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[eBay Plus] $1 Tuesday | 200ml 4-Pack Sunscreen Bottles | 50ml Aerogard Roll On | 65cm Cheese Serving Board | @ eBay


No idea on codes or stock levels, but these will sell out in no time when live. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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  • OOS already

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    What a joke

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    Code: PLUSATB

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    lol feels bad, already sold out. was refreshing main page hoping to see other items on sale. their banner didn't even show up

    • Those banners are useless!

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    Wow that was really quick. Ozbargainers too fast today.

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    wtf all 3 items out of stock within 30 seconds

    • Yeah, other weeks I tried were much easier.

    • I got the sunscreen at 28 secs past 2

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    Wow first time I have missed out!!

  • yay, got some sunscreen.

  • What gone in 15 seconds

  • Wow outta stock in seconds

  • +1

    managed to snag the sunscreen and missed out on the others

  • Well that didn't last long

  • how f did it sell in 30 seconds!? sold out at 2pm!?

  • and its gone.

  • damn

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    Managed to get the piece of wood. Yay

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    Sunscreen and Aeroguard for me 👍

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    Thanks again.. got sunscreen and aerogard.. 4 kids need it

    • Why wait until this sale to get your kids sunscreen?

      • username doesn't check out

        • Oh it checks out.

          • @iNeed2Pee: Why wait until you make a username about needing to pee before going to pee?

            • @King Steuart: I always need to pee.

              • @iNeed2Pee: No do not wait.
                We go through lots of sunscreen with 4 kids.. as said need it :)

                I hope that guy made it to the Dunny :)

                • @davemc: Yeah and a my bad on my behalf, I thought these were 1litre bottles 🤣

                  Thats a good thing your using all that sunscreen!

  • quick

  • Wow. This was my first $1 deal day. Bought in last time for the headphones. This is rough. Tougher than getting a PS5 on launch.

  • 2:30 PM on the dot OOS.

    • -3

      Stock was there until 2:03pm at least. There is still stock of the "champagne flutes".

      • Stock was there until 2:03pm at least.

        If that was the case then all of us would have got it. Only lasted about 10 seconds

    • -1

      Wow, Can I see your time machine? Of course it goes out of stock within 30 minutes.

      • *2:00 PM

        • Also at 2pm on the dot all was in stock, even I managed to snag one

  • That was quick!

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    That went too quick!

  • Woot… got a plank of wood and insect repellent…

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    I'm buying nothing because at 2pm and 0 seconds there was no stock.
    No deal.

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    What a bs sale

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    I had all three items at checkout stage, literally had to paste in the code and missed out on 2/3. Holy shit that was fast!

  • pretty good I got 50ml aeroguard

  • Pathetic Ebay.

  • +1

    got sunscreen, thanks op

  • Looks like there were only a handful of the serving boards.
    Missed it by that much.

  • Thanks OP, got the Aerogard!

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    ok this just seems impossible. I clicked on at 2:01, how can 3 out of 4 be sold out

    • +1


      • really are people going that far???

        • +1

          You're competing with other bargain hunters, what do you expect xD

          • @Scythic: you need to start clicking 1:58.. the OP gave the links.
            Just refresh refresh refresh refresh
            get code and hope your net does not crash

            After a few of these found you need to start before the hour.
            Pretty sure people have bots doing them as you always notice new accounts.

            • @davemc: Yeah I did that but started at 2pm exactly, the item was gone when I pressed complete button

  • Don't worry I think reloading will happen .

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    how did everyone get the code so quick?

    • +4

      The code appeared in the checkout, you don't even need to enter it. Basically just pre-added the item to cart, clicked checkout at 2pm and ticked the code discount box and purchased.

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        nice congrats, assuming you got it. thanks for replying.

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    Champagne flutes, unsurprisingly, are still up!

    • $1.5 though!

    • +1

      Thanks for this, I went back and got them, cheers!

    • Champagne flutes, unsurprisingly, are still up!

      Yeah no wonder, easily the worst item from all these ebay sales

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    Wow gone in 30 secs

  • this is a joke! just checked it out and all gone in less than a minute!

  • this is insane… clicked 'buy' at 1 sec after 2 and its OOS

  • Managed to get 2

  • that's a $ saved today - what a shit deal - OOS within 10secs

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    ebay should stop having this kind of promotions, as if plus memebers are monkeys

  • I've got the cheese board but not other ones.

  • Where was the code even posted on the ebay website. Couldn't find it. Had to get it from here, and by then the Sunscreen had run out. Luckily got some Aeroguard as a consolation though.

  • yee got the wood and the plastic glasses

  • That was fast about to checkout missed it… first time missing out on these deals hahaha

  • Nothing ever appeared?

  • code no longer works

  • Nothing is available, worst one to end it off with

  • Whoever got the Sunscreen is a bloody hero 20,000 after 150 lol

  • Ozbargained already!

  • Pale Skin Matter

    eBay don't care!

  • what a joke. Just manage to get sunscreen and aerogard

    • I got them both too so why is it a joke? Thats the only good items of the 4

  • +1

    Got the suncreen and aeroguard! Noice!

  • +2

    Got the sunscreen and missed out on the plank of wood :( prefer spray insect repellent so passed on the Aeroguard

  • Quickest I’ve ever seen the items disappear. Didn’t get anything. Shame as I really wanted the sunscreen

  • Couldn't buy any this time.

  • Do these deals (and any and all others) NEVER come up on the app? Can’t even find them if I hunt, have to come here for a link, it’s preposterous

  • no luck this time

  • lol. failbay strike again.

    GJ on anyone got them

  • Damn that was quick!

  • -1

    BS deal, no stock in no time.

  • Sunscreen gone in 35 sec. Wow

  • +1

    All used the same code so can only purchase one of the 3

    Got the sunscreen!

  • AI faster XD

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    Managed to get the cheese board, came back and managed to grab an aeroguard too?? Talk about luck

  • rip to anyone who saw the promo banner for the $1 summer deals, joined ebay plus, waited until 2pm and nothing even showed up.

    feels bad

    • -1

      Well I don't see how its relevant when everybody here started with the goods in sight tks to TA and dealbot links .

      • +5

        because eBays audience is much more than ozbargainers lol… normal people would see the $1 summer deals banner on the homepage, then sign up to eBay Plus thinking it'll be good, but then got scammed because nothing ever showed up at 2pm (its like false advertising)

  • Why can’t I see any notifications or banners for promos now. Used to be at the homepage before. Anybody?

    • +1

      same issue

      • +1

        Weird. Looks like time to cancel the ebayplus