This was posted 1 year 7 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Eufy Indoor Camera $55.59 (OOS) (US$43.88), Pan and Tilt $61.23 (OOS) (US$46.49) Delivered @ Eufy Official Store via AliExpress


RRP in Australia is $99 with currently $79 from JB and other places have matched. They have the pan and tilt one as well but it doesn't ship to Australia maybe that will change.

Also now available with less quantity (31) and shipped from China is the Pan and Tilt one RRP in Australia is $129. Sold out for now

Knows Who’s There
The on-device AI instantly determines whether a human or pet is present within the camera’s view.

The Key is in the Detail
View every event in up to 2K clarity so you see exactly what is happening inside your home.

Smart Integration
Connect your Indoor Cam to Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa for complete control over your surveillance. (HomeKit available via update. When opening HomeKit, users must add the device in the eufy Security app and then complete the activation process.)

Communicate From Your Camera
Speak in real-time to anyone who passes via the camera’s built-in two-way audio.

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  • Thanks Op, needed one for cheep.
    Will be arriving in 3 weeks btw

  • What's the similar (in price) battery operated option?

  • Thanks Op, does anyone know if this has a magnetic base?

  • +1

    the eufy aliexpress store has the pro2 camera for half the rrp price, very tempting.
    I wonder how the warranty will be like

    • Hey mate, out of interest, how much did you see it for? It’s currently $178.18.

      • yes, 178.18, I rounded it down to half the 299 rrp :]

  • +3

    Bought the other eufy pan and tilt camera 2 weeks ago, it came from Singapore and only took 1 week. Paid around $55~ compare at the shops $120~

    • From Aliexpress?

    • Link?

      Can't find it, just one option from Poland, does not ship to Aus.

  • Can connect to 5ghz wifi?

    • Nope. 2.4ghz only.

      Mine couldn't even connect to my wifi so I had to return it to JB

  • +2

    Price doesn't include GST which the AliExpress site adds when you check out, post should say US $43.88

    • Knew there would be something wrong with the US price thanks for picking that up. Au price should have had gst though.

    • Do you know much would the pan and tilt one would be in USD?

      I can only see the normal indoor one for $42.13 after free shipping and tax when aliexpress currency is changed to USD. Maybe your US price includes conversion fees?

  • Pan tilt version for around $57.

    • +1

      You forgot GST, so total around $61

      • Yes, you are right but it gave me like $3.5 discount…

  • +2

    What are people using these for. To replace traditional security cameras?

  • Are these motion activated or do they record all the time?
    Also how secure are they? If I just ran it as a standalone room monitor with no wifi connections could President Xi see anyone snorting crack? (Asking for a friend)

    Here's a couple of reviews.

    • You smoke crack silly. You snort the salt form of cocaine (typically cocaine hydrochloride).

      • +1

        He’s asking for his friend. He doesn’t know shite about those things

    • It can record all day long, as long as there’s enough memory on the Micro SD.

      • Does it loop when the card is full?

  • Thank you - bought the pan and tilt for $56 after code - aliex117 for new accounts!

  • Also wondering do these record 24/7 to SD card and is the power cord micro SD so I can power it from powerbank portable

  • +1

    Onvif compatible?

    • +1

      Can anyone answer this?

  • Would this work with synology nas?

    Edit. Seems so

    Ordered for my baby cam (due this week!) : )

    I had the tp link kasa cams which worked a treat. But once the subscription ran out (1 yr) it didn’t use them.

  • +1

    No need homebase unit i assume? Does it come with Australia power plug? Can't find it anywhere. Thanks.

    • +1

      this is micro usb powered. Hence you can use any 5v 2a USB charger you have

  • +1

    If anybody is looking for a decent price on the external cams VideoPro are having a sale on at the moment. Free delivery too.

  • oos

  • 43 left

    • It still saying out of stock for me :/

      • They don't stay for long

  • its jumping around oos again

    Sorry, this item is no longer available!

    • Will leave it tagged as OOS but will add a comment if it comes back

  • Will these work with my existing Homebase?

    • +1

      These don't use homebase for storage and can't connect to it (yet). It uses sd card, cloud or NAS for storage.

  • +1

    Currently 2 left of the non pan / tilt version.

  • Make that one left….. was hoping to get the tilt version but seems not coming back in stock. Settled with standard.

  • 1 left

  • Thanks OP. They had 3 left of the pan & tilt version when I checked few mins ago & got to order 1.

  • :( late for the party, hopefully it will be restock.

  • Same, too late. Any place where can request for deals? I've been looking around but best I can find is $75 aud through some re-seller in China..

    Any further help would be appreciated! Looking at 2k tilt

  • Wow that was quick I got my pan-tilts today, Quicker than ones I bought from an Australia seller…

    • Same! Couldn’t believe it when it arrived.

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