This was posted 1 year 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB Mystic Green - Telstra Plus 31000 Points @ Telstra


Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB , Mystic Green available while posting for 31000 Telstra plus points. Looks like an excellent deal if its not an error from Telstra.

Minimum is 5000 pts + $89

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    • You have an invoice number, not an order number!?

    • Same here, cannot see my order in order history when I login to Telstra, points and money deducted and not refunded yet.. 'My recent activity' section on Telstra plus does show my order though and points deducted… Also, my conformation email says invoice number but not order number

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      What ever you do… DO NOT CALL OR CHAT to them to inquire, yet. Lets all just wait.

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        I'm not. I'm just curious. Ozbargain is my live chat support

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        Sorry noob question. Please don't neg me. This is a genuine question. Why we shouldn't be calling/chatting with Telstra to inquire about the order. If it is a pricing error it is a pricing error whether you call/chat with them to check the status of your order. Nothing is going to change that.

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          I think it might be because they might not have caught on that it was a pricing error. They may still process the outstanding orders if the person approving or packing the orders does not understand that it was put through at the wrong price. If they are alerted that the items were sold at the wrong price then they could stop processing the orders and halt the shipments.

        • Also, it wouldn't help speed up the order anymore… Loose loose. Loose time or loose chance of order

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      That's normal for Telstra Plus. Can't even use normal tracker via their website for these orders.

      Usually the process is:

      1. You order.

      2. They send you a confirmation e-mail that includes summary of point used or tax invoice if cash was used. Pretty sure that one is automatic.

      3. They send a subsequent e-mail with tracking information. At this point, it will show up in Auspost account

      4. Nothing else. They don't update tracking progress or confirm item has been delivered. That will in be in Auspost app.

    • Mine show up under the "My Recent Activity" section when I log into Telstra plus. That's the only place I see it other than the email I got with confirmation of the order. I have not got the shipping/tracking email yet.

      • same as me, however they are out of stock on the site as well so im guessing that has a part to play

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    Got my one delivered today in Metro Melbourne. 19000 points and $35 for mystic green.

    Really surprised it wasn't cancelled or intercepted during shipping

    • Nice work, did you get the tracking number email? Or just the order confirmation email? If you got the tracking email, how long after you ordered did you get that email?

      • Yeah sorry I did get that email on Jan 2nd at 3.52pm.

        I got my order in on 31st Dec at 2.42pm

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      Did you get email with order number and tracking before you received the phone?

      • @airjorden23 i'm hoping he says no lol but he probs did

        • Yeah most of them received the email with tracking before they received the phone.

      • Yeah I did get that email on Jan 2nd.

    • When did you place the order and what time?

      • 31st Dec at 2.42pm. The black one was out of stock at the time so I got the green one instead

        • @arch Angel, literally orderd mine 7 mins later then you, haven't got anything yet!

        • Ordered mine 6 mins before you and still nothing so not sure they are going in order of purchase time?

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      picture or it never happened

    • I also got my Mystic Green phone delivered today (Brisbane). Ordered at 14:39:51 on 31/12/2020. I received my tracking number on Monday 4th Jan.

  • We've got your order

    Invoice number:

    Issued on:
    31/12/2020 14:40:03

    I still receive nothing since order confo email aargghhhj

    • I know the feeling bro, waiting in so much anticipation

    • What was the time of the email sent to you? I think its the email time and not the issued time in the email unless you are in zone that is AEST with no daylight savings (ie I think the issued time is Brisbane time) which is 1hour behind Sydney and Melbourne.
      For example, if you are in Sydney, issued time is 2.40pm but the email received time should say 3.40pm. Can someone confirm that theory?

      • My email arrived at 4:14PM Sydney time and the body of the email says:

        Issued on:
        31/12/2020 15:14:30

      • Email received Thursday, 31 December 2020, 3:40 pm. I am in VIC

        • received mine on the 31/12 at 14:47 in vic

          • @ignited141: edit - party over from comments below about cancellation.

      • I'm in Qld and ordered my first one at 2:37pm Qld time. Order confirmation email arrived at 2:37pm and says 2:37pm (14:37:20) in the body of the email.

        I happened to stumble across the deal while browsing the rewards store and my first thought was "I hope no-one has posted this on ozbargain!".

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      At least the cancellation email has not arrived so there is still hope.

      • It's out of stock on the website but i'm not sure if that takes into account the current orders. In saying that i've had someone i know receive theirs and they ordered after me so not sure how it works

        • Yeah, I am not sure how do they prioritise orders either (Reward tier, location, time etc).

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            @victorheaven: Highest tier here, 8yr customer. No tracking. Must be something else…

    • Noooooo! Party's over :-(

      Have they refunded your points/money yet?

    • Oh well was fun while it lasted and not at all unexpected, and definitely congrats to those who slipped through!

    • That's a shame. You said the following:
      "Supposedly they knew it was a pricing error before we all ordered"
      Is this written in the cancellation email?

    • Ordered a half hour after you. Still haven't received the cancellation email. Patiently twiddling thumbs and holding onto hope.

    • O well, at least some people got them.

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        This guy is trolling from what I can see. Look at his post history. No evidence of the email through a screenshot or copy and pasted here and no one else has received it yet.

        • This guy might be Telstra CEO. Trying to save his ass.

          • @sfac: LOL. Imagine if that were true.

        • "Supposedly they knew it was a pricing error before we all ordered and thats why none of the orders after the ozbargain post have gone through to shipping."

          That is a dead give away that its not true. Telstra would never write something like that. They would only write that it was a mistake and apologise about having to cancel.

          If they wanted brownie points they may give a small voucher or something.

          • @phocus: That's why I also questioned it above.

        • He's probably the same type of person to actually alert these companies to the mistakes :P

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      You contacted chat didn’t you? What an idiot

      • Was thinking the exact same thing lmao

      • Yep, you're on the money. This guy definitely contacted chat. "Supposedly they knew" is a dead give away he contacted chat. Why are people so dumb!

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      Post a screenshot of the cancellation email here. ASAP please

      • Said the ozbargain police constable

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          lol don't know why someone downvoted you for this

      • He's account has been removed? Thunder-wombat is his real account.

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    That's it

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    My f**king idiot colleague who also purchased the deal when i did, naively contacted live chat today without thinking. The agent told her that it was a price error, that "the order was cancelled in transit" but would not provide any evidence of tracking number or explanation why she was not notified it was first dispatched. The ones who got in early have been lucky it seems. Last time i'll share a deal with this lady! #1 rule of Ozbargain.

    • Surely you were keeping up with this chat and telling the people who you referred the deal to, not to contact support.
      Also what do you mean here?
      "but would not provide any evidence of tracking number or explanation why she was not notified it was first dispatched"

      So do you mean it was dispatched but returned to Telstra?

      When you order on the website it does state that "Holiday delivery update. We aim to deliver your order in 7 business days. It may take a little longer at this busy time."
      So why would they contact support? It hasn't been 7 days yet.

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      If your colleague is reading this message, she should hand over her ozbargain licence over. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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        She's cut from anything in future don't worry.

  • Same camp as most above. This thread should be locked & comments hidden for a month may be, haha. Hoping all orders come through.

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    Why would they contact support? I just answered that, because she's a f**king idiot and no, i'm not sitting with my colleague and watching her live chat to Telstra, she had told me after the fact, much to my disgust.. She had simply asked for tracking details for her telstra order number, not mentioning anything in relation to the error. Being that its now 6 days later, i doubt this has had any effect on our outcome for anyone who ordered after 3PM. From what she has told me, it sounds as if some orders may have had a RTS request on their connotes. Which would be why we have also not received tracking details "your order is dispatched email"

    "The order has been cancelled in transit due to price error" " I really apologize for the inconvenience, since we have cancelled the order, it is not possible to replace the order"

    To be fair we have done this before at the company i work at when items were known to be dispatched incorrectly, hold on updating/sending tracking details to the customer and escalate to the courier to have the items RTS. Many times the items still get delivered even after the request to RTS so fingers crossed!

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      Haha the suggestion you should be watching over her is laughable. From your colleagues report it had already been cancelled given the consultant (likely the lowest level of support) came back with an answer in what I’m assuming sounds like fairly quick time. It’s when a consultant has to escalate or call other departments that something like this might set any alarm bell off at a company, so whilst your colleague may be silly I doubt she is to blame, especially given someone else, possibly from OzBargain, possibly not, would have more than likely already contacted Telstra either an hour after ordering or after reading someone else got theirs that would be more damaging.

      As you said though sometimes things still get delivered even after requests of cancellation…and it is Telstra after all ;)

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    I still have hope

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    Neither cancellation email nor tracking email received.

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    Looks like good ol Telstra have sent out some orders randomly to a lucky few. Given that it has been a few days now without any shipping notifications they must have either run out of stock or have put a stop to any shipments. So I'm guessing it's all over red rover.

  • Well, still.. play the long game… its only been what, 4 business days, considering the PH and the W/E

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    My phone was delivered on Monday, my wife who also ordered one at the same time accidently had her old address on the shipping information so it was attempted to be delivered and then sent to the local post office. My wife was unable to claim it until today but when she went to pick it up the post office told her it had been returned to telstra.

    • Oh my god, I'd be so devastated!

    • Ooooof that’s rough! But still getting one is a good result. The fact it’s been clawed back is not a good thing for anyone else though, I’d assume we are all cancelled they’re just dragging their feet with the email / returning our points and cash.

      If anyone had a reason to contact Telstra to ask WTF is up though it would be you considering they haven’t given you any indication as to why they had it returned

      • Yeah I told her to complain, probably wont get her anywhere though.

        • Might have been returned because it's construction site. This is the time you would contact Telstra and find out what is happening with your tracking number. Just say you missed delivery then went to pick it up and it was returned. Worse that can happen is you don't get the phone… If they already know, then they already know.

          Did they card or you just saw it on the tracking?

          • @plague69: my wife got a sms from aus post saying a package was there for her. no card was left as there is no letterbox on the current site.

    • could be someone living in the old address advised the post office to return in since it's not theirs?

      • Its currently a construction site. So that wouldn't of happened. She had a message from aus post saying she had a parcel ready to collect.

        • Then why she didn't receive another message when it's returned to Telstra?

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    I ordered a Telstra TV box from the rewards store 5 minutes before I ordered a green Note20. I received the instant order confirmation for both, but nothing else yet.
    It's only been 4 business days though as of COB today (Thu 7), so I'll keep my fingers crossed for a delivery next week.

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    Could it be classed as discrimination if they sell the item to some people and not others for the advertised price. If they did not send the phones to anyone then I can understand them cancelling the orders and not giving the phone to anyone. However some people were able to buy and receive the phone at the advertised price and while the item was still in stock on the website (before it was removed) others also ordered the phone but they may get told that it was an error and that Telstra will not honor them. If that is the case it would be a tad unfair to those that have ordered but not received the item, but very lucky for those who did receive the item.

    P.S I still have not got my points back and no tracking number. So I am not sure what's going on. Hopefully they are getting stock to honor it but my hopes a slipping away.

    • Really don't think the discrimination card is going to work this time. Think it was done on a first come, first serve basis and early ones either got in or slipped through cracks (mistakes they can't retroactively correct, as they can't force a customer to return devices as far as I know).

      Three most likely scenarios: a) they are out of stock and will cancel remaining orders, b) waiting for stock to fill more orders or c) processing cancellations due to price error.

      Think it's been discussed before, the whole invitation to treat business and those who have not received their yet are fair play to cancellations due to price error.

      Again, reading through the thread, only people who ordered very early (as in before this post, some as early as 7am in WA) have received theirs so far.

      Genuinely, don't think any of the claims of cancellations are real. Think those that are still waiting are in limbo. Like others have said, previously cancellations have happened pretty quickly.

      • +4

        I mean the only real issue I have if they have cancelled everyone's orders is that they refund my points quickly because it's almost about time for their staff to make another error on a listing so we can repeat this whole process :D

      • Defo not first come first served cos I see someone here in Brizzy who ordered after me but managed to score one. So my guess is that some random orders got through to a lucky few.

        • Are you sure you have the correct order times? The one given in the email body might actually be off.

          • @lolcoaster: Well I received the order confirmation email around 2:36pm on the 31st and the email shows 31/12/2020 14:36:51.

            I'm in Brizzy and Drhairymonkeybutt above who's also in Brizzy says that he received his and his order time was 14:39:51.

            So seems like random shipments for mine.

    • -2

      This is what I see as well. They can't just honor it to some of the customers and it was not the first (or second or third) time they have the pricing error.

      If they are not 'punished' with this kind of practice, they can play us again in the future.

      • +3

        such entitlement.

        • +5

          If this works, I'm suing Powerball

          • @plague69: Telstra should really hire competent people who are good at Maths or IT.

            • +2

              @sfac: in the same way you should also never make a mistake in your life cause you should be a competent robot

              • @phocus: But this was not the first price error?

                Just another mistake happened two weeks after the JBL one?

      • +2

        They can do exactly that really. Pricing errors have quite a lot of protection as far as I'm aware with consumer law etc, and they could just claim they couldn't claw the deliveries back of those that already received theirs. As far as them being "punished" goes, what's the end game there? Instead of some of us getting lucky and receiving an item from an obvious price error it goes to none of us getting lucky because there is no price errors.

        If this was a legitimate "hot offer" or sale and they dropped the points on purpose then started clawing deliveries back and cancelling orders then yeh there is probably a fair point to be made, but at the end of the day are we not trying to play them by jumping all over an obvious price error?

        Does it waste our time? Well depends how invested you are in it. Other than pressing the order button and possibly having some funds tied up with paying by points and cash then yeh it's a bit of a time waste, and when it's all said and done bringing that issue up with Telstra would be each persons choice, but raising this with higher authorities is kinda laughable.

        • +3

          To add, usually when companies are slapped with misleading practices from ACC, etc. They get fined and have to tighten up measures, but often times consumers see no compensation.

          • +1

            @thefinalproblems: Exactly! We will go from being envious of the few of us that "win the lottery" and actually getting an item from an error to nothing.

      • Bunnings did the same thing with the price error on the drones. Some got their drones, others got the gift card as compensation.

  • +2

    4 business days… huge orders, give it time, dont contact them..

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