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Foxtel Holiday Season Open Tiers and Multiscreen


As a special holiday season gift, we’ll be providing our Foxtel customers with the following at no extra charge:

more content with access to our full range of Drama, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Documentaries, Reality and Kids2 TV channels and on demand libraries3
access to Multiscreen4, giving expanded access to watch on up to two additional devices at the same time including casting the Foxtel GO4 app to additional TVs
The access to the extra entertainment channels will be available to our Foxtel customers, including those whose Foxtel is provided through Telstra and Optus, until 21 February 2021.

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    • The tips didn't work for me. I cancelled my Foxtel sub recently and no one from Foxtel bothered to call me to stay with them.

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        I cancelled 11th of November. Going back through my call history, I had 15 missed calls from them over a 1 week timeframe. They are definitely proactive in trying to retain, I finally gave in and spoke to them, but their offers were pathetic. Stuff like "free HD access for 4 months". Cheers to a 20 year customer!

  • And of course if you already subscribe to the full range - stuff you!

    *What happens if I’m already subscribed to these channels – do I get a credit?

    • There will be no change to your package if you’re already subscribed to these channels. We appreciate your loyalty and we hope that you see the value of Foxtel’s extensive range of programming.
  • Does anyone know if they will ever show avengers end game? It's nearly 2 years since the movie came out.

    • +2

      Might be because Disney÷ launched in the meantime and they have the rights.

  • I will happily throw my $110 a month at foxtel regardless of the ads etc, and NO before you ask I don't watch skynews.. I just like what they offer. 1.. 2.. 3… pending all the downvotes from the anti foxtel crew hard at work lol

    • +1

      Question: you could subcribe to a bunch of the other major streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Stan, Prime video, Disney+, Binge, Kayo Sports) at once and still pay less than $110, so what made you choose Foxtel over these despite the higher cost and the constant interruption of ads? I don't imagine it's worth subscribing to both at the same time, either. I'm genuinely curious!

      • +4

        I have netflix, stan, hayu, Amazon prime and dinsey and foxtel now. But, why I have foxtel is my mum had foxtel at her house and was paying $120 a month for the box one, so I cancelled that and signed up to foxtel now so she could just use my account to watch foxtel now on the vodaphone TV box (thanks Ozbargin for that deal lol). My mum saved $120 a month and I pay $110 a month and we both get it now. So while my subscription services may cost about $170 a month or so (spotify included) its worth it, I share all my subscription services with my mum and sister so when you look at it $170 a month but 3 people enjoying all the services and I dont mind paying it since I also use them

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          And the plus of all the story is my mum saves $120 a month whivh she can't afford anyway so it's a win win. Try tell someone who has watched foxtel for 8 years they can't have it no more lol does not work that way

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            @Iwantthebestprice: Genuine question, have you considered Fetch as an alternative to Foxtel? Same channels minus the Fox ones, $20/m for all channels and you own the box.

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    My boomer mother loves foxtel for the music channels and watching British drama 😆

  • +2

    I get basic Foxtel as part of my Telstra Cable deal. So a thumbs up for providing extra channels free.

    But here we are in 2020 when most people are looking at options to upgrade their AV set up to 4K and this mob still want to charge a premium for HD!

    Bloody disgrace!

    Frankly cannot be bothered giving up an HDMI port for their rubbish service regardless of what's on offer.

  • I would be nice if Foxtel By Telstra would email me when these things pop up. I get zero info.

  • +2

    Wow I can now cast from the app without paying an extra fee for something I can’t believe is an at cost “option” in 2020, time to party like it’s 1999.

  • How do you cast from foxtel go app? i cant see any cast logo/button , edit i have uninstalled and reinstalled foxtel go on my Note 9. Still don't have cast button. My daughters iPhone using same account details does allow her to cast. Is casting not available on Android?

  • Don't support Foxtel.

    Such an awful business.

  • Thanks, just called disconnections and put my subscription down to basic with free HD for $29 (old pricing and packaging) to take full advantage of this. Took 5 min on the phone, done.

  • Can't seem to see any difference on my Foxtel Now account - is anybody able to access Cosmos Season 2?

  • I can’t get multiscreen working on the Telstra tv through the Foxtel now app.
    Every time I try to login on the Telstra tv it says it’s only available to Foxtel now customers.

  • Until February? AWESOME!

    Kill the offer just in time for the only thing I watch (F1) and need multiscreen for.

    Another useless offer.

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