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Microsoft 365 Home (6 Users 1yr) $98 @ SaveOnIT


The popular deal is back again
$98 for 1 year of 6 user subscription

Also available:
$69 for 1 year 1 user subscription (note this is the Office 365 version but Microsoft recognize this as Microsoft 365) https://www.saveonit.com.au/products/productdetails/65155105

Not as cheap as before when it did drop down to $88 in November (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580074)
This is an Australian retailer so will be able to activate in Australia.

2% Surcharge if paying by Credit Card or Paypal
Digital License delivered by email

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    Lowest price was 70ish at Bing Lee.

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      I bought it $88 from this website a while back. This isn't a deal.

  • $98 has been their normal price for quite some time.

    • What about the individual one at $69? Their normal price too?

    • Yes this is pretty much their everyday price. I was about to buy last week, but when I got to the 2% surchage, I just went to my local officeworks and they price-matched it.

  • SaveOnIT are usually my go to for Office license, also bought something else there a while back.

    They're pretty good.

    There have been price rises on Office fairly recently, i think previously this might have been full price, but it might now be a deal.
    I'll up vote based on good service and usually having a market leading price.

    If someone can find better I'd love to see that too.

  • 2% surcharge on Paypal or CC. Takes it up to almost $100.
    Can do direct transfers without the surcharge, but will be painful to wait for their acknowledgement and approval.

  • Can this be used for renewal?

    • That's what i use them for.

  • If you've never checked out LibreOffice before, I highly recommend it. Free and awesome.

    • But it's not Office 365…

      • Nothing gets past you.

    • Yeah, but no Outlook equivalent. Or 6TB of cloud storage.

    • It is free and it is awesome but it lacks some advanced features. Someone else pointed out it doesn't include an email client. But did you know you can animate an Excel chart to slowly draw a series in Powerpoint. Gamers Nexus uses that to great effect in many of Steve's Youtube benchmarking videos. it's just one example. You'll generally find you can push Office further in a lot of ways and especially in integration, which is why people pay and put up with MS rules.

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    The popular deal is back again
    $98 for 1 year of 6 user subscription

    They've had it this price all year

    It's their normal price.

  • It's a pity they have closed for the holidays and won't be issuing digital licence keys until Jan 4.
    Will try the Officeworks price beat instead.

  • Not sure if this helps anybody but I just used SaveonIT to get price matched at Domayne online and use the $15 dollars off promo using latitudepay.

  • Thanks for posting this. Just pointing out the $69 deal on the link up top is now $75 (9/1)

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    I switched from Family Trial with autorenewal on to Personal with the $75 price from Saveonit and got an extra month (13 months) for leaving autorenewal on.

    Plus it is worth noting that if you upgrade from Personal to Family, then your remaining personal time gets converted to Family and you get a further 12 months on top of that.

    "Will I keep my remaining subscription time if I upgrade today?
    Yes. If you upgrade today, the remaining time of your existing subscription is added to your upgrade. For example, if you have two months left on your current subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal and you upgrade to Microsoft 365 Family for one year (12 months), your Family subscription will run for 14 months."

    so potentially you could buy 2 yrs of family for the price of 1 yr personal + 1 year family. Note I haven't tried this.

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