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Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black, 140mm Dual-Tower CPU Cooler $150.90 Shipped @ Newegg


Ships direct from Taiwan ($9). I believe it use to be direct from Noctua USA so made it less of a bargain of us.

Alternatively if you want to save $30 and get its ugly sister - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594062

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    This is a great price considering local prices. I bought mine from Newegg last month which cost me $160 incl shipping which I thought was already a bargain but this tops it. DHL shipping is unreal. Ordered on a Saturday was told it would be a week or so and received it on Wednesday. Quicker than AusPost lol

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    “ Ships direct from Taiwan ($9). I believe it use to be direct from Noctua USA so made it less of a bargain of us.”
    What’s the difference between shipping from Taiwan and shipping from the US? I assume they are all made in Taiwan (or China) anyway.

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      Im no expert, but maybe try draw a line fromTaiwan to AU and another line from US to AU.

      And a third line from Taiwan to US then AU.

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        Of course I can draw lines. I mean as long as the final prices are the same to us, I don’t see why being shipped from different places would make any difference to us as consumers, unless the warranty and support are different.

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      They ship from Taiwan because thats where they're made. Comes direct from Noctua, not some random reseller. Newegg is just the sales platform (much like ebay etc). It's almost like drop-shipping I'd say.

  • any deals on Noctua NH-U12A?

    The 15 is way too massive.

    • $117 For the U12S Chromax
      $135+extras For the U12A. Seems to be about $209 is buying from Aus

      • Summary

        AUD $123.00
        Est. Delivery:
        AUD $80.00
        Est. GST: 
        AUD $12.30

        Apply Promo Code

        Est. Total:
        AUD $215.30

        $80 for shipping.. yeah nah.

        Can be bought locally for $199, but I feel it shouldn't cost more than the D15.

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          Select the one that's sold by Noctua Cooling Solutions:
          Works out to be $152 with shipping.

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            @Neggy-Z: wow thank you.

            I did not know you can do that. They should have defaulted to that. They picked the cheapest price as the default instead of price + shipping.


            • @lostn: Sorry bout that bro only just looked at the cheapest listing

    • I ordered a NH-U12A from NewEgg on Dec 30 from (approx $150 inc shipping) and it arrived via DHL this morning. I got it from the Noctua seller because their delivery time estimates were much shorter.

      • i would have pulled the trigger at that price.

        How much of it was shipping?

        • I'm pretty sure it's still the same price

          If you scroll down the bottom, you can buy it from Noctua. The cooler itself is about $8 more through Noctua than the cheapest seller, but the freight is ~$9 instead of $80 (so the total comes to around $150 AUD) and quicker delivery.

      • can it fit AM4 (i'm going to buy 5900x) right out of the box or did you have to request some brackets?

        • I bought it for am AM4 processor, but haven't set it up yet. Just checked the box though and noticed it includes the SecuFirm2 Mounting System which comes with the NM-AMB11 brackets for AMD and NM-IMB3 + NM-IBP2 brackets for Intel. Based on this video it looks like the NM-AMB11 bracket suits the AM4. So as long as your motherboard has the back plate for AM4 mounting, the kit seems to include everything else (brackets, screws, spacers, screw driver).

        • Noctua publishes socket and motherboard compatability for their coolers, including if the width of the cooler blocks PCIE slots that are close to the CPU socket. Definitely worth checking, as the NH D15 can block the top PCIe slot, which is often desirable to use for a big GPU because it is the fastest socket.


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    Geez talk about paying a premium for black paint job

    • Yeah I'd buy the ugly one but function > form for me.

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      According to noctua, they put quite a bit of RnD into their chromax line to make sure they could coat it without affecting performance (simply spraying paint on fans and heatsinks would change the thermal performance)

      • +2

        it sounds like they're doing things the hard way since everyone else offers black fans without too much difficulty or added cost.

        I sure hope their R&D didn't conclude that brown and copper is the optimum color for thermal performance.

        • +1

          It's black heatpipes and black radiator too for those who want an all black look.

          They didn't just slap on black fans.

          • @hobo123: be quiet has black heatsink and pipes too. I don't think people are too fussed if the heat sink remains silver. Silver is an inoffensive color.

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    Alternatively if you want to save $30 and get its ugly sister

    She ain't ugly, she's my sister.

    • +4

      I like my 90’s colour scheme 😤 black is boring.

    • -1

      I'd still newegg or banggood her, if ya know wat I mean.

    • +2

      Ugly but a bit of an iconic colour now

    • +1

      I find the black ones boring and purposely buy the Noctua brown/beige/puke colour. Even my case fans are Noctua beige now.

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    If you haven’t purchased or decided on a pc case yet is it unwise to purchase this given size??

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      The case is only part of it; you need to ensure your motherboard’s RAM placement and the height of your RAM will allow sufficient clearance for this cooler. I’d recommend looking up compatible parts before buying the cooler.

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      Somewhat.. I think you need a min of 165mm clearance.

    • Unless you're planning on a microITX build, its unlikely that you'll want any other air cooler.

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    Quick question; How would this compare to an AIO for about the same price? like a 240mm?

    • +7

      Beats most 240mm AIOs. Temps not by much but DB levels by a mile.

      • Isn't a fan always louder than an AIO? Sorry in advance for the possibly noob question…

        Edit: oh I forgot about the fan part of the AIO, but even so..

    • +2

      Agree with @shaneiwey.

      Not much in temp dif but long term, this cooler will outlast most AIO and it's almost maintenance free (You should replace your thermal gel every so often).

      Just note, it's advised you remove the D15 when transporting your PC as it's not designed for movement while attached.

      • +1

        I ran my 1st gen Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 for 11 years 24x7 on the original fans. Their reliability has been outstanding.

        • Nice!! Great example of why you should get one of these bad boys 😎

    • Cheap AIO's will be a few degrees worse with more noise.

      Some AIO's might have a failure rate of 0.1%. Big coolers can destroy computers tossed or dropped, but are safe if handled with care.

      If you are buying a prebuilt to be shipped, order with an AIO. If you are building a tiny build, you might be forced to use and AIO. Otherwise this tower is the better option.

    • Enermax aquafusion 360mm aio with argb for $149 at mwave.

  • Good deal. I bought it from Newegg at Black Friday. It’s a big boy, but you don’t have to use second fan, and it looks nice!

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    Suggest checking out the Noctua compatibility guides at https://noctua.at/en/support/compatibility-lists/cpu before decing on which of their coolers to buy. In my instance, for example, I assessed that a NH-U12S with two fans would be a good match for a 5900X, giving a good size & weight advantage over the NH-D15.

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    This thing is chonktastic and an absolute powerhouse, but be advised/reminded once again to check for ram clearance issues. Remember while this one is chromax blacked out, we're still talking about a huge air-cooled heatsink whose existence embraces function over form. but hey, maybe finally being stealth blacked it's struck a perfect compromise.

    If you're setting up a PC to look at every now and then, then take note this thing will eclipse any possible lighting from your RAM, from the CPU block itself (contrast with an AIO pump), and probably your back fan. Maybe that's your thing, or RGB is overrated. Cool

    Not having any noise issues with my AIO, but that's because you have to set a proper fan curve and most importantly, synchronise with coolant rather than direct CPU temperature so the fans ramp 10x more subtly.

  • We are using Zalman Cu7000 bought in 2003 in one of our i7 9700K gaming PCs. Still working, still cool. Not sure if a new $150 cooler has better value.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    For all worried about RAM clearance you can get the NH-D15s for $138 (which I did).
    It's the same cooler with the leading fan not included. Minimal thermal difference according to my research (1-2 degrees)

  • Great timing. Just had a AIO fail, swapped it out for another, but think I might get one of these as a backup.

    • If its for a backup cooler, I'd get the silver one for $40 less and save some money.

      • Yeah, bought one of those as well for another system.

  • Great find, thanks! Bought it and now it's out of stock… hopefully my order made it

  • This was going for 130 shipped on newegg a month ago. Delivery is superfast.

  • This is $150 on special. Why would you get this over a water cooler or pay $50 more and get the nzxt kraken?

    • +3

      Because it shits over most AIO watercooling

      • +2

        And also because it doesnt have any moving parts save for the fan. If the fan breaks, get another one and that's it.

        Also, Noctua's warranty and after-sales support is pretty damn good; they even provide brackets to modify their coolers for free once a new CPU socket comes out so long as you ask them and provide proof of purchase.

      • Oh does it? It’s cooler and quieter? Fair enough

        I thought the aio water coolers were better in tests

    • Disregarding performance and sound or the fact that it can't fail, having an air cooler also provides more airflow over the motherboard and components than an AIO on its own. For boards with weaker VRMs, people with RAM that's temperature sensitive when overclocking, or NVME drives that need more airflow, that's another consideration. If cosmetics aren't a concern the silver is better value too.

      • Not trying to be that guy, but anything with moving parts and small spaces will fail eventually.
        Granted my noctua fans are still running after 8 years. You still have to clean the fins on a regular basis if your desktop area is dusty. Just like water block radiators.

        • Sure, a fan will fail of course, but not the whole thing. My point was not about any of that, just the extra airflow.

        • So far based on track record, people posting all over the web, Noctua fans still outlast any AIOs. My Noctua has been running 11 years, 24x7. I'll stunned by how reliable they are compared to the old Sunon fans from the AMD Thunderbird era.

  • Picked this up from newegg for the same price a month or so back. Keeping my i9-9900k @ 4.9 nice and cool.

    Its also a big chonky boy, how could you not like it. I would suggest using the low noise adaptors for the fans as they are kinda loud for Noctua

  • Does it perform better than its "ugly sister" though?

    Do people get this with a tempered glass case? I thought people who like to look at their PC parts every day opt for RGB components.

    Just messing with ya OP, I know it was just a joke… Or was it?

  • Looks like its sold out now.

    Edit: Thats odd.. shows as sold out in one browser but fine in another. Anyone else getting this?

  • +1

    Anyone know of a guide or tool that might be able to recommend a CPU cooler? Looking at Nocturna as well as be quiet fans. Not looking at anything too ambitious, but new to this and not quite sure what to aim for.

    Currently running a Ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler, mini ATX case. Looking to swap it out for something silent or near silent. Don't want to spend more than I need to, but also happy to contemplate spending a bit more in case of future upgrade. Thanks if anyone does have any ideas.

    • +1

      Noctua U12S

      • Thanks for the tip.

        • No worries. I put it on my 5900x (upgraded from 3700x) and it performed quite well for a single tower, kept it in high 70s under load. This was with a 3080 dumping 350w of heat into the case too.

          • @mordinhoz: Ended up going down a rabbit hole of research and it ended up ordering a U12S!

            Felt like a struck a good balance of noise/performance/size and my needs.

            • @huggsymersh: Nice. The brown version very cheap on newegg at the moment.

              • @mordinhoz: Yes saw that. Quite a bargain. Surprised myself by opting for a case with a window when I put together my build, and actually enjoy looking at the innards. Unfortunately the brown is just a little too brown for me to stomach!

              • @mordinhoz: Ordered the fan on Tuesday night, delivered from Taiwan on Friday morning. Installed it and was blown away by the difference. Stock AMD cooler was running at 1800rpm at idle, the noctua is silent or near silent at sub 700rpm or so. Amazing difference. Paid a bit of a premium re: case, PSU, the CPU Cooler and also finding a GPU that has a 0rpm mode, but now I have a near silent system.

                Can't believe how loud the stock cooler was. The only thing I can hear now at idle is the air moving through the case fans, which is actually quite soothing.

                So happy!

    • +1

      If this cooler fits your system (RAM and case clearance etc), and fits your budget, I'd just go for this cooler. Will last you forever which I can't say the same for AIOs as this is just heatpipes heatfins, no liquid and pumps and tubing to worry about. It's also got top tier acoustics. So just buy it once and buy it right I guess. The Noctua U12A is a great alternative as well, coming in smaller but sliightly louder and sliiightly not as cool.

      Edit: Aussie review of the U12A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxcDeq4SQII

      includes comparison to d15

      • Thanks for the tip. I'll measure the dimensions of my case and see if it will fit.

        Any consideration of be quiet CPU coolers? Some of them seem a bit cheaper. I'm new to this so not really familiar with the difference in quality.

        Big fan of buying once - buying right. AIO solution seems a bit too difficult for me. I've paired a Ryzen 5 3600 with a RX 5600XT so built a solid 1080p machine. But silent running is a priority so I'm happy to spend a little more on fans than the typical user, who might prefer to put that money to faster CPU/GPU. I've gone for a 0RPM PSU and it's made a huge difference already.

        • +2

          Be quiet is decent noise but not the best performance. Your comment actually made me look up a few vids and apparently the U12S is pretty much the same as U12A despite being the previous model:


          From that video looks like the Scythe FUMA 2 is the best, beating the U12A in noise and matching it in thermals. He is using a 3600x to test as well.

          Best part about the FUMA 2 is it only cost $105 delivered on amazon here:

          Another data point under load higher than a 3600x

          • @Bacons: Thanks. I've just escaped from macworld so it's both awesome, and slightly overwhelming, to have so many options.

            I like that the FUMA 2 isn't flesh coloured like the Noctura, and I don't have to pay extra for block. It's a bit frivolous, but I did end up getting a case with a glass window.

          • @Bacons: That comparison review you linked to is brilliant. Very comprehensive.

            My stock AMD Wraith Stealth cooler is spinning at 2100rpm at 58degrees. So much room for improvement. Hopefully the FUMA2 fits my case….

            • @huggsymersh: What case do you have?

              • @Bacons: https://www.fractal-design.com/products/cases/define/define-...

                As I said, all quite new to this. Went with one which has noise dampening treatment on the steel panel, but then surprised to find the ventilation holes totally open to the outside world!

                • +1

                  @huggsymersh: The D15 will fit in the define mini C

                  Just check your RAM height

                  • @Bacons: Cool thanks. I have Kingston HyperX ram at a height of 34.1mm….The D15 has a clearance of 32mm if running 2 fans.

                    So perhaps the single fan model would be okay?


                    I should have mentioned, I'm hoping to make my system silent or near silent at low power usage. I'm not too worried with fan noises when the GPU is working mainly because I'd have headphones on at this stage. So might this gives me more options in exploring less efficient solutions? Although if it's not much more $ for the better solution I'd rather go better.

                    Btw, thanks for all your help with this. Really appreciated.

                    • @huggsymersh: The D15 fan is on clips so you can just slide the fan 2 mm up which means you will fit your ram easily. I'm not sure how much of an aesthetic difference it will have but I hope not too much.

                      The D15 diagram link talks about this in point 3

                      The D15S performs like a D15 with one fan but the chromax D15S seems to be only $10 less so it's not worth the saving IMO.

                      I don't really know much about CPU coolers as it's been a while for me so definitely do some more research.

                      Using the video darrenbok linked below, in terms of performance it goes U12S < FUMA2 < U12A < Dark Rock Pro 4 < D15S < D15

                      pricing from newegg goes: FUMA2 (amazon) < U12S.chromax < D15S.chromax = Dark Rock Pro 4 < U12A (brown) < D15.chromax

                      Noise will be similar for all of them will all be silent under low power usage. The bequiet models are good too but beaten by the D15.

                      FUMA2 for less efficient option but still great, D15 for endgame air cooling

                      • @Bacons: Thanks so much.

                        The fractal case states a max height of 172mm for a CPU cooler, so the FUMA2 @ 154.5mm should fit I think.

                        I'll probably go for a more economical option if possible (i.e. FUMA 2) rather then the D15 endgame so I can have some spare change to replace the stock case fan, as I think the Fractals could be a bit quieter. A PC building friend did comment that my system was pretty quiet already, and it is, but I left PC world behind for so many years because of the noise, and I'd like to do better.

                        But then again, might go the D15 after a do a bit of research and weigh up the pros and the cons.

                      • @Bacons: Ended up getting the U12S in the end. Balancing cost/size/aesthetics/noise/performance, it seems the right one for my current needs. Thanks for all your advice. Very helpful.

                        • +1

                          @huggsymersh: nice choice! It's gonna be a helluva upgrade over the stock cooler. Hope you like it :)

                          • @Bacons: can't wait. the whine of the stock wraith stealth feels like it's drilling a hole in my head!

                          • @Bacons: Ordered the fan on Tuesday night, delivered from Taiwan on Friday morning. Installed it and was blown away by the difference. Stock AMD cooler was running at 1800rpm at idle, the noctua is silent or near silent at sub 700rpm or so. Amazing difference. Paid a bit of a premium re: case, PSU, the CPU Cooler and also finding a GPU that has a 0rpm mode, but now I have a near silent system.

                            Can't believe how loud the stock cooler was. The only thing I can hear now at idle is the air moving through the case fans, which is actually quite soothing.

                            So happy!

                            • @huggsymersh: Awesome! That's some fast shipping and I'm glad you were able to achieve the acoustics you were after, and yes, the sound of flowing air does carry a sense of assurance.

          • +1

            @Bacons: The U12A uses better fans (2xNF-A12s vs 1xNF-F12) and a heatsink with 37% more surface area than the U12S heatsink. Seeing it's an asymmetric design, it also results in fewer RAM clearance problems.

            Here's another good comparison between the the FUMA 2 and some of the Noctua coolers.

            • @darrenbok: thanks for the vid. Will add it to my list of CPU cooler vid viewing research!

            • @darrenbok: The heatsink design is matched quite well to the fan model by Noctua. I had upgraded the NF-F12 fans on my NH-U12P to the NF-A12 fans and temperatures actually increased slightly. So I believe that based on the heatsink design, certain fans work better than even the supposedly "best" fans.

          • @Bacons: +1 I think FUMA 2 is the one to beat. Shame I already ordered a cheap aliexpress cooler

  • +1

    The original brown colour has a certain charm to it. One look and you know what it is, it's a status symbol. Kinda like that ugly brown LV pattern.

  • +1

    The tempered glass on my case is heavily tinted, so you can barely tell its got that ugly cream colour lol

  • I've always bought my Noctua stuff from newegg direct from Noctua. Never seen it cheaper locally

  • Been reading that newegg now has been bought over by another company and the delivery is all over the place. Is this the experience of people here that recently ordered from them?

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