that you absolutely can't do without

      • I know that I will get an AMOLED screen with Oneplus 8t. Among other things, but the question is - can you really see the difference? It always comes down to things like that - can you really appreciate 65 wats charging instead of 25? What exactly will it give you?

        • Yeah I was wondering this too - would oneplus have better camera too?

        • Generally speaking OS/Software and update support etc is also very important in distinguishing between models :)

        • You certainly see the difference. It charges a lot faster:

          the 8T will charge to 40% in 10 minutes, to 58% in 15 minutes, and to 100% in 39 minutes. Charging a OnePlus 8 with a Warp Charge 30 charger, I got 17% in 10 minutes, 41% in 20 minutes and 59% in 30 minutes. The Galaxy S20 Ultra, with a 25-watt charger, got to 44% in 20 minutes.


          Is this feature important to you?

  • Mine has taken 5 weeks to get here (due today - but it remains to be seen whether it arrives) - ordered on the last special offer.

  • +3

    I own a Poco X3 NFC that I bought for $350 via a previous Amazon UK deal. If you want to run custom firmware, this the best value phone there is. Not for everyone, but running stock AOSP ROM is the best experience only matched by Google Pixel phones. Think of this phone as a cheap Pixel phone, only better.

  • +1

    Bought 2 of these for my parents for Christmas a few ago from the banggood deal, opened 1 up to have a play around and update apps etc. Looks like a great deal for the price, cant wait to gift it to them in a few weeks

  • Finally caught one of these. Thanks for the post.

  • Bought three of these from the last deal on 28/11; delivered 8/12.

  • I've got a OnePlus 6t in the mail. Should I return it when it arrives and buy this instead?

    • How much was the 6T?

      Also this one is much more recent so will get more updates (also huge custom ROM support).

      Although the 6T does have a better chipset (845 vs 732G).

    • I'm inclined to say whatever is cheapest, I think both will last pretty long with custom ROM support. By the time ROM support stops for either phone I think you would be ready to get rid of the phone because of battery life issues and the general pain to get a replaceable battery by that point in time.

      • +1

        6t was $390 or so in the Kogan deal. I think it will do me - camera is less good but it doesn't really bother me. OnePlus has been good to me and I like their operating system and priorities in phone design. Though it would be nice to one day have expandable storage!!

        • 6T probably gunna have better build quality.

  • +1

    Yay! Got one.
    Had decided to wait for next deal on this phone, or the RealMe 6-7 Pro.

    IR blaster is huge deal to me

  • Got the 64G one on 11.11 for 200 happy as

    • Was that US$?

  • +3

    I'm on my third Xiaomi mobile. nil problems in three years .. :-) .. !!

    • Maybe except for the fact that you only get a year from each?

      • Personally I'd say at least 2 but yes you do need to upgrade after a while. Battery died in my first mi max at about 2 years.

      • +3

        my last xiaomi last three years bought new one coz shattered screen.

  • Im tempted by these recent phone deals but wouldnt it be better now to wait for deals on 5g enabled phones if you can hold on a bit longer with your current phone?

    • I was thinking same but at bang for buck and price so happy with this phone. Even if I only have it for 18 months as so cheap for the specs it's not a big deal to upgrade to 5g then.

    • What would be the benefit of 5G? Is it simply faster internet in major city areas? If I find 4G already acceptable, then it's not really a huge issue for me yeah?

      Plus 5G phones surely would cost more than $300 odd when it arrives? Best to wait a while until 5G gets down to these prices?

  • is UK version compatible in AU?

    • Surely it would? Does it have the B28 that everyone's keen on?

      • +2

        Yes it has B28.

  • +1

    Shame this is blue only though. Would prefer black version.

    • +1

      99.9% of people put a case on their phone and only ever see the colour when cleaning it. The colour never ever matters.

      • Surely not that high a percentage.
        Id say 1 in 7 doesn't use a case.

  • Is it better value to buy elsewhere? What is the difference?



    Around the $350 mark?

    • +2

      You lose out on the 2 year warranty, which I feel is well worth the bit extra.

      • +1

        Yes I couldn't agree more .

      • +2

        Yeah true. I just don't like blue hehe. Makes it look cheap.

        • +1

          Nothing a black case won't fix ;)

  • Purchased from Banggood $305 posted: POCO X3 NFC Global Version Snapdragon 732G 6GB 64GB 6.67 inch 120Hz Refresh Rate 64MP Quad Camera 5160mAh Octa Core 4G Smartphone - Shadow Gray

    • +3

      Item post above is 128GB version.

      • and $63 more expensive..

        • With Amazon backing warranty

  • is the charger in UK version as well? if so, we have to use another charger in Oz

    • Yes UK charger, you can get a cheap travel adaptor from Kmart to convert it to aussie power plugs.

  • Has anyone replaced the built in MIUI OS with another OS? How easy was that and what's the experience been like?

  • Does it matter if this is a 4g version? or should i be buying a 5g one?

    • +1

      Well there's no 5G poco, but up to you.

      I personally don't care that much about 5G, 4G is plenty fast for me the odd time I need to use data. So down to preference if you want/need the extra speed.

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