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10% off Site Wide + Extra 10% off @ Hoselink


It's back guys. Seem popular last time.
10%off site wide + extra 10%off using coupon

20m retractable hose comes down to $161, which is pretty good price.

Charcoal version also available to pre order, I got one of each colour and charcoal is definitely awesome and comes with a trigger that you dont need to keep squeezing to keep the water on. I got 30m version, can say that no loss of water pressure.

Garden pack also great value at $217. Fertiliser spray mixer is pretty handy.

Note: The coupon will continue to work, however it can no longer be used in conjunction with another offer

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  • Great! Thanks for this! Been waiting to get the Hi-Flow reel.

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    If you're buying something between $50 and $99 use code NEWIN2020 for $10 off and it works out better. Think it's for new customers only

  • Thank you! Perfect timing as was looking to grab a new quality reel during sales.

  • First, you get the money.
    Then, you get the power.
    Then, you get the hose.

  • Some things are worth paying for. Exhibit A.

  • Same discount with code GINGER10

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    Sorry I did buy one a year ago and I'm not sure what the hipe is all about in particular at that price range. The actual amount of "manual labour" in greasing the trigger for a piece of gardening equipment for it to function properly… Unreal. And yes it kinks like. Hell,

    • I don't mind putting in the manual labour to "grease the trigger" every now and then.

    • I've never greased the trigger (well maybe I did when I initially got it.. can't remember), and no issues.

  • Anyone tried their solar lights can comment if any good? Seem bit on the pricey side?

  • Discount Code cannot be used with Sale Items

  • I've never used Hoselink, so can't vouch for quality, buy if you're after high quality Australian made garden hoses, try I've been very pleased with the quality (longevity, durability and kink resistance) of the hoses that I've purchased from them.

  • Funny coupon code,wondering what did Kathy Harvest?

    • Kathy would be a blogger or influencer, she'll miss these sales because her code has now been published. Source: mate used to work for hoselink marketing

  • Damn that's pricey… Got my 30m Hozelock For $129 this time last year off Amazon! Very happy with it… Wanting another for the back garden so have been keeping an eye out for whatever pops up.

    • I've got one of each brand. The hozelock is junk in comparison

      • In what way?

        • it's a wheeled reel that I got when masters was shutting down.
          Hose is thin wall and kinks easily.
          Telescopic frame handle slides down with little pressure (weak locking collar).
          Hose end coupling has come off hose (refitted and since stayed put).
          Twist nozzle dribbles when shut off

          • @Nugs: Wierd, I've had 3 of them (bearing in mind one was in UK), another was in a rental here which was already on the property for a few yrs and now my auto reel which I've had for a year and half which gets used a few times a week without issue!

  • These seems very pricey.

    Are they amazing quality and made in Japan or Germany?

    Better than Gardena, for example …

    • Hoselink is cheaper with the discount, especially if you get 30m version which have same rrp. Gardena does come with kink free hose, but eventually will kink in time anyway. I bought it but returned to get hoselink. Although the hose itself is not as good as gardena but the leak free connector is what I was after, so it would be way expensive to buy the connector separately. Hoselink comes with a pretty good spray gun comparing to the gardena so, in the end, hoselink is better value. (the case cover is pretty good especially in charcoal, both look and quality)

    • Hoselink is made in China

  • Ive been wondering about these for years. Are they actually worth the higher price tag - the hose reel I bought years ago at Bunnings for $100 or so has been a good performer.

    Also are the connections as good as promised?

    They do do sell hose on bottles I couldn't find cheaper anywhere else, but it was tricky to work out how to connect to regular hose I had to contact support and did work it out.

    • This product is way over hyped. The connectors are bulky and are less convenient and more expensive than the click connectors. We have high town water pressure and never have an issue with the click connectors blowing apart. The twist together connectors are really bulky and I find myself holding the connector to direct the hose as it strains the wrist to point the hose down as the long connector is like a lever being pulled by the hose in the opposite direction. Also the hose reel does not rewind properly, have to feed it back in even if the pressure in the hose has been released.

      • It now comes with swivel connector on the trigger gun. So no problem that you faces now. The good thing about the connector is it doesn't leak, when it eventually leak, you just need to change to o ring. The reel is weaker when it near fully wind, just pull again to activate the spring, I have no problem with it.

        • I think mine has the swivel you are talking about which allows the hose to twist on its axis. It would need an elbow that would allow the hose to be at a 90 degree angle to the handle of the spray gun to solve the issue I am talking about.

    • cant comment on other peoples experiences. Been using one for 5 years now. love it!

    • When all is working, connectors are great. The connections really do hang together well.
      Unfortunately, I can't recommend Hoselink. While they work, they are OK but I didn't get much more than 12 months before problems started. The spray nozzles deteriorate as fast as any other type. Seals fall out of connectors. Then every tool you buy that connect to water (e.g. power washer) is designed for standard hose fittings. The other thing I disliked is they sent advertising to my email address. Why? If you choose their connectors, you become brand-locked if you wish to use a compatible connection.

      I've gone back to standard fittings. Every now and then I need to refit a connector that get pulled off from walking around dragging the hose but, overall, I prefer that to Hoselink. That said, I know people who prefer Hoselink. You'll have to make up your own mind. Either say 'no' or try a starter kit and the experience so the experience won't be as painful if you decide its not for you.

  • It's annoying that you have to buy accessories to hook up your other tools like Karcher pressure washer. They should be included in the box.

    Not enough selling proposition value for me to upgrade from existing hose reel.

  • Am I missing something? Can't stack code on discounted items

  • Quality is good if you don’t mind paying abit more.

    But I am not a big fan of their proprietary connector system which locks you into their accessories. Also not a fan that you can only buy online and has to pay postage which can sometimes be more expensive than a replacement part.

  • Why is this better than others I really curious?

    • It is just a hose … get a german made Gardena from Bunnings with standard connections .. my Gardena is still like new after 5 years.

      • Hence my question. why are these priced so much, I assume it's better, but is it? Or just a way to justify high Aussie's Labor cost?

        • i think the hoselink items are made in china, at least some anyway, as someone posted above .. seems like good marketing .. but not for me.