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FIBARO Smart Home Products, 15% Extra off The Advertised Price (Free Shipping over $500) @ OzSmartThings


Hello All,

We have another OzBargin only special. If you are considering starting you Smart Home, then FIBARO is a well renowned Smart Home Technology brand using Z-wave.

Since the release of their all-new Home Center 3, There has been a big boost in the Smart Home market. Its ease of use, reliability and integration with other systems make it the best choice when starting your smart home.

As we are installers of smart home products in Australia this is our brand of choice and with their wide range of modules and sensors sticking with the Fibaro products is always the best choice.

That is the reason we are offering 15% extra off the entire range with free shipping when the order is above $500. You won't find this offer anywhere else. Use the link and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. This deal will end on 31/12/2020.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Oz Smart Things!

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  • Hmm, not saying this might not be a deal for these specific devices.

    However, the sensors and devices seem to be 5-10x the price of what you can get zigbee devices for from various sites.

    Even if one of those would break due to lesser quality you still better off just buying more than going with this one …
    add a Pi4 and and you have a way more flexible and (most importantly) local system.

    but i might just be ignorant here ….
    … any reason why these would be better than zigbee +

    • Yeah, unless you have specific obligatory reasons to go with z-wave then zigbee all the way, all z-wave products are way too expensive to be justified. Price wise it's like spending $$$ for a mac but you still don't have that smooth user experience and still have to go with all the tweaking headaches associated with Windows.

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      any reason why these would be better than zigbee +

      Not really for anyone mildly tech savvy.
      I do have two of the fibaro multi sensors and they are great but I only paid $50 for them and don't think they are worth it at full price.
      I use Hubitat not HA but most of my setup is zigbee for the reason you pointed out that you can buy multiple zigbee sensors for the price of one zwave.

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      There are many differences in how Z-wave operates compared to different systems. In the same way, C-BUS and KNX are more expensive than FIBARO.

      There is some truth to you get what you pay for. FIBARO is owned by the huge electronics company NICE. is open source. The difference you get from buying from a large company is stability and backed up by their aftersales service. I have no issues with and using Zigbee or wifi devices like Shelly which we also sell. This is mainly to the tech enthusiasts that don't mind spending time configuring and fixing their system. When we install FIBARO for our clients it is usually people who want a smart home but do not particularly care how to works. They just want it to work and not to spend their weekend's tinkering.

      We have installed hundreds of smart homes and the reason we install FIBARO is for stability and reliability. We are under no agreement to promote or only install their products.

  • I would prefer the discount off Aeotec if you could?