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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $70 @ Kmart


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for $70 at Kmart on Clearance. Might be worth to check your local. 2 x in stock at Plenty Valley Westfield.

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      Cheers! Just picked one up on Amazon because JBHIFI, EB Games, Hardly Normal and Big W all refused to price match this deal :/

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        What BS reason did they give for not wanting to price match?

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          The usual.
          "Needs to be a store in the shopping centre we are located in"
          "Needs to be online on their website, doesn't matter that you have a photo or they can confirm on the phone, needs to be on the website"
          "The store is too far from our store to price match"
          "Our local kmart doesn't have stock, so we won't price match with a store further away"


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            @corehaza: Typical reply from stores as expected. It was worth trying anyway.

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            @corehaza: I have started to believe that price match is a joke in this country.
            It’s solely the manager’s discretion to approve the price or not.
            Recent instance with HN to match the price for Shield TV pro was from case to case basis, absolute BS.
            Grab where you find it the cheapest, don’t worry about getting into a conversation with the store reps.

      • APPONLY10 from Amazon App for $10 off if you have not redeemed it already too.

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    Such a strange photo, didn’t know what I was looking for lol

    • Hhahaha yes!

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      I thought it was someones messy office/workshop at first.

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      Lol I reckon we should start posting random photos - "find your own bargain!"

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      Haha sorry I had to take from long range otherwise I’d be encroaching on others personal space.

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    Love the photo.

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    is that someone's office?

  • I assume photo is of behind the Service Desk where they seem to be keeping odd bits of gaming stock so might be best to check there

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    Only came here for the photo comments 😀

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    How much was the grey tickle sword?

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      That's for the naughty customers.

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        Or George Pell

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    I love that you've spied a clearance tag from a good distance, snapped a photo and then uploaded it here - true OzBargainer right there!

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    How much for the Kodak machine?

  • only 3-4 controllers in stock

  • Hey my photos are ready to be picked up…!

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    Doesn't sound like much stock for a place called Plenty Valley

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      The valleys are plentiful, the controllers not so much…

      • Toss a Switch to your gamer
        O' valley of plenty

  • Kmart with the deals lately 😳

  • Switch pro controllers work in Wii-u?

  • what my kmart is listing as $80

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    Wish Kmart would get back into video games/consumer electronics.

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      They've gotten into peripherals, one of my mates bought them all and it wasn't bad
      I also picked up some of their Switch gear, case for $10, the joycon mini controller holder pair for $10 (cheapest I could find for them was $20 on Amazon)

      So good to see, but yes would be great if they sold actual games again

      • the joycon mini controller holder pair for $10

        Are they worth the $10?

        I hope they're not poorly made, such as the plastic scratching the joy con or it sitting loosely.

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          Yeah $5 each is pretty good to get a better grip on a single joycon for multiplayer sessions.

          They have rubber to secure the joycon in place, quite grippy so doesn't rattle around.

          Easy to see the black at top and bottom on the coloured version

  • Got one at Kmart Figtree NSW, still had a couple there

  • Got one, thanks op.
    Brought it 6 hours ago, they have one left.

  • They still $70?

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