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20% off Plex Lifetime Pass (A$127.99) @ Plex


always looking for the best Plex deal. and this may be good for some people.
20% off RRP$159.99

https://www.plex.tv/ form more details on what plex is

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  • Excuse the ignorance, but does this just mainly give you the ability to record FTA TV or what else can you do in AU?

    • Skip intro

      • Not sure why you got negged for that, Skip Intro is an actual feature with a Plex Pass and it is a very good one.

        I loved it when they introduced that and use it all the time.

    • Here you go…

      Main benefit I find is being able to sync transcoded files for offline watching and remote streaming on any device, android app you have to pay for otherwise

      • transcoding is good for streaming, system detects wether you have fast internet or slow and based on that it transcodes the video so you can stream easily. better to keep high quality content offline since space isn't that much of an issue these days + it is not permanent storage, you delete the watched content to make space.

        • space isn't that much of an issue these days

          For some of us it is. Unlimited download quota leads to not caring about file sizes

  • Price in title?
    RRP vs Deal price?

    Put some effort lad.

    $127.99 AUD
    20% off $159.99

  • For those wondering what Plex is: https://support.plex.tv/articles/200288286-what-is-plex/

    Keep in mind you can use it without Plex Pass, you just lose out on some features & will get nag screens

    • Keep in mind you can use it without Plex Pass

      Actually that’s not entirely true for all platforms. On iOS you have to purchase an in app purchase or have Plex Pass to watch more than a minute or two.

  • Select to pay with Paypal and then change the country to Brazil to get it for R$399,99 (~A$104).


  • As much as I think the plex pass would make mobile watching a little more simple, I just log into the desktop site on my phone and play from there remotely. Allows you to go full screen on an iPhone (but not on an iPad for some reason). Yes it’s a little more tedious to do, but free to watch remotely.

    • The main utility of the Android app for me is the ability to "sync for watching offline" - for example I can sync up a heap of content to my tablet when traveling.

      The other reason I paid was that I think it is a pretty good product, and think it deserves support. That price for lifetime pass is a pretty good deal IMO.

      I just wish there was a Netflix plugin to use the Plex interface to play Netflix content.

      Works flawlessly on Nvidia shield too.

      • I agree. I paid for Plex Pass years ago just to support Plex as I was using it all the time. I also paid $5 for the Android app back in the day before I got the Plex Pass.
        Just wondering, why do you use Plex to sync? I just straight copy the video files I want when travelling.

  • This is a good deal compared with what I paid a few years ago. Hopefully the deal sticks around until it's time to renew.

    • Renewing a lifetime pass? Are you thinking of purchasing after your next reincarnation?

  • "Hardware Transcoding" So for Plex to use my GPU in my HTPC I need plex pass? Otherwise, it will only use the CPU for Transcoding?
    I ask because I do get buffering when playing larger movies in 4k HDR (80GB to 140GB files) and if the plex pass would use my 1050ti instead of my older CPU then I will buy it. If anyone knows, please let me know.

    • https://support.plex.tv/articles/115002178853-using-hardware...

      also looks like the 1050ti is one of the lowesst cards that are compatible. but it comes down to waht you are watching the file on. if you are playing back 4k HDR on a 4k HDR screen it may be other issues like network or disk? is good to do some reading

      • Thank you very much Supereende, I'll look at the disk usage when playing back. For tv shows I use the plex app on the LG C9 but for movies I run the plex app on my desktop and play via hdmi from windows to remove the network as a bottleneck. Looks like I do have to buy the plex pass to be able to use the 1050ti, shame it has been in there for years doing nothing… D'oh!

  • Thanks, took advantage of this with my annual renewal coming up

  • plex lifetime pass is about the same price with Argentina VPN ($126).

    Edit: not going to bother, there's no proper Google assistant integration, just a lot of gimmicky crap you don't need.