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DJI Osmo Action $298 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like Amazon has gone ahead and beaten JBs $299 Boxing Day sale before it’s even started.

I will be purchasing at JB due to existing discounted giftcards. Wait until Saturday for zip and pay to get cards if you haven’t already.

Here’s the JB catalogue where it’s listed as 299.

Here’s the lowest historic price I could find

Edit: Harvey Norman also doing it for $298

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good find mate. Anyone knows if it’s worth getting this over gopro?

    • I bought the GoPro7 before this was released (went on a holiday and wanted some action footage).
      I don't use mine that often, but the reviews indicated this is a great camera let down by software/interface.
      I think if I was buying now, this is a great price and worth considering.

      • From my research, there has been s lot of firm ware updates recently Fixing issues like the display lag etc.

      • The interface seems fine to me. Buttons are well places and responsive. Screen is bright and clear. Menus are easy to use and well laid out. Voice control were a bit dicey but I only used it once.

        The DJI software is pretty clunky, but I don’t use it.

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      Hi mate,

      I've owned multiple gopros since the beginning and sold my gopro 8 to get an osmo. I don't understand why the osmo is so underrated:

      I think the quality of the video is better. The motion smoothness is better. The fact it has a front video screen is essential. Overall value is just better then the Gopro. As long as Osmo keep up with the quality, I would never go back to the gopro to be honest.

      Can't comment on the software, I don't need to use it at all.

      • As long as Osmo keep up with the quality, I would never go back to the gopro to be honest.

        Has the Hero 9 Max Lens Mod Horizon Levelling feature tempted you?

        • Definitely has and I hope Osmo comes up with something to compete with it. I have high hopes given the Osmo Action is their first action cam and for me they hit out of the park.

  • For $299 great price.

    Last time I picked this up from JB for the same price and the girl in front of me bought 5 LOL

  • Anyone use this for motorcycling? Thinking of getting one.

    • +15

      Don't - it does a TERRIBLE job. I would strongly suggest sticking to an actual motorcycle.

      • +1

        Haha you got me, for a second there I thought you were being serious

        • -1

          It would be difficult to ride an osmo action camera being its so small in size.

          Noticed i said difficult and not impossible as it will trigger the 'challenge accepted' brigade.

  • +3

    Good deal, as expected on special. I brought on blackfriday, with cashback, giftcard, discount coupon. lots of effort, only make it couple of dollors cheaper than JB with giftcard.

    • with cashback, giftcard, discount coupon

      True OzBargainer!!

    • Long live the OzB spirit!

  • +1

    Somewhat off topic. Any deals on the battery charger and 2 batteries pack? Only seeing ones for $109

  • Bought the GoPro8 holiday pack at $449, which would be better value? GP8 arrives early Feb which isn't too much of a problem