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Gigabyte M27Q 27inch 1440p 170Hz SS IPS KVM Gaming Monitor $499 at Scorptec


Gigabyte M27Q 27inch 170Hz SS IPS KVM Gaming Monitor, 2‎‎560 x 1440, 0.5ms(MPRT) 1000:1, 2x HDMI2.0 1x DisplayPort 1.2, Tilt, Height Adjustable, VESA 100x100mm, 140% sRGB, Freesync Premium, KVM Feature

Very very good 1440p high refresh rate monitor, one of the best all round panels. KVM is nice added benefit

Review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNIqwxAZ-MQ

Only caveat is it uses a BGR subpixel layout rather than RGB for some reason. This can cause issues with font smoothening and makes text look blurry. There are BGR options in windows but it doesn't always work perfectly for every program. The stupid/simple solution with BGR displays apparently is just to remount them upside down and reverse the display orientation, thus effectively reversing the BGR to RGB.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    Cracking Monitor for the price. See Hardware Unboxed review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNIqwxAZ-MQ

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    How does this stack up against the S2721DGF? Just using it as an example due to it's popularity.

    • S2721DGF has slightly better response times but at the cost of inverse ghosting and worse contrast

    • Keen to know to. I want a new gaming monitor and I am not keen on spending to much and this seems like a good bang for buck buy. Is this as good as the LG deal earlier today?

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        Personally this is the monitor I would pick if they were the same price. The contrast on the LG is pretty poor, and this has some extra features like a higher refresh rate, and KVM.

        The caveat with this monitor is the BGR subpixel monitor. Otherwise it's excellent.

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      I think this one's better because you have a chance of actually getting it before Christmas next year.

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      Rtings.com hasn't reviewed the M27Q yet, so for comparison I don't think there are many places with subjective content and independent testing yet. I was trying to do the same thing the other day, as I was thinking about buying the Dell, then got put off by the delivery delays versus the idea of just driving to a store to get the Gigabyte on sale. After some digging, I switched back to the S2721DGF, even if it means I have to wait for a month. You might just have to go on the specs alone side-by-side per sites like displayspecifications.com and separate reviews of the individual monitors. One thing I noticed from the side-by-side specs is that the Dell has a slightly bigger display area and better brightness and more colours. The Dell produces 30 bit and the Gigabyte has only a 24 bit colour display (1,073,741,824 vs 16,777,216 colours!!!). I'm not up on the technical detail but the panel bit depth of the Dell is better than the Gigabyte too (10 bit vs 8 bit). I might be wrong but I think that there is something to this that plays out in the significant gap in the RRP of each of the monitors. Gigabyte has thrown in KVM and a couple of other features that may sway your choice. There were 3 things that steered me back to the Dell and I bought one 2 days ago. They were the slightly better specs as described, the fact that I just got a Dell desktop on sale (i.e. to match), and I was actually able to pick it up cheaper than the Gigabyte. I got it for $380, but it is possible to go lower than that. I tried asking for a Dell advantage code on the Ozbargain Dell Megathread with no success, but then I found some people were also selling their codes that were expiring soon. I paid $70 for a $140 coupon and there were still quite a few available. So yeah, I had to end up forking out $450 all told and add the LOVEKEANU code on top to get it for that, but there would be nothing stopping you from getting it for a lower price in the next few days if you were lucky. Just remember, you'd be waiting at least a month for delivery, if not more.

      • Thanks mate for doing this, do you happen to have that link on you for the Ozbargain Dell Megathread

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          This is it. The moderator has highlighted this in the latest S2721DGF post where a lot of people were asking for the coupons and people were randomly posting them for all to see, leading to a crazy race to use them. It is really hit or miss, but mostly miss. I didn't have any success. TBH there are lots of people requesting a free code but either no-one with codes are watching the thread or they're holding onto them for just in case or to sell for money. I think Dell issues them when you buy something and the amount is based on a percentage of how much you've recently spent. It's not really supposed to be shared but is issued for the purpose of the original customer buying more accessories or upgrades for whatever they've initially bought. I tried looking in other places but your best bet it to just search "Dell" on Ozbargain and you will see that there are a few people selling the coupon codes. It seems like the going rate is 50% of the value if you are willing to take a leap of faith and buy with Paypal. I messaged about 3 or 4 people and all got back to me within an hour or two, looking to sell. It went very smoothly. I noticed there were a few that were expiring in 4 days or so, so you might be in a good place to bargain them down. I've been told that the advantage codes don't stack with each other but only with LOVEKEANU, so you're best off finding the biggest discount value available and going for it. The guy I got it from also checked to see if it worked with LOVEKEANU and said that it only worked if you enter the advantage code first and then LOVEKEANU second. This was a couple of days ago, so just ask the seller to test the codes again just to confirm Dell hasn't changed anything or LOVEKEANU hasn't expired - just a precaution. I was tempted to not use any codes and get the 12% Shopback/ Cash Rewards money but heard a few people were having trouble having the money credited and I thought there must be a way to beat $492 without having to wait for the credit. It has been mentioned in many other threads but just in case you don't already know, many are saying that the use of these codes invalidates any cash back options per the T&C's, so you can still try but also factor this in.

  • Is this any good for photo editing if using a calibrator?

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      Being a gaming monitor, it is tweaked for speed rather than covering a large selection of colour gamut standards. It covers 93% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut.
      If you're meticulous about photo editing you should get a monitor like the Premier Color series from Dell as they're covering 100% or close to that of a wider range of colour gamut standards.

  • Would this be good for PS5?

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      ps5 doesnt even support 1440p rn so not really

      • Thats what I was worried about, Thx for the info.

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    I think this is the same one, and cheaper!


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      That's G27Q. 144ms response time. OP is M27Q. 170ms.

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        Oh! OK thanks for correcting that 👍

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      That's the G27Q. This is the M27Q, a higher end model with a different, faster panel and some extra features

  • I just looked at the specs and this seems better than S2721DGF spec.
    Can someone please tell me I'm wrong.
    Also can someone confirm if this has G-sync compatibility as need the G-sync(software) in the monitor for my video card

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      Don't want to spam this thread, but I've checked it out and my conclusion was the opposite - refer to my comments earlier in the thread. Let me know if there is anything I might have overlooked if there are any specific specs you can point out where the M27Q comes out on top.

      • Contrast is significantly better, there's no inverse ghosting. The panel is very consistent at all refresh rates. See the review I linked

        8bit vs 8bit FRC, not really sure if that's going to make a difference, they both cover colour spaces about the same which is what actually matters. The S2721DGF isn't native 10bit.

        To most people the M27Q is definitely going to look better because of the contrast and lack of ghosting. The only problem is the BGR which will make text look blurry on windows.

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      Direct spec comparison is mostly in favour of the Dell.

      • 10bit (8bit+FRC though 😢) on the Dell vs just 8bit on the Gigabyte.
      • Slightly better colour coverage on the Dell
        —- (140% (Gigabyte) vs 144% (Dell) sRGB, 92% (Gigabyte) vs 98% (Dell) DCI-P3)
      • Displayport 1.4 on the Dell, vs DP1.2 on the Gigabyt (both support HDMI 2.0)
        —- (DP1.2 maxes 1440p at 144Hz, DP1.4 maxes 1440p at 240Hz, as such I question the validity of the Gigabyte's 170Hz claim over 1440p)
      • More usb ports on the Dell (though the Gigabyte has 1 usb-c, Dell is all usb-a. Same speed though)
      • Freesync Premium Pro (Dell) vs Freesync Premium (Gigabyte).
        —- Basically, Premium = Support for framerates higher than 120Hz. Pro = support for HDR. (Premium Pro is better)
      • Dell supports HDCP (can't find that in any of the spec sheets for the Gigabyte…… hit or miss if you care about it i guess)
      • Dell takes a standard C13 AC computer cable directly, the gigabyte relies on a DC barrel jack
        —- (so there'll be an external brick for power conversion for the gigabyte, where the dell is all internal)

      Both are pretty comparable otherwise.

      • Same res.
      • mostly same brightness (dell is 10cd/m^2 brighter…. no difference)
      • displayhdr400 (this is where Dell's higher rated freesync version comes in handy)
      • both are vesa mountable
      • both are matte coated

      Gigabyte does have some things over the dell however:

      • faster response time (0.5ms on the gigabyte, 1ms on the dell)
      • Gigabyte has speakers if you care about that.
      • Gigabyte has a lot more game centric software. Aim stabilizer, crosshairs, etc
      • uses ~32W less power at maximum.

      Personally, I think the S2721DGF is the better monitor (at least, spec wise), even if the response time is ever so slightly slower. If both were identical, I'd still pick the Dell just to not have to rely on a specialty, bulky power cable I'd likely lose when the monitor goes into storage in a decade.

  • This or the ASUS VG27AQ? This is more than $100 cheaper is there much difference?

    • I had the VG27AQ until I returned it and swapped wth a S2721DGF. I can't help but notice the black smearing and the ghosting on the VG27AQ. Mind you would only start to notice the ghosting if you play games below ~80-90 fps

  • This or G32QC for $499 from mWave?

  • I'm looking primarily for office work with the ocassional gaming, I known that BGR is an issue on windows for productivity, does anyone know how bad would the BGR on this monitor impact text on a Mac?

    Still trying to work out if going a gaming monitor for productivity and photo editing is the right choice, e.g this or the DGF or the ultrawide xaiomi or just save some dollars on. Cheaper 1440p 27".

    Would love some suggestions from the virus on here

    • I think Mac handles bgr fine. It's a windows cleartype thing

  • Any good deals on ultrawide displays today?

  • Was tossing up between this and the Dell one (due to Dell's wait time). Went with the Dell as didn't really like how most places were labelling the Gigabyte's VA cousin as being "budget" oriented all-around with no real standout features. The IPS one had virtually no reviews.

  • Bit shitty as tried to cancel my Dell order but it's "in production" with an ETA of 5 Feb so am unable to. That ain't in production imo…also shopback butchered the cashback.

  • Can someone please help, how does it compare to this monitor?

    Acer KG271P 27inch 165Hz FHD FreeSync TN Gaming Monitor which is only $330


    • That is a TN panel while this is an IPS panel. You definitely don't want to buy a TN panel, colours won't look great and they have awful viewing angles. Also FHD vs QHD

  • Please excuse my getting ot

    As many others I'm interested in the Dell S2721DGF.
    Mainly for office work, a small amount of photo editing, no gaming, no watching videos.
    I read somewhere that the higher refresh rate may also be advantageous for office work just because the scrolling and mouse movements get smoother.

    Anyone able to give advice? Should I look for something with a better color coverage and a regular, 60 hz refresh rate? Having made good experience with Dell and given their boxing day sale I'd appreciate any recommendation for an alternative Dell - or the S2721DGF :)

    • More pixels and display area are better for office work than high refresh rates, I'd put refresh rate last in my priority out of size, resolution, and colour coverage.

      Also with both this monitor and the S2721DGF you're paying extra money for good response times etc which aren't at all important for office work. Even among QHD high refresh rate monitors there's cheaper options that don't have as good response times. But tbh a cheaper 4k or WQHD monitor is probably the way to go, there's a few options out there.

      Definitely don't get this for office work because the BGR subpixel layout will mess with font smoothing and drive you mad.

    • Most modern panels are 75hz.
      25% less smearing when scrolling than the old 60hz.

      For purely office work and photos, you want a VA panel (or IPS specifically tested to have good blacks, low light bleed) and 75hz+

      Shouldnt be too hard :)

  • Side by side comparison between Dell S2721DGF and Gigabyte M27Q . https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/comparison/d81414ed...

  • I purchased this monitor today from MSY (also $499 currently, until the 31st) and it looks & feels great. I was torn between the Viewsonic VX2758, dell S2721DGF and the M27Q. I feel like I have made the best decision (unless you want to wait 30 days for the Dell).

    I would definitely lower the brightness and keep the overdrive as picture quality

    • How is the BGR text (supposed) 'issue'?

  • BTW, if BGR is an issue, you can mount the monitor upside down with a VESA arm, then just tell windows its 180deg.

    Its not smart enough to change subpixels; it still sends RGB, and upside down, it is now RGB!