Help! I Broke My Friend's Wine Glass and Can't Find Replacement! I'm Dead! What to Do?

I broke my friends wine glass (a blue one) and can't find a replacement.

She has two other ones that I took a photo of.

I think its a set of 6. Does anyone know where to get it?

I need to replace it or I'm in big trouble!!!!

Please help this is an emergency!!!

Thank you you save my life.

Update 2/1/21: they from target which dont stock them anymore. Found someone on facebook and messaged them. Hope sale goes through. Meeting next weekend.


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    Why not just offer to pay for replacement?

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      Don't offer, just go out and buy her a better set and some chocolates.

      • Why the chocolates? what if the friend is on a sugar diet?

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          still it’s a sweet gesture

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    Anyone else think we should bring back national service to harden up the young?

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    Easier to buy a new set of 6 and replace all of the glasses.

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    Get drunk, enjoy life, smash the other ones

    Replace them later on

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    Thanks for the comments i do want to replace it with the same ones. So yes if someone can tell me where to get them, i will buy a set.

    Thank you.

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      Why don’t you ask the owner of the wine glass??

    • Why not give them another set of six. What if the single glass you find isn't an exact match.

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      Target - prisim wine glasses. Not sure if they sell them anymore? I got some as a gift few years ago and they are worth around $15-$25 a set of 6.

      I have 3 = green, smoke and what my brother calls "red onion" colours left.

      Wine glasses break all the time. Your friend should just get over it, but I can send them to you for free as a replacement for your friend (Just cover postage) if you want.

      I have plenty of wine glasses. Usually donated from friends odds they don't want or op shop.
      I prefer not to worry about complete sets or spending too much on them now.
      When friends come over they all choose their "favourite" and it mostly stops them accidentlly drinking from eachothers glasses. I don't care if they break them accidentlly.. or sometimes on purpose either.

      • Thanks for the offer. But i broke the blue one. If im desperate, ill let you know.


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        What makes you think australia post won’t break them too?

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    Friends. They'll kill on a broken glassware.

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      OzB to save the day? 😂

    • he'd crawl thru boken glass to replaces those glasses

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      Yeah did the google lens and came up with same link. Op shops or antique shops another oprion, but would take awhile to find the ones you want. I'd just suggest buying another 6. Couldn't be that much of a drama. They're only glasses., Always doomed to get broken.

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      Wow, talk about an overreaction by OP over a $2 glass…

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    You are so dead, read the comment from this

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    Are they really forcing you to replace the glass? I can't imagine a friend breaking a glass accidentally and expecting them to replace it with another one. Wouldn't it be my own fault for giving them my fancy glass to a clumsy friend the first place, should have just given them the plastic Ikea cup.

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      They didn't force or even ask. I am responsible so i want to replace the one i broke.

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        You're putting a lot of stress on yourself over one glass. I'd feel like a jerk if a friend was up past midnight stressing about a glass of mine.

        • Plot twist: OP broke into the neighbours house to live for the past 6 months, and needs to replace the glass before they return and discover the intrusion.

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        would you take the same stance if you accidentally broke a glass at the pub? These things happen (especially when consuming alcohol). Say sorry and move on, the glass would have costed $2 at target probs

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      Sounds like Hyacinth and Elizabeth.

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    She has 2 other ones that i took a photo here.

    If they come in a set of 6, then does that mean there's bodies of the people who broke the other 3 hidden somewhere?

    They actually look like the ones I've seen at the Reject Shop! How sad would it be to lose your life over a Reject Shop glass! LOL

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      She broke the other 3 herself.

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        Your friendship is a union of clumsiness.

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          They do say like minded people attract.

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        She may need prescription glasses rather than wine ones.

        In the meantime perhaps you could buy her a set of nice plastic ones.

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          Touché - a set each.

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        You did your friend a favour, clearly these glasses are cursed.

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        You could have hidden the fact you broke it and somehow blamed her instead.

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          What a good friend you are.

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        Not even a full set to begin with… what’s wrong with people on this site?

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          I ask myself that question every day. Seriously so much drama over a shitty target set that's half missing anyway. I hate for the OP to face a real challenge like having to decide on the color of their next bedlinen. Call in the National guard

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        The fact she hasn't replaced those tells me she probably doesn't give a shit about the others.

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        4 down, 2 to go. Glasses have a shelf. Except it always seems like the last glass never breaks.

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    By the look of these wine glasses try your local $2 shop. Aliexpress even.

    Live. Laugh. Love.

    • Not sure those are worth $2 for a pack of 6

    • murdered over a $2 glass

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    Don't stress, get them a pair of Riedels and they'll forever be in your debt.

  • Just get some super glue and stick it back together.

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    What wine glass? I didn’t do it. What you talking’ about Willis? I gave up drinking last week so wine glasses are not my concern. Look over there!

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    In Ocean's Twelve they used a holographic image to substitute for the Faberge Coronation Egg.

    But this might be expensive.

    Also, even a holographic image of the Faberge Coronation Egg might stand out against 5 remaining wine glasses.

    …something seems different

    But that said, if you did make a holographic image of the broken wine glass it probably wouldn't hold ̶w̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ or

    Thank you for using OzB Premium Solutions. lol

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    It sounds like the word friend is an alias to parents or manager or other parties where the drinking was not invited - assuming that it was being used?
    Forgive me if this is was innocent, it just doesn’t make sense that a friend would treat you harshly for breaking this.

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    • the base is different

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      Wow… great find! Op could buy a complete set to replace the broken one (plus bonus 5 extra) for ONLY $10 bux!!

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    Close enough and on special too.

  • glue it back together and say nothing. i'm sure she won't notice. if she says something just say it was like that when you used it

  • U might be doing your friends a favour by breaking that one glass! U never know.. They may be wanting to get rid of those glasses, and that's why they've let them out to be used. They're hoping to use them enuff to justify buying a New set. Speak to the glass owner.. U don't know until u talk to them

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    4FS… she has 5 others… they don't look anything special. Give her a $5 or a $5 scratchy.

    If she was so attached to her inanimate objects, then next time, ask to be served in a washed Vegemite jar.

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      You wash your vegemite jars before filling them with wine?! Are you even from Australia ya Savage!

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    Is that you JJB?

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    Surprise your friend by opening her an only fans account, it will more than pay off the debt you owe.

  • Just apologise and offer to buy her a lovely set in return.
    And when the other set turn up, have a drink with her with the old set and break the remaining 5 glasses and have a joke while doing it.
    Just don't slash each others throat if you get too drunk!
    I had a couple of mates over for Halloween and we were drinking Tequila only and they got too drunk & then they got out their machete's & went for it (they were fine, in the end, blood everywhere thou)

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      Probably want to reign that in. Sounds scarily like my mates from the outback who would often do pretty intense "play" sword fights when drinking. They would make their own swords and have them around their rooms. Unfortunately, one day they got into a serious dispute and one got stabbed. Ambulance didn't arrive for hour and a half and he didn't make it… Other guy got a long sentence in his early twenties.

      • I hope it was not you
        I just like a drink, but not to the extent like some people; I can't drink anymore, something about cirrhosis of the liver
        I don't know how drunk my brother was when his wife called him a 3 letter word he didn't like
        So he got his .357 magnum & blew her brains out
        He got 10 to 12 apparently, I disowned my family yonks before
        After he got out he died, so the story goes; the family solicitor forgot to tell me until 5 years later
        I wonder what happened to the $250,000? I can't find out as I an not next of kin anymore as he got married, and I can't ask his wife can I. I never even met my sister in law, I wonder if she was nice?

        • Sorry for your loss… I guess it is hard to see the warning signs sometimes.

          • @hyaspty: Thanks. I never met my sister-in-law, I never knew anything about her at all.
            I don't care about my brother, he was s&*t from birth.
            I am sorry for your loss too. I hope your friend is out now or soon.
            life sucks, then you die

  • Why can't you image Google search the wine glass?

    • Although i didn't downvote you because I had the same thought, you need to try this yourself before suggesting a sane person would be able to do this lol.
      I used the OPs image URL to image search, glanced at all those glasses results, closed that page quick. It's a rabbit hole you won't come back from anytime soon…

  • It's not really an emergency snowflake, I'm sure you'll work something out, good luck 👍

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    Too bad the borders are closed, otherwise you could disappear in another country.

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    News tomorrow: OP killed for breaking a wine glass. Ozbargainers did everything to save him but failed.

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    break the rest of them and buy them a set of better glasses. these look terrible.

  • Just tell your friend that you broke it and will happily replace it. Your friend may know where you can get one.

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    Who ever heard of a glass being broken on New Years Eve?

    Can see why OP is concerned.

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    Buy a new set, pour in some concrete and have a few sips.

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    Easier to get a new friend?

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    This is such a silly post, just go buy a newer set that you think is better, things break all the time, get over it and if she wants to not be friends with you over a wine glass, i wouldn't consider her a friend anyways.

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    Those glasses were Kmart wine glasses, circa 2016. You won't find them now. They also had the higher top white wine variants (the pictured ones are red wine) and champagne flutes. Came in 6 different colours per set.

    Edit - I know because I have the white wine set. Or most of them, some broke. I'd offer to send you the blue one but yeah, different set.

    Edit 2 - Oh yeah, they did Martini glasses as well. I have them hanging from my bar. They're rather kitsch and I love them.

    • Thx im willing to pay like $25 just for thrle blue one right now lol. I cant find anywhere.

    • Yep! Came here to say the same thing. I have the set of the normal drinking glasses, a set of 6 highball and 6 lowball glasses. I got them on clearance for about $4 for the set of 12…..

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    just replace the whole friend..

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    Must not be an ordinary friend

    No strings attached friend?

    Broke glass = no loving tonight?

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    I think you are putting way too much pressure on yourself little one .. 🤌🏻🤭 Its the life or death situation for me 😬
    Relax, if they are a good friend, they will understand and not give a shyte. But if u want to replace it so bad, wishing u all the luck because u will die right 🤪
    If I was that friend, I couldnt even give a rat's arse seriously..

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    Has your friend asked for a replacement?
    Personally, if someone broke any of my expensive glasses I wouldn't care. Things are there to be used and accidents happen

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      The glass costs $2. Far from expensive.

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    Sorry, but what a stupid overreaction over a glass that costs $2 (see links above). Surely a troll post?