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$20 off $60 Spend at Catch, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne + More @ Latitude Pay


$20 off $60 Spend Catch, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne + More @ Latitude Pay.

48 hour promotion.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Looks like it only works once. Be interested if anyone successfully used it more than once.

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      I have found that with catch you can create a new account and it works

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    It says only can use it at each shop once

    • I can't see the T&Cs anywhere. Where does it say once per shop?

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        If you go onto the Latitude Pay website and click on promotions.

        Shows the retailers and minimum purchase amounts to enable the offer
        Also says the following

        "Key information about the offers:
        Minimum spend amount excludes shipping.
        Offer is available to new and existing customers. Single use only per retailer.
        Discount will be applied during the LatitudePay payment schedule."

  • Does this work with 28 degrees card?

    • I don't think you need a card. Go to latitude pay's website and sign up. Choose latitude pay while checking out. Like u select PayPal and get directed to PayPal website.

      • Oh it's like PayPal, thanks

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        You need a card to link to it and pay 10% deposit of your purchase. 28 degree card is eligible.

  • any deals with this?

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    Catch connect mobile plan is not working with discount

    • Yeah, just tried this, unfortunately doesn't work.

    • Me too! It is unfortunate!

    • I was hoping to buy a gift catch through the Catch website but apparently they aren't eligible for Catch Connect products. Which confuses me, because I'm pretty sure the gift cards you can get from Coles, etc are

    • I had an issue with this as well. I bought the SIM from Catch.com.au but the payment schedule was siill showing as the full amount. However, if you contact Latitude Pay over the phone (1300 557 787) and explain the promotion and your purchase, they can fix it up for you by offering the $20 discount on your payment schedule. This worked for me.

  • Isn’t this like zip pay? Would I have to a put any fee to use latitude pay?

  • So it looks like I will need to pay by instalments? Sounds complicated 😣

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      I paid the 10% needed, then pretty. much went straight into LatitudePay and paid the remaining balance.

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        Ah, how did I not think of that. Thanks, I’ll do the same. I am not very good at remembering stuff so might missed payments if I have to pay over 10 instalments.

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          They take the installments automatically from your credit card. It's only going to be an issue if your credit card is at its limit, or your cancel the card. You even get an email the day before to remind you that it's about to be debited.

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    Sorry stupid question here, when do I get the $20 off? I got to the last page to confirm payment but the total does not show $20 off.

    Nvm, finally figured it out, the $20 is taken off once you login to latitude pay. I feel like ever since I’ve had a kid, my brain cells are dead.

    • That's ok. With Catch it shows the $20 taken off BEFORE logging into latitude pay. Different across sites.

  • Can this offer be stacked with the little birdie offer?

  • Just got rejected by Latitude. Is this like a credit card application??

    • Yes.

    • Bad credit history?

      • Didn’t think so but appears so now, this is my 2nd rejection this month, probably too many cc applications lately :(

        • Yes. Stay low for a while.

  • Thanks, ended up getting Animal Crossing & Super Mario Odyssey for $96 delivered from Catch. At $48ea, pretty happy with it.

  • Cant see Harvey Norman being part of their deal . Maybe they removed it ???

  • Thanks bought a thrustmaster racing wheel for xbox from catch

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    Looks like it stacks with targeted codes - I had one for 10% off. Picked up 60x Instax Mini film, plus toothpaste, mouthwash and floss (to bring it up to a $60 cart) for $38.05 in total :)

  • I cant find latitude pay at Catch checkout screen.. am I missing something? (Yes, I've signed up and setup latitude pay and never used it before)
    Only shows me Credit card, Paypal or Zip

    • actually turns out the issue might be from me having a $10 store credit on catch so it wont allow me to use Latitude Pay or even Afterpay.

  • Does using a voucher or discount code at the merchant store make you ineligible for the $20 from Latitude?

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      I used Unidays one for Catch (for Catch sold item) and Latitude discount worked fine.

      • I did the same. Managed to get the 60GB 365-day expiry plan for $60.10 after all the discounts. Not bad for a year of telecom sorted.

        • I thought it didn’t work with mobile plans this time?As others posted above.

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            @magwri: I bought the SIM card directly off Catch.com.au. There wasn't any indication that it wouldn't work.

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