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PlayStation 5 Console Disc $749, Digital $599 (Click & Collect) @ Target


Get in fast whilst they are still available. Digital also for sale.

Click and collect only.

Mod Edit 8/2 11am: Available again

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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      does it matter???

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          You must be new here.

  • Thank you OP!!

  • Thanks you mate

  • +15

    No problem at all. Just randomly checked this morning and they were available!!!

    • -10

      Do you check everyday?

      • +8

        Everyday they randomly decide if they will check.

  • +14

    I am hoping Sony would officially release a black model.

    • +15

      And smaller, and without that protruding plastic upturned collar.

      • +2

        Lol now I can’t I see this.

      • +1

        The looks help me justify my Series X purchase. PS5 seems to be slightly better at almost everything else.

      • +1

        Yeah I think personally even though Xbox got made fun of, the Xbox one is just a lot more practical. I don't need my console to be an eye sore on my TV unit.

        • True. It does look good if you have the room for it to be apart, like a plastic monolith. If you have to put it in a shelving unit with anything else though it's pretty bad.

    • +4

      Yea I was also just reading about a North American company that tried to release a limited run of 600 PS5s based off the black PS2 colour scheme. Looked awesome, but they had to cancel due to death threats or something from salty people missing out, did not end well.

      • +1

        Yeah just read that as well… This is some messed up world we live in.

        • +3

          If it helps, that was a lousy excuse and not reality. You don't stop shipping a product because you received a few salty tweets.

          It's because there were no products. Only a couple of renders shared on Reddit and an idea to sell them (now all comments deleted). No stock, no custom plates, no product to ship. Essentially intended to be a scam or best case drag people along holding their money while trying to figure it out (same as the other one before them).

      • +1

        In the first few days of launch, someone posted a vid on how to turn your one black. The white side plates clip off, so it's really easy to spray them black, spray a matte or gloss varnish, reclip and you are done.

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    Im early but i dont need one

    • +8

      Im late and i still don’t need one

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        I am super late and i needed one!!!!!

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      I'm late and I need 20.

  • Is this to get in line for the next shipment?

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      I think the hype has died down a fair bit.

    • +47

      and a normal comment from jv

  • Delivery not available =\


    • +5

      The one time I check ozbargain on my lunch break, I took a W.

      • +2

        Update: my pick-up order from broadway was cancelled at 4.15pm due to stock shortage.

        I placed an order within the minute of deal being up on ozbargain, anyone else had a cancellation? :(
        I saw the cancellation email while I was on my way to target (yea silly me, didn't want to wait for a click and collect confirmation message

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    Just got an xbox the other week and still bought this haha. Why do i do this

    • +3

      Covid rush? Just like toilet papers?

    • You should watch The Minimalist on Netflix to get the answer to your question

    • Now that you manage to find a PS5, it time to sell that m$ uselessbox!

  • OOS

  • +3

    aaaand it's gone

  • cant add to basket?

  • +1

    All gone in 5 mins :(

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    Oh wow! I have refreshed ozbargain thousands of times over the years and always missed out on these limited stock/popular deals. Finally my procrastination behaviour is validated. Thanks OP!

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    Lucky to grab one

  • +1

    Damn that's fast

    • -4

      that's what she said

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  • +1

    copped. luv you op

  • +1

    Is this currently available or simply putting down an order for collection later? Checking stock at all stores in VIC seem to indicate no stock available?

    edit: smells like the same stunt these Guys pulled. Would be great for the 50 people who ordered if it isn't though!

    • +1

      I'd be ordering if it's the "stunt" those guys pulled. Free $100 voucher!

      • That's really good! I followed that thread early on, but didn't follow through to the end to see that TGG gave $100 vouchers!

    • I have an email confirmation with an order number which estimates it to be available for pick up on Monday 18th January. Whether that is actually going to happen, or if it is just from the generic 3-7 days estimate given on the initial page, who knows….

      • fingers crossed for ya.

  • was this pre-order?

    • it says ready for collection 3-7 days

      • Wonder if more cancellations are coming

  • +2

    Got one , thanks OP , hope they don’t cancel it though

  • +2

    Got 1….phew !!!

  • It looks like they only sold 50.
    Fingers Crossed they don't cancel like Good Guys

    • say what??? Cos TGG was happy to take my money immediately with no update on delivery date :S

      • It was showing in the PS5 page something like below:
        '50 has been sold, order your now'

  • +12

    Im not looking to get one for a while but thanks OP and future OP's helping OZB'ers out getting their hands on these limited offerings, tons of people here wouldn't even know or would miss out without these threads.

    • +1

      So true! Hopefully ozB crew were able to grab and others out there also that will actually play it & not keep it sitting to sell at profit later.

      Kudos to the OP!

  • Does anyone know when Sony will fix the noisy fan issue that some PS5s have?

    • +18

      On Wednesday…. After lunch.

      • +7

        Nope. They moved it to Thursday as it's Brenda's birthday then

        • +1

          Will there be cake ?

      • Can confirm, addressed at last stock holders meeting

    • Given the noise 1st gen PS4 pro made and wasnt looked at till the updated console release version. Wouldn’t be holding onto any hope for a too soon remedy unfortunately :/

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