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Tenda Nova MW3 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - 3pack $88.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


Could be pricing error since 3 pack is even cheaper than 2pack…

HT was selling $89inc before if you did not get the previous bargain so maybe worth to have a look this one

$89 @ HT via Amazon AU. Thanks to waterpistol.

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Tenda Technology

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    $89 is normal price not price error.if it is $8.9 then it sure is

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    Isn't this model with the security concerns?
    Can only set to TKIP and not AES


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      Yep. These broadcast in mixed mode. No way to turn TKIP off and as a result your wifi is easily hackable.

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        While it's not quite a trivial hack, it's quite realistic. Honestly "good citizen" should be to discourage sale of devices that won't do aes as it's fairly significant. Anything critical (eg bank logins) will still go over a secure https connection, however having a malicious actor on your network is bad.

        (this is actually on all RC4 and has a section on tkip)
        Paper/info: https://www.rc4nomore.com/#paper

  • Apparently these cannot do over 100mbps… is that true?

    • True.

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        youre paying effectively $30 for an AP so yeah 10/100 but most people who use them find them to be fine simply because theres 3 of them and for general surfing 10/100 is fine

        the tkip thing should make all these things a non starter until they get it fixed

        • It's not something they are going to fix.

          Q 19: Can nova be modified wireless encryption?
          A 19: No. Seamless roaming protocol requires encryption mode is WPA2-PSK, so the Nova encryption mode is fixed to WPA2-PSK.

          Theoretically they could enable AES for all non-legacy devices, but it would require segmentation of devices by standard they support,
          as any pre-802.11n devices wouldn't work for seamless wireless roaming otherwise. I dont think it's easily achievable. https://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/tutorial/Enterprise-...

          • @twocsies: does this affect all nova line mesh products?

  • Their FAQ addresses the encryption (won't support aes or anything other than wpa2-psk) and also other things, such as not repeating other devices just creating a standalone mesh. https://www.tendacn.com/us/faq/3095.html

    • did you upgrade the firmware? mixed wpa2-psk includeing TKIP and AES.

      If you already upgrade the firmware, you will see the security encryption should be AES.

  • I haven't bought WIFI equipment in years but I remember Tenda use to be quite a good option for a budget brand. This thing looks like a technical disaster. AC1200 with 100Mbps LAN??? WTF happened to this company?

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    PSA: I got these 2 weeks ago and they work well in bridge mode. However, when setup in pppoe mode, it struggles to keep a stable stream with the nbn. Downstream speed varies from 2Mbps to 30Mbps while my old router managed a consistent 45Mbps.

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