Screenshot Webpage, How Do I Do This?

I have a laptop (like a desktop) and need to screenshot some things. Could someone kindly tell me how to do this please? My investment is not what it seems, webpage says monthly income, and I have discovered the income is actually part of my own money. I need to save this description before they change it, after I complain. Thanks


  • Honestly.

  • This is why I use Vivaldi. In built screenshot ability. Can save selection or full page.

  • If you use chrome find a screenshot add on in the add-ons store that has the most ratings/installs and use that - should be as simple as clicking a button on the toolbar

    • yes I am using chrome

      • I use GoFullPage. It creates a full page screenshot on one click and once it finishes it will show you the screenshot which you can save to disk.

        For basic screenshot, just press Print Screen key on your keyboard (almost every laptop should have one sometimes combined wth another function.
        then open MSPaint and paste into there and save.

      • Use πŸ”₯ 🦊 right click the page and select Scrolling screenshot

        • Why don't you just print to a pdf if you need a copy of a full webpage?

          • @wozz: Depends on your purpose (I'm a developer so if I'm doing this it's either to document a problem with page layout or inclusion in user documentation).

            Print to pdf will use any print stylesheet and generally format differently.

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    Go to your Start Menu, search for 'Snipping Tool'.

    Best Windows tool in the world.

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      I could get the snip while browsing OzBargain. What an incredible deal!

      • I do need to get the snip. Someone told me to ask the Internet about it. Where can I find the Internet?

        • You need to fax Netscape for a CD with their "web browsing" application in it - Netscape Navigator 1.0

          When you get the installation disk then you will be able to install in internet onto your computer.

      • Sometime I accidentally trip on a pair of scissors

    • cool tool, but love it how the mouse pointer dissappears when using it, and also printing sucks, you need to cut n paste to word i find

      • You can also save to a file and then right click on it and choose print.

        But agree, the snipping tool needs a direct method for printing.

        • Dont know if it's just me but it never prints for me like that. Gives me the option but it never works.
          I have to insert in to word or similar and print the document

    • I did a practice run on this one

    • That really sums up the quality of Microsoft's products.

      Download greenshot. The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't put image straight to clipboard, You select whether to edit it, save it, copy to clipboard etc.

      • Not sure why you're being downvoted.

        Tried out Greenshot after MS announced they're deprecating Snipping Tool, and it's so much better:

        • Can be launched with Print Screen button at any time
        • Throws you straight into screen snipping mode
        • Keyboard shortcuts can modify what snip type you take (Capture region, whole window or whole screen)
        • You get options immediately after snipping on where to send it - straight to clipboard for pasting into something else, into an editor where you can draw on it (with more than just a freehand pen too), save directly to a file, etc
        • You can copy it back to clipboard after drawing on it (instead of having to save it as a file and drag it up again in the target application)
      • The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't put image straight to clipboard, You select whether to edit it, save it, copy to clipboard etc.

        This is configurable.

        Right click on the icon in the system tray > Quick Preferences > Destination > Change from "Select Destination dynamically" to "Copy to Clipboard"

      • This
        have been using it for years now and its a great tool to auto upload, save to clipboard or save screenshots.
        Also lets you select specific regions (crop the screenshot) very easily
        Auto kicks in when you press the screenshot button so you dont have to make any extra clicks or button presses with the snipping tool

      • Pretty sure you can make it save to clipboard in settings

    • Vasectomy by Microsoft

    • Windows Key + Shift + S

      Snipping Tool has been replaced by Snip & Sketch, just wish could use the delay from the shortcut.

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    Then drag your cursor over the section of the screen you want to capture.

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    Or just go to print (ctrl + p), choose save as PDF

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    You couldn't Google this??

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      Did you not see their previous post…

      "Google Search, How Do I Do This?"

    • There are some pretty dodgy people on the internet. Better to come to a nice safe place like here. We're pretty knowledgeable, and don't demand points for answering questions.

      • For something as basic as taking screnshot?

        If op had typed into Google "how to screen shot laptop", it would have shown a list if steps and even pictures. Far easier for a beginner.

        If you read ops reply, its basic laziness. Knowing you'd be willing to do the work for them.

      • I wouldnt call being bullied and made fun of and called lazy as a ^nice safe place^ at all. I did it because I was in a stressful urgent situation and wanted peoples experience of the best options. In the end I used a combination of one I came up with (right click save as webpage) and one someone else came up with. (shift windows s) for the facebook ad that drew me in. So thank you to the nice normal helpful people and for the rest, well, I cant say what I want to say to you, so God bless you

  • hellopam2021!

    Just take a photo of your laptop screen…what some of my customers do…πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

    • I love Gumtree ads where the photos are photos of the laptop monitor with actual photo. πŸ™„

    • I remember seeing a Facebook marketplace ad of someone trying to sell their phone but they didn’t have any other means of taking the photo so they took a photo of their hand, using their fingers to show how big the phone would be πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • That's hardly professional. The professional way to do it is to take a screen snip and somehow compress it down to ~12 pixels before emailing it with no context.

  • pick up phone
    take photo
    send to self by email


    get drawing pad, draw screen
    take photo of drawing
    send to self by email

  • +1 for print and save as pdf

    Here's another way for those interested if you use Chrome:

    1) CTRL + SHFIT + I
    2) CTRL + SHIFT + P
    3) Search "capture full size screenshot"

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    I really need to learn to see OP's name first before reading the Post - could have saved myself some time here…

  • Press the PrtSc button on the page, then open paint and press ctrl v to paste the screen shot. Save image. Done.

  • Download Greenshot. It will let you screenshot all or a selected part of your screen.

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      It will let you screenshot all or a selected part of your screen.

      As does the built in Windows Snip & Sketch tool…

      • Greenshot is better in my situation.
        I probably take over 100 screenshots a day at work, greenshot allows you to take one screen shot, then you hit Shift+Prt Screen and it screenshots from the same spot every time.
        Snipping Tool you have to click and drag over the area every time.
        Super handy if you're screenshotting the same place every time.
        Saves me so much time and effort!

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    Using Firefox, you can just right-click, "Take a Screenshot", then pick what you want to grab.

  • Hello Pam,

    I use Shift + Command + 4.

    Have a great investigation, please keep us up to date!

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  • the income is actually part of my own money

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