This was posted 1 year 5 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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PlayStation 5 Console Disc $749, Digital $599 (Click & Collect) @ Target


Get in fast whilst they are still available. Digital also for sale.

Click and collect only.

Mod Edit 8/2 11am: Available again

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    • Ordered but I'm 11 minutes late, here's hoping. Thankyou for posting!

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      Thanks, finally got one. Estimated pickup on the 29th January.

    • so will they definitely get stock, or "assuming" to have stock in 3-7 days

    • The stock will be sent to a Target central DC and then sent out to stores…..Thats why stores show no stock. Ill wait a few months.

      • Stock is already in the DC.

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      Got one!!! Thanks OP.

      Mount Druitt pick up - January 29th

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      Got one. Thanks OP!

    • Finally got one!

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      The stock is in the warehouse now. 100 consoles. We knew about this drop yesterday.

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        Only 100? Surely exhausted by now

        • About 7 pallets. It's about 100.

          • @DisabledUser319612: Says 900+ people have bought today…

            • @Leighman: Yeah, no they haven't lol.

          • @DisabledUser319612: ummm not to be trusted but… " 944 people have purchased this product today. " lol

            • @CaseinNitrate: Haha if they had 1000 consoles they would be doing extremely well!!!

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        How did we know about this drop yesterday? And who is "we"?

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      Got one, Estimated for collection by: Friday, 29 January

    • Ordered…

    • Looks like no limits on amount of consoles can buy…..

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    • Got one fingers crossed. Says ships to my store in 3-7 days

    • Missed again

    • Confirmed 29 Jan

    • Rejected. fail

    • aaaannddd it's gone

    • I missed out yesterday by a few minutes but figured Target would go up today due to them not having stock yesterday. Glad to have finally got one :)

    • No digital version?

    • goooOOOORRRRRrrrrn

    • OOS

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      Got one, Estimated for collection by: Friday, 29 January

    • We're sorry. This product isn't available in the quantity that you've chosen.

    • GG

    • [email protected]!KEN-LLY :D

    • Yes sold out now

    • So stupid, I dont understand why I can have one in my cart, and it let's get all the way up to confirming my payment through PayPal, only to take it out of my basket. So frustrating.

      • Someone else was quicker. Until you finalise payment then the product remains unallocated.

    • Gone already.

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      Added to cart but missed out during checkout …sigh!

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      Digital link?

    • So sooo close

    • Thanks a lot! Finally grab one…ready to post it in marketplace XD

    • Got one finally! Been too slow on the other deals but not this time xD

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      Didnt order , waiting for the digital edition.

    • oos

    • Missed out again :(

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    Got one

  • +9

    As a proud launch day owner I'd like to share some useful techniques to get the most out of your new console:

    First, squint, and move your head back and forward a bit. Say "I guess it's better than the PS4 Pro? Maybe? I mean for $749 it has to be, right?" A questioning uplift at the end of each phrase is essential.

    Next, scroll endlessly through the PS Store. Get excited when you see a price. Feel a sudden sinking feeling when you also see "just announced". Hit rock bottom when you click through and see a date in 2022. This rollercoaster is the hidden free haptic experience that comes with PS5.

    Check out the PS Plus Collection. Calculate how much money you're saving with this amazing catalogue of free PS4 games you either already own, will never play, or are being dumped at EB as part of their "2 for 95 cents" summer sale.

    Observe how your kids are still spending most of their time playing Slay the Spire on Switch.

    • this is funny stuff

    • +1

      Good 1 and I hope you don't mine losing $700 in market value as well :)
      That to be dwarfs your other concerns .

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    Placed an order. Status shown as Order in Review. Money has already been deducted from my account. Fingers crossed!

    • +1

      Mine shows:

      collection of Packing your item(s)

      Perhaps my store had local stock?

  • Gotta love QLD refusing to join daylight saving time. Always miss out on these as they always seem to come up during commute to work!

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      Try being in W.A….

  • I'd say that's it for this shipment, every retailer has released, see everyone on March for another round

  • I was planning to sell mine.

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      Leave the selling to the stores

  • Is anyone getting theirs today? Whens the eta for collection?

    I checked out as a guest so I cant see the status of my order.

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      mine still says packing your items

    • +1

      Still at packing your item. I ordered couple of minutes before todays OZB post went up. ETA for collection as per email is 29/01

    • I just received an email saying shipped to your store

      • dude, I came to post that, you beat me to it lol

  • Same. Still at packing your item. ETA for collection as per email/target account is 29/01

  • Got a shipping to store email

  • Has anyone received pickup notification today? I had a chat with them and they gave me the Auspost tracking number of my shipment being sent to store. Tracking says it's ready for processing as of 11:59PM Friday which is the same time I received shipped to store email. looks like mine is still sitting in warehouse.

    • UPDATE:"Item processed at facility
      Mon 25 Jan 11:17am"

      • recieved notifcation and picked up today - in SA

    • Did you contact the specific store or customer services? I got notice on Friday that it was on it's way to my store but I haven't heard anymore information since.

      • No i just got a text. They were only shipped friday night theres no point contacting them. They cant send them any faster.

      • I just used customer service chat on their website and politely asked if you can check the progress for me or provide a tracking number of shipment. She just provided tracking number

    • Update 2: In transit to next facility in MOUNT WAVERLEY VIC
      Mon 25 Jan 4:21pm
      Hopefully will be ready for pickup on Wednesday

    • Final Update: I just received a text saying ready for pickup. Shipment was delivered to my store couple of hours ago as per auspost tracking.

  • Just picked up mine from Chatswood NSW.

    • Wow, that was fast! Did you get an email for pick up?

      • Got a text message to pick up and went there straight away to pick up.

  • -2

    Something seriously stinky and fishy is going on here. Ive ordered and got an email on the 22nd that it got shipped to my store. Today on 25th i got an email saying Your order has been refunded. How can it be shipped and refunded?

    2 different orders, 2 different store locations, checked the other email, same thing now, refunded. I was told today over the phone when i called customer service regarding the 1st order that my other order is still active console was sent from VIC warehouse to Sydney, courier label for tracking was already assigned.

    • Did you use the same credit card or paypal for the payment of both orders?

      • Can't remember, maybe, i think i did one with card and other with PayPal.

        • Is supposed to be one per customer, maybe you got busted.

    • Easy there girls and ladies with minuses, easy there precious princesses, easy with jumping into wild imagination conclusions, easy darlings, easy. gotta love loonie stralia.

  • Any Broadway buyers got a notification?

    • +1

      Lol, target boardway - the graveyard of ps5 orders

      • Pickup notification!

  • I just received a text saying ready for pickup. Shipment was delivered to my store couple of hours ago as per auspost tracking.

  • How did you you get a tracking number?

    • +1

      From my previous comment on this post: I just used customer service chat on their website and politely asked if you can check the progress for me or provide a tracking number of shipment. She just provided tracking number. YMMV

  • Sorry, i really should of looked further up in the comments. Thanks for taking the time and letting me know. Enjoy your ps5 :)

    • Thanks. Just picked up. Heading home now

  • I asked customer service. Mine has been delivered to the store today. I just need to wait for the sms for pickup. Cant wait to finally have one.

    • Have you got yours yet? Mines delivered to store but still waiting to collect

      • I did end up getting it yesterday. It was close to closing time when I finally got the sms. Hopefully you've gotten yours now as well

  • Courier Please seems to have some delays… still waiting for mine to be delivered to Burwood Store in Sydney.

    • My PS5 is also being delivered with Couriers Please. It was estimated to arrive yesterday but now it's changed to today. Did you have any updates on your order?

      • I picked mine up yesterday. Yours should arrive any time now.

        • Oh nice. Did you get the tracking number for Couriers Please? If so What was the last update before being delivered? Mine still says "In transit Melbourne - Sydney" but I would assume it would go through a depot here?

  • +1

    Certainly taking ages to be shipped to store, must be coming from overseas

  • Ordered on 22nd and delivery to Perth, Courier please tracking was showing today delivery until this afternoon then it changed to delivery on next Tuesday…..

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