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PlayStation 5 Console Disc $749, Digital $599 (Click & Collect) @ Target


Get in fast whilst they are still available. Digital also for sale.

Click and collect only.

Mod Edit 8/2 11am: Available again

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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      Just turn it off

  • well played OP - massive props for the heads up!

  • Got one! Saw the deal 1min after it was posted.

    Thanks OP!

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    went to get a coffee and came back to this post OOS 10 mins ago :(

    • Ugh, same. Got my usual tabs open up here at work but needed a morning cup of Joe.

      It's gotten to the point where you need to be monitoring and have your phone glued to you 24/7.

  • My preorder is with EB Games. Wonder when they are going to get them back in stock. Word is new stock isn't too far away. Let's see.

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      No I lurk Ozbargain full time and spend my Centrelink on PS5s instead of food.

      • Sell one of those bad boys and upgrade from 2 Minute Noodles to Mi Gorgeng for a week!

        • Yum msg for the win

        • Rags to riches - how one man went from Centrelink to millionaire selling a hot release item.

          That's a book people will buy.

          … or an internet ad title

      • +1

        If you would have invested all your Centrelink into crypto since 2010 , you would have been a billionaire by now.

    • +20

      you're here in this thread arent you? you dont have a job? or just bitter you couldnt get one ps5

  • What other things does a PS5 do apart from play games?

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      Makes your epeen bigger

    • +1

      Just got the email that my order could not be processed.

      • +1

        really? what time did you put the order?

        • +1

          About 11.40am

          • +1

            @huey: mine is about 1145, estimated for pickup today, still no confirmaiton for pick or cancellation email yet

    • probably burning money and killing some of your time.

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      A serious answer is it also plays 4k Blurays and can be used a media device for local and streaming content.

    • You can make teenagers jealous with it.

  • Got one, says pickup today, fingers crossed

  • Are bots still getting all the stock?

  • Got 1.

    Estimated collection 18th January

    • Does this mean the preorder I've had with EB Games since the day preorders opened will be coming this week? I'll never forgive or forget EB if people ordering from Target today get theirs before me…

      • Did Target buy EB?
        Must have missed the memo…

        • No, but if day one preorders with EB come after day 120 Target orders then I'll feel envious.

      • -1

        Target could have just found 50 units in a warehouse

  • +2

    Hmmm… well, if Target just received 50 units, perhaps others will receive some soon…? Here's hoping anyway.

    Really, it's just so I can play the PS4 version of Cyberpunk… pretty poor reason… but I want it! :)

    • target hasn't had any drops since release

      • i understood they'd been sitting on this, perhaps while they stress tested their servers given the problems other retailers had since launch

    • Even on PS5 it's still not great. Performance is not bad but it crashes a lot and there is a ton of bugs/glitches… I've put it aside for now until it gets some major fixes. Maybe even wait till the proper PS5 version releases.

    • -4

      Cyberpunk, even if it had no glitches at all, is 1/3rd of the game it was meant to be. Maybe they will add the missing content in a few years and your first playthrough can be the complete experience. I doubt it though, I think Projekt Red is finished as a top tier developer, they are now below Ubisoft in terms of expectations if you ask me. No way in hell would Ubisoft be able to "fix" Cyberpunk if it were given to them.

      • +1

        Yep. Plus the lies they told about it being completely playable on last gen systems and stoking pre-orders to fever pitch with their marketing have really soured me on them as a company.

        They built their rep on Witcher and they've ruined it with Cyberpunk.

        • +1

          another woke developer bites the dust.

  • +1

    Damnnn, too slow

  • +1

    Estimate date of collection 18 Jan 2021, looks promising,

  • +1

    Missed out again … :..(

  • A bit off topic, but does anyone have a search alert created for the ps5? I’ve created one but it looks like it’s a bit slow when I receive the email.

    • +1

      Get the OzB app, alerts pop up as push notifications much quicker I've found

      • Cheers, never realised they had an app !

        • I'm fairly sure it's an unofficial app. The mobile website is already pretty good.

          edit: nvm. There is an official app.

      • There's an app?

        • +3
          • +3

            @MBix: How do you set up notification for items that you want?

            • +4

              @thongp29: Do a search for the alert you want to setup, then when you're on the search results there'll be a "create notification" at the top right (next to "save) - refer to the yellow circle here: https://prnt.sc/wklkhc

              If you sign in on the OzB app, you should then get the push notifications.

              • +2

                @ComputerBlue: Silver lining to missing out on this flash order; I learnt about both the app and the search notifications I guess :P.


              • @ComputerBlue: So you don't get notifications for comments or for when things hit the Front Page like email alerts?

                Why would I not just go for email alerts then.

    • Yes - this alert also came "late" for me (around ~30mins after it was posted).

      I got hit with another alert for Warhammer that was tagged under PS5 about 36 mins ago, I wonder if there's some sort of built-in timer that might queue alerts if they're too frequent? However, this Target one was alerted to me under "playstation 5".

      RE: OzB app - my alerts hit my phone/app and my email inbox at the exact same time.

      • Yes I also received the email about 30 mins after It was posted, when the good guys ps5 was posted it was about 20 mins after. Looks like it’s a hit or miss and not very efficient..

        Going to give the OzB app a shot.

  • Target is where I got my PS5 pre-order with the first wave. If you've purchased one and it says a date, you should be good. They're solid as. On the day they'd sold out everywhere, I checked Target during the afternoon, saw they were still in stock. Pre-ordered it and have had mine since release.

  • +2

    How could this happen :( I was just focussing on my work and boom 💥

  • +1

    Looks like an OzB meetup today at Target Broadway!

    • Oh is that pretty much just where the click and collect location was?
      Makes me feel a lot better missing out if I had no chance to get this anyway :P

      • I feel bad ruining your mood but the collection store could be changed, target broadway was just the default.

        • Darn.

          I saw Xbox Series S's up there yesterday but it was only available in certain stores too, thought this might be the same situation.

        • D'oh Target Broadway is my local store. I had to have a group zoom call for work and missed out.

    • hahaha always wondered who fellow OzBarginers are

    • https://7news.com.au/travel/nsw-traffic/bus-explodes-into-fl...

      Hope all the OzB users are okay and no PS5’a were left on the bus

  • Releasing soon? That all i can see

    • +1

      Because it sold out within minutes.

  • +1

    And I aren't allowed to go shopping for a hr with this stuff happening and I'm not in the party : (

  • +1

    I can't believe I missed it!

  • Miss again

  • +1

    just lost at least 1-2k

    • Thought you were joking then had a look on eBay and couldn't believe they're selling for those prices still.

      • +1

        Friend just bought one from FB for $1100 because he couldn't wait. The guy who sold it is a JB hi-fi employee

        • Lol is that even legal? Reserving stock for yourself then scalping it.

          • @ChillBro: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • @ChillBro: don't think we're a nanny-enough state to have laws against this

            there might be a jbhifi policy on employment and culture though

          • +1

            @ChillBro: I don't think scalping is against the law but not morally correct.

  • +1

    Ordered but got an email from Target saying my order has been cancelled. So bad.

    • Did you order more than 1 ?

    • What time did you order?

    • Was it cancelled after the order confirmation email?

    • -1

      did you just want to get replies right?

      • -1

        seems like it

      • Because my order got cancelled?

  • +1

    Went really fast, just like the Ebay deals.

  • PS5 still has no VRR support and no guarantees it will come.

  • Waiting too long for this bad boy

  • Comment deleted

  • +1

    Target has one of the most infuriating web apps LOL

  • Tbh, the alerts function has always been shithouse for me. Always ~30 minutes late.

    • +1

      It's not entirely the fault of the alert system, the post was originally posted without the tags.

  • ok not related to this but how much should i be paying for a PS4 pro with 2 controllers atm in gumtree? thanks.

    • $350

      • +1


        • +1

          I paid $350, including 12 games.a
          Also try Facebook marketplace. Most sellers might negotiate a bit.

          • @spal: thanks. yeah got one from GT for 350 with two wireless controllers and few games. happy with it just need ssd but that can wait.

  • Target has been appalling.

    Their page hasn't changed for four months.

    Amazon was great for me.. Purchased and delivered within 9 days of Nov 12th

  • My order status changed from processing to preparing your item. I don’t think they will cancel it

    • same mine too :)
      looks like they have stock already

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