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UsenetExpress New Year's Special - $1 (USD) for Unlimited Access Then $23.99 ($31 AUD)/Year


We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's celebration!

On Christmas Eve we posted a deal allowing access to free Usenet until the end of the year. We saw a massive amount of people take advantage of this offer and try our service. We promised we would send out a new deal today, so here is the deal:


UsenetExpress Unlimited Access, 50 SSL Connections

Sign up today and receive the first month for only $1. At the end of the month if you are still active in our system, we will bill your account $23.99 for twelve months of service. This $23.99 price discount will continue as long as you remain an active member.

The upcoming year has some exciting upgrades in progress for the UsenetExpress group of providers/resellers and we are thankful for our loyal members who have supported us and allowed us to grow to this point. We will continue to grow and improve with your support. We have reinvested 100% of our revenue back into the business since we began. Thank you for being a part of our growth and success!

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    Oh wow, bit of a blast from the past. Is Usenet still used nowadays for any real purposes other than Linux ISO distribution?

    • Looks like it’s still used as torrent alternative. I also frequently see these deals and it looks like it’s still actively used when you see the comments.

    • It's used for everything from messaging to sharing files. Only a 'blast from the past' for those unfamiliar with its content and usage :) Personally I use it for ebooks, tv and movies. Others will use it completely differently.

      • +5

        So yes, 'Linux ISOs'.

  • Still actively using usenet, lots there (especially with right provider and obfuscation). Need a mix of usenet and torrent for completeness, but when its available and very very large files makes it alot easier at usenet full speed (NBN i can pull 11MB/s).

    • Guides/info pls? #notacop

      • +1

        The first rule of usenet is not to talk about usenet.

        But, at a minimum you will need three things; a usenet provider, a usenet indexer, a downloader.


      • Just google it. Plenty of tutorials out there.

      • Yeah anyone point out how to set it up?
        If i get this what else do i need.

      • For usenet;
        1. Use this for access to server/files. I use astraweb.
        2. Use an indexer to find what you want to download (nzbgeek, you can get lifetime access for $40USD).
        3. Downloader app e.g.
        - 'newsbin pro' is good for obfuscated posts, free license from reddit.
        - I also like 'newsleecher' GUI, its free to use app but very expensive for full package (usenet + search etc)

        For bittorrent
        1. 'uTorrent' downloader app
        2. VPN/proxy: i use BTguard. Hides your IP.
        3. Bittorrent indexer (heaps on internet) to find what you want

        For more complex usenet setups you can use sonarr / radarr for auto downloading files when theyre posted, but I have found 99% of what i need through above.

        Files on usenet are subject to 'takedown' where companies threaten legal action if the usenet provider doesn't remove certain files.. so thats why availability of some things can be patchy.

  • Any promo for block accounts?

  • Is this an indexer?

    • Provider only

      • Oh right. I already sub to newshosting, would this add anything to that?

        • theyre on different backbones so it would be good as a secondary provider

  • Hi Rep,

    Singed yesterday but as a beginer has trouble setting it up. Set up the Newsleecher and NZBget as per guide. However, not able to access as the server is showing offline.

    Also, do you have instruction how to get access to usenet otherwise.

  • Thanks OP