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[Pre-Order] Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) Wi-Fi 32GB $219.87 + $14.22 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Finally we get access to the $150 USD offering of the tab A7 32gb (The US has had it for a few weeks now). Won't be in stock for 2 more weeks though.

Shipping is free with prime but $14.22 for those with no prime.

Great media tablet with access to Netflix in HD

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I found the last model to be pretty slow.. youtube was OK … but I touch everything else was pretty crap… I wonder if this is better.

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      This has the benefit of having a Qualcomm chip, albeit a low mid range one (SD662), with 8 Kryo (based on the A73) cores compared to 4 from the last gen. It should be somewhere between 40-60% better by synthetic benchmarks, but it still won't be a processing powerhouse.

      I have the mi pad 4 which runs on the SD660 and I have no issues with browsing, media consumption and some light gaming.

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        It says Qualcomm SDM865 Plus on the Amazon page. Is that incorrect?

        • definitely incorrect, 865+ is on only $800+ flagships

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          TIP: if you complain to amazon about this for false advertising, chances are they will refund you $10 or $20 as a gesture of good will. Don't ask for anything. Just tell them you're disappointed and angry that you were misled into buying this, thinking you will get 865+ as advertised. That's will be an easy further saving.

  • Ram size ? Seems hidden.

    • Should be 3gb assuming the model number is not a lie.

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        Thanks friend, I wonder why most phones have 4 gb ram but tablet manufactures skimp on ram.

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          maybe bit of an optical illusion. This is the lowest spec tablet and can't be compared to something like Note 20. W that in mind, there are 8gb RAM tablets, such as S7. Also the general pattern of usage on a tablet might be different compared to a phone i.e. not as many apps open, hence slightly less ram needed?? :)

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    From Tomguide


    Excellent battery life
    Facial recognition
    USB-C charging
    Thin bezels


    Screen is a little dim
    Underwhelming performance
  • Any 4g/5g model compatible to our freqs?

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    Tempting, but my Samsung note 10.1 2014 still works fine. Albeit stuck on olllld android.

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      Mine has been great, until the battery ballooned and it died last night. Surprisingly there are still loads of parts available for this so $22 local stock with ebay code and problem solved

      • Yeah my wife dropped mine, sad days

        • Oh crap. I hexed it. Now it wont charge or even recognize chargers. Time to keep a lookout for a media tablet replacement!

  • Can anyone recommend a good Android tablet which doesn't cost the Earth? Just for testing apps, watching Netflix/Prime Video on flights, etc. No high-performance games

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      This is pretty good for the price you're paying. Everything else around this spec/price is china spec which = crappy Widevine support.

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      • Oh wow….might borrow my sisters edu email. Thanks!!
        Edit: aah that's right I remember, Lenovo is still being super budgo on this with the device only having Widevine L3 so SD quality for Netflix etc etc

        • it does have L1 this tab but still doesn't play NF in HD for some reason - but does other services eg prime ..

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      We just bought Lenovo m10 10.3' with 4gb RAM
      $280 from JB

  • now wait for CR/SB 10% CB

  • No more?

  • Might have gone up, with the 32GB model more expensive than the 64GB model right now.

    • Appears so, nooooo was gonna grab one when i got home. Sad face.

    • Yeah, I was just reading the reviews and it jumped up in price :(

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      Got a link for that $219.87 iPad deal?

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        No unfortunately. You can't maintain a 40% gross profit margin and offer those kinds of prices. Would you buy one at that price over the Android?

  • Price has gone up?

  • Anyone realised the S6 lite 128gb is only $1 more than the 64gb version?

    • $499 + catch 20% if you had it or honey15 for BL or AAMI 6% catch card off for 128gb S6 lite + shopback 3%.

  • that didnt last…

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    for those who missed the deal - Lenovo Tab M10 FHD almost the same price - $229 (lenovo edu store)

    Samsung has a processor and screen just a little bit better. has Widevine L1 certificate
    Lenovo has 4gb ram + 64gb instead of 3 + 32gb - but no Widevine L1 certificate (not yet, but hopefully will arrive with the next updates)

    • Actually tempted by the lenovo decent price from edu store

      • yep

        Lenovo Tab M10 FHD
        lenovo edu store $229
        amazon $269
        The Good Guys commercial $279 (same as online)
        lenovo online $280

        it was $330+ a few weeks ago

        • Would you know if apps can be transfered to an sd card on the lenovo?

          Heard it cant be done on the samsung.

          • @bigbaddbaz: should be possible as it has Android Pie on board, but I've never tried

            Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info.
            Find the app you want to move in the list and tap it.
            Select Storage. If the app supports moving to a card, you'll see a button here labeled Change. Tap this.
            Select the SD Card in the Change storage dialog box. This brings up a confirmation screen. Tap Move to begin.

  • if you missed out on this deal, its always $303.20 at the Education store if you have an edu.au email.

    Bought this for my mum during black friday. Decent media consumption tablet for Netflix and Youtube. Also good for gaming, installed Stardew Valley for my mum, and the 10 inch screen is great for that.

  • Bought this for my mum for Christmas , she only really uses it for YouTube and maybe browsing an app or two. It works well for her but personally I was really unimpressed that an android tablet in 2020 is still laggy out of the box lol. It's a bit jank sometimes, requiring a double press, and it is slow to respond. I might have higher standards than most people but..for the price it is good for what my mum needs

  • +1

    Running Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 4G last five years, outstanding sweet spot device, see no reason to upgrade.

  • My order just got shipped.

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