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Dreame V9 Cordless Vacuum w/ Carpet Head $218 | Two Head Combo Set $278 Delivered @ Gearbite


Merry Christmas. Thanks all support in 2020.

One of Boxing Day deal for this popular and award winner Vacuum. Limit stocks for Combo.

Some Helpful Information:

Reviews from Prior Deals:



Brand Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power 400W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction 20,000Pa
Filter Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash One Button to release
Operation Manual English
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee
Warranty 12 Months
Plug Australian Version

Come offer 12 month warranty on these products.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Hi OP

    Will this come with GST invoice? Just needed for business purposes…

    • +1

      Yes it does. I have ordered and received the invoice with 10%GST

  • For tiles, do I need to buy the 2 head combo set? Is there an option for hard floor only?

    • There is a soft roller option only - if you don't have carpet there is no point getting the carpet head.

  • +1

    Amazing support - Amazing Rep - Keep up the great work Gearbite <3

  • is this better or V7 motorhead?

  • Can you get you hands on extra T20 batteries? I'm kinda regret not getting one on my indiegogo order …

  • Am I looking in the wrong spot (clicked go to deal) or has the price already changed?

    • +1

      Did you apply the promo code after adding to cart?

  • Nope didn't realise that's what that was thanks haha

  • Hallo REp, Where do we get a replacement battery please? Been looking on your website and others and they dont seem to exist.

    • +1

      We do have spare battery for our customer, most for warranty. Please send me your order detail by oz message, we will happy to help.

      • +1

        Hi mate. I have bought the vaccum but my only concern is the replacement battery being out of stock all the time. What is the point of getting the vaccum if you can't get the battery let's say after a year it dies. The vaccum will be useless if you can't have another battery. Can you please ensure all the customers that bought from your store that you will back up them by providing a replacement battery for v9 at a reasonable price?
        Hope i make it clear. Cheers

        • Ebay?

  • Hello Gearbite, When can we get v11 carpet head ? I bought v11 vacuum via ebay.

  • Thanks OP.
    Our Dyson just had its second motor head die. It's had a good run and the battery is sure to follow soon so I'm going to give one of these a go.

  • +1

    When will the combo set be back in stock?

  • Looks like the Combo's sold out, any chance it will come back in stock OP? Or should I wait for a deal on the V10/V11?

    House is mainly tiled, so need the hard floor attachment.


  • Would love a V11 or T20 deal too OP!

    Sign me up as another buyer lol

  • please v11 or t20 deal

  • +1

    I would really love a t20 deal! Been eyeing it off for ages but missed out on Indiegogo. Looks like that was a good thing though. If you can make a deal with a spare battery with it too that would be a hit I think

  • +2

    I just bought the V9 from this deal. So how is the life of this battery? Does it work well in 2 years or it deteriorates significantly in 1-2 years time as it seems a lot of people are asking for a spare battery here.

  • +1


  • +2

    When is this expected to ship out ? No intimation on shipping on combo.

  • Any deals on S6 Pure, S6 or S5 Max anytime soon rep?

  • Can you charge the unit without mounting it to the charging bracket? I don't really want to drill holes in my wall.

    • +1

      Yes, we just stick the plug of the charger directly into the V9

  • Really slow shipping mate

    • +1

      Shipping of my order has been very slow also.

      Ordered on 27th Dec, no update until 4th Jan. And even then was nothing more than an order being prepared to ship update, no further progress since. Dissappointly slow.

    • -1

      should arrive tomorrow or early next week.

      • So I ordered mine on the 28th of December and have just been told that no orders would be sent until next week. Yet here we are with people receiving their order already, pretty rubbish.

      • Already mid week and not even an update.

  • +1

    Just received mine today. I am very happy with its performance and highly recommend it.

  • Agree with poor shipping. Based on Auspost tracking, Auspost just received mine at 4:37pm today despite them saying I'll receive it by today when I emailed them last Monday. I don't mind waiting but I hate it when they don't fulfil their commitments.

  • -1

    Ordered on 27DEC, delivered to myself in Melbourne today 08JAN. Despite the wait, very satisfied with what I received. FWIW after ordering, the next update I received on my order was on 04JAN.

  • Anybody else received their order? Ordered on 28/12. They did not reply to my 2nd follow up email after they promised delivery last week. Tried calling and the business is not picking up the phone. Sent inquiry through FB messenger no response. Very bad experience. Turns out that email I received from Auspost was for my other delivery. So not even a confirmation that they've been sent.

    • ordered mine on 27/12, received on 8/1 (as what rep said)
      it's probably the postman not the seller

      • Glad you got yours.
        Did you get a notification that it's been shipped? The lack of response leave a bad taste. The Rep here has just asked for my order number. I was trying not to open this up on a public forum. Tried the private ways to contact them based on website but posting about it here was the only way I got a response.

        • Notifications below for Melbourne delivery :

          4/1 - Aust post "delivery being prepared" notification email

          7/1 - Aust post tracking - received & ready for processing @ 4 pm
          7/1 - Aust post "delivery on its way" email
          7/1 - Aust post tracking - received - Dandenong @6 pm

          8/1 - Aust post tracking - received - on board for delivery @12 pm
          8/1 - Aust post "coming today" SMS
          8/1 - Aust post deliverd email

          • +1

            @flozen: It seems my order was not processed despite being paid for. Just got confirmation that they're processing now. Not happy but it happens. What is upsetting is the lack of response prior to my post here. Also shows that whoever replied to my initial email last week didn't even bother to check my order status. Otherwise it should've been resolved then.

  • +1

    Just received my order yesterday. Removed neg as per request of rep.

  • Hi OP,

    Are you going to repeat this deal any time soon? Like near Australia Day?

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