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QKK Latest Upgraded 4200Lumens Mini Projector $86.92 Delivered @ Best Seller via Amazon AU


Bought it from last deal, very happy with it with the price.

(Native 720p but 1080p input supported)

Full HD Projector 1080P Supported - Our QKK Mini Projector is gread designed for indoor and out door movies in dark. You will surely enjoy your happiness movie night with your family easily. [Not Recommended For PPT Presentation!]
720P Native Resolutions: QKK home theater projector supports 1920*1080 resolution with 50,000 hours long term lamp life, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 16::9 aspect ratio, 32-176” big screen display at the distance of 1.5M-5M. (reasonable distance is 3.5M with 120” display)
Double USB Port Designed Projector - Cocerned about many customers need to use 2 USB flash drives at the same time, QKK mini projector technical team worked hardly and successfully added another usb port on the projector (The mini projector which has this feature on the market). By doing this, you can use two USB thumb drives at the same time.
Multi Home Theater Mini Projector - QKK full hd projector also has HDMI, AV, VGA, SD Card port, which allows you to use it with Laptop, PCs, TV Box, TV Stick, Tablets,DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, players (Music, Pictures, Video), Smartphones ( Wireless HDMI Dongle not included).
Meet Your Home Needs: Watch movies, take online classes, or keep the kids entertained with hours of cartoons and educational videos [for use in low-light environments]. It's the innovation of traditional projector, built-in stereo speakers.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Read first sentence…


      • +7

        Technically, the second question hasn’t been answered.

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          Whatever you do, don't use it for a power point presentation.

          • +1

            @Shwayne: Cue Mission Impossible theme for what will happen if you do.

  • 720p? This is 2021 isn't it?

    • +13

      For under $100 you're not going to get 4k … and TBH I doubt you'll see any diff between 720p and 1080p on a cheap outdoor projector anyway

      • +1

        1080p is 125% more pixels than 720p. I can instantly tell when my 55" TV is streaming at 720p instead of 1080p from 3.5m away.

        • +5

          Science disagrees with you.

          At 3.5m viewing distance on a 55 inch display, the benefits of 1080p won't be noticed over 720p. What you are most likely noticing is some other quality difference in the video, such as compression noise, or some other quality loss unrelated to resolution.

          • @cerealJay: I second your comment, a high bit rate 720p video look completely different to a low bit rate one. I think what he means is he can notice it when he play a low bit rate 720p —————- which a lot of the 720p videos played online are.

            • +2

              @OMGJL: Actually both. Yes a low-bit rate video is instantly noticeable, especially if there is large portions of the screen showing similar colours or shades. On a low bit rate you'll end up with square contours between just a few shades.

              However as stated below, I and anyone with good eyesight can clearly see the individual pixels manifesting on diagonal lines where anti-aliasing hasn't been applied.

          • -2

            @cerealJay: I love it when non-scientists try and quote science to support their argument, without actually understanding the context.

            All those diagrams you'll find in Google Images are based on 20/20 vision, which is actually poor vision bordering on requiring glasses.
            Most people have vision significantly better than 20/20. With good vision, 1080p is apparent down to about 40" at that distance.

            As with all science, the beauty of it is being able to replicate the results: sit 3.5m away from a 55" TV displaying large black or white text on a white or black background. You'll instantly notice the aliasing apparent on all features which aren't perfectly vertical or horizontal.

            • @Viper8: 20/20 vision is not "poor vision". It's normal healthy vision. You should fact-check your drivel before posting.

              Most people use projectors for watching TV and movies, not vector graphics. You can't spot the difference between a good quality 720p movie and the 1080p version at 3.5 metres on a 55 inch display. It's moving pictures, not computer fonts and line art. There is no conspiracy or controversy about the viewing distance charts, but am I surprised to find a "viewing distance chart denier" on the internet? No.

              • +1

                @cerealJay: So what does that make all the people with 15/20 vision or better then? Super human or something? Have you ever had a conversation about vision with an Optometrist. 20/20 is an arbitrary cut-off, below which you're deemed to have sub-standard vision. That makes 20/20 a threshold, not the ideal.

                If you can see at least 33% more detail than the cut-off, then that means you can be 33% further away, or 25% closer to the screen in order to get the same effect as something with a meager 20/20 vision.

                • @Viper8:

                  Have you ever had a conversation about vision with an Optometrist.

                  In Australia we use 6/6, not 20/20. We use metres, not feet. I've never heard nor read an optometrist say 20/20 in my communications with them, nor have I heard a fellow doctor or opthalmologist say 20/20.

              • +1

                @cerealJay: Also try this: play something like WOT at 1080p with anti-aliasing off on 1080p: the grass blowing in the wind looks like colour static at 3.5m. It's absolutely horrible and incredibly distracting given it makes up a significant portion of the screen. Now increase resolution to 4k and the problem vanishes. Oh but the chart says you can't tell the difference so it must be magic?

                • @Viper8: Im not into charts or arbitrary rules; but have some optometry training and just wanted to explain;

                  20/20 or 6/6 means the person can see, at 20ft (or 6m) what the statistical average person can see, unaided, at that distance.

                  If you can see 20/15, you are not the statistical normality, you're an outlier; a lucky one.

                  It's not an arbitrary cutoff point, its a standard.

                  You asked earlier;

                  So what does that make all the people with 15/20 vision or better then? Super human or something?

                  No, that means they can likely be helped with glasses (they're probably miopic) this means they have to be at 15ft away from an object, to see what the majority of people can see at 20ft.

                  20/20 despite your claims is not statistically poor vision, it's what is considered "perfect unaided vision" based on the average of the demographic you live in.

    • You won't feel that much difference for just watching movie.

    • I re-encode everything I download to 480p to save space on my NAS. DVD quality was fine for me in the 2000s and it still is today.

      I’m not a pixel snob.

      • +14

        That’s like buying a Tesla and swapping an ecotec v6 into it

        • I swear i saw ecovac…. ROFL

      • +4

        But you're legally blind, right?

    • +1

      They decided to put it on sale a week ago.

      • -2

        Haha so technically 2020 and should still be acceptable? Good one.

    • Yes it is - last time I checked you can't even afford a slightly more expensive photo frame with $89

      Do you should only fork out like $5 for a gold plated 8K projector?

  • Can anyone recommend a 1080 projector, with decent brightness (>1000 lumens), and picture quality. Don't need any smart features (okay with HDMI input), and sound (will output to speakers).

    • These are pretty impressive although I’ve no idea what price point this falls into or if there is better bang for your buck- https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/nebula-capsule-pocket-ci...

      • +4

        Thanks but crap resolution (854 x 480)

        • +1

          Thanks but crap resolution (854 x 480)

          For over $500 XD

          • @superforever: Yeah just read that myself… I guess the key selling point is rechargeable.
            I gotta say though, the quality was really nice and from something the size of a soft drink can. I won't be getting one at that resolution / price though

        • Good enough for dvd.

      • +1

        I just spent about 15 hours over the last couple days researching projectors off AliExpress. I ended up choosing this one. 1080 native, high contrast radio, good brightness. I was going to buy one of those capsule type projectors but even the expensive ones are low resolution and piss weak brightness.

        AU $252.84 57% Off | BYINTEK K20 Full HD 1080P 3D Home Theater Game LED Video Smart Android Wifi 300inch Projector Projektor Beamer for 4K Cinema

    • +3

      I got the Blitzwolf Vp-6. Its 1080p and (supposedly) 5000 lumens. Not bad for $250

    • I’ve looked at the vankyo leisure 3 and YG620 for a projector <$200. They got good reviews. Interested to see if anyone has any experience with them.

    • I was looking for the same, even thought it was much more than I wanted to spend, got the Xoami Youth Projector.

      All the reviews and picture seems to be great, it has a built in speaker, awaiting delivery.

      Costs $619 including delivery from Banggood.

    • I have the Aun AKEY 6 got it for $250 (Banggood) and it's a solid 1080p projector (likely bit shifted or some other cheat in getting that resolution, but my expectations weren't high anyway). Good enough for a budget bedroom setup, fan noise is quite loud if its right near your head but I wear noise cancelling headphones anyway. Brightness wise you definitely need a dark room for it to perform the best, the lumens advertised are definitely not legitimate but it gets bright enough. Has 2 HDMI inputs, I just use a Chromecast with Google TV and it works great.

      Some pics, https://imgur.com/a/oa3ezSH - These pics aren't representative of the actual image quality, just to give you a rough idea

  • How could I stream from an iPhone to this?

  • +2

    This is a really good projector for the price, use it all the time in the bedroom.

    Perfect for Netflix and chill'in.

    I have my MiBox hooked up to it.

    • I have a 10M HDMI cable from my surround system and DIY projector screen can hang it up when needed.

    • +1

      Hey, I just got one for the same purpose. Are you projecting on to the ceiling?

      • Watching on your ceiling is not as comfortable as it sounds.

  • +3

    I use a similar one in bed, aimed at my roof.

    720p is good, because a linux distro running on a RaspberryPi manages to keep up with decoding 720p-50.

    Where as 720p60 or 1080anything,has frame drops (no in-browser hardware acceleration for linux)

    • +2

      I want to do the same, but how do you aim it at the roof? What's your setup?

      • Would like to know as well. Is the projector ok to have the back rested on the ground/carpet? I believe thats where the fan is.

        • +1

          This project has its air vents on the sides, not the back so you can put it down on the carpet/floor and have it facing up your ceiling

      • +1

        Amazon q&a says the rear is a speaker, not fan so ok to mount upright I guess

      • +1

        Just a glued on rod; and then some hose clamps around my bedhead.

        If you're bed is against a wall, a simple L bracket would also do the trick.

        Most of these cheap projectors also have a single 1/4 tripod mount.

    • +1

      What's the throw distance in this setup? I want to set a projector up for my wife to project sewing patterns and need around a 1.5m throw

      • Oooh I'd like to know this too. Thinking of using it to project still images/photos.

  • +8

    Bought one.. not sure for what :)

    • +3

      That's the Ozbargainer way. "Buy it now, figure out the use later"

  • Thanks I bought one for the kids room :)

    Might use it myself too 👍

  • +2

    Great for its price. Bought it at $129.99 previously. Bought another one now in this deal. Used it for camping.

    • Is it bright enough/viewable, and what do you use for a screen? I'm thinking about buying one (not necessarily this one) to display on the side of a white truck. But I never know how good/clear they are so I keep putting it off.

      • +13

        Yes, bright enough and viewable for sure. Bring a bedsheet or look for a white wall. Here are some photos of my recent trips with this projector: https://imgur.com/a/tt7TxE1.

        • Excellent thanks, very happy I purchased now, based on that great montage 📽😎

        • Don't really need one but after seeing the photos I think it's definitely worth the price tag, bought one! Thanks :)

        • +1

          Thanks. The site won't load for some reason so I'll try again later.

        • Page won't load for me - strange! Takes me to imgur but no images show… heh.

    • Hi mate, did you use an inverter when camping? How much power does it need? Interested for camping jg also!

      • It was a powered site, so just a single power point at the site, then a power board to to multiple devices.

      • +3

        I posted a link below to an unboxing video. It shows the manufacturing label which states 1A input @ 100-240V. So it requires an inverter with a minimum continuous output of 240W. (Power = Current x Voltage. So 1A x 240V = 240W.) Not sure if a pure sine wave inverter is required, but yesterday I saw Jaycar sells a 300W pure sine wave type for $100. (Not sure I'd risk an inverter from someplace like Aliexpress.) https://www.jaycar.com.au/search?text=pure+sine+wave

  • +22

    got one…. unsure why.. but as an adult I have just accepted I don't really know what I am doing anyway.
    Thanks OP

    • Maybe as a project : bed, ceiling, linux distros?

  • +2

    Looks like the Blitzwolf 1080p that was frequently praised last time this 720p was posted on OzB is part of a flashdeal on Bangood for $238.28 delivered from local stock.


    Just under twice the weight and three times the price, but pretty decent feedback for its performance.

    Don't think it worth upgrading my old 720p Epson projector that is still going strong, but if you're in the market seems like the Blitzwolf also gives pretty decent bang for buck.

    • I too have heard good things about that projector but personally haven't tried it.

    • +3

      Can also combine with the coupon "10%ForNewBW" to get an extra 10% off :)

      Just ordered for $171.08 USD ($223.51 AUD after MasterCard conversion)

      • Is this able to mount on a tripod as well?

        • It has a pretty standard mounting screw and I believe an included tripod as per this image:


          Can confirm my unit has a included tripod…

        • +1

          Is this able to mount on a tripod as well?

          Yes I did before with camera tripod.

  • Thanks mate. Purchased one for myself and was struggling to find a present for a mates 30th this week so I got them one of these as well

  • Can you connect a Bluetooth speaker?
    Or can chrome cast and the audio to google home mini?

    • Can you connect a Bluetooth speaker?

      No bluetooth you have to use bluetooth transmitter and receiver.

      • Well you can if your source has a bluetooth audio interface. Not really a part of the projector necessarily.

      • So i need a bluetooth audio transmitter dongle? Any suggestions for a cheap one that isn't half the price of the projector itself?

  • Can the USB ports power a portable 2.5" spinning drive?

    • +1

      Can the USB ports power a portable 2.5" spinning drive?

      Didn't try but OK with old chromecast.

      • It would be borderline depending on the capacity of the drive.

  • Is this unit good enough to project onto ceiling in bedroom to watch Netflix in bed ?

  • Thanks for the post and i got one.

  • What distance do you project this?
    5m is probably my minimum throw with my current plan, how well does it project at that distance

  • Why did it get so few upvotes last time it was on sale, for a cheaper price?


    • +1

      That went OOS too quickly.

      • Yeah that's a fair point, I didn't notice it was only available for 20 mins.

  • +7

    "Full HD Projector…"
    But it's not a FHD projector, its a HD projector. My FHD 1080p TV isn't and cannot be marketed as a 4K TV just because it can receive 4k input… This is false advertising by the seller.

    • +1

      It says native res is 720, and 1080 supported. That's not false advertising, just normal advertising.

  • Thanks OP. I got one.

  • Thanks OP. Got one. And now will sit back and think why..

    • I’ll bet you look like the deal thumbnail.

  • Does anyone know if it can do rear projection? Also what sort of power does it need to operate?

    • Yes, it can. Power, 220~240 AC?

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