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AmEx Statement Credit - Spend $100 and Get $10 Back @ Sniip


I am pretty sure this is targeted, i also had the other spend $50 and received 1000 points offer

there's Surcharge i believe 1.5%, so essentially this will be like $8.5 off $100

Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $100 or more, in one or more transactions, in-app only via the Sniip app by 12/03/2021 to receive one $10 credit. Limited to the first 25,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

Prior to making payment you must add your Card as a payment method in the Sniip app.
Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-app via the Sniip app. Valid at Australian app only.
Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
Full Offer Terms available here.

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  • So I got both these offers on two of my cards but don't really understand why this is different from BPay or Postbillpay? Are there fees with this service? Can I pay off a credit card bill with another credit card and create inception by using this service?

  • Why anyone would use sniip is beyond me! They 1.5% + the credit card surcharge of the company you are paying. The points you get are never going to be worth that much so seems like a waste of time.

    • Oh right thanks, answers my question. The dodgies don't make it clear upfront that there's fees associated. You could try create an infinite loop of credit cards paying off each other 🤣

      • Can't… According to their T&C you can't pay "finical" institutions.

        Due to the risk profile of certain billers, Sniip has initially restricted certain sectors.
        Theses categories include:
        Remittance Service Provider
        Charities & Non-For Profits
        Pay Day Lenders
        Internet Gambling
        Goods Dealers
        Foreign Exchange Currencies
        Securities & Derivatives
        Managed Investment Schemes
        International Business Operations
        International Students or Travel Products
        Hiring and Leasing
        Banking and Finical institutions

    • i don't agree on the "points are never going to be worth that much"
      its upto you how to redeem them.
      some are wiser choices than others

    • What do you mean 1.5%+ the credit card surcharge? I thought it was just the 1.5%.

      I have my strata bill coming up and have this offer saved across 10 cards so can potentially save me $85, but want to make sure I won't get charged anything other than the 1.5%.

      • Believe the credit card surcharge is the 1.5% that he/she was referring to.

        As long as your not using an AMEX to pay a DEFT bill, you'll be right. i wish i had this offer. could save me some money on my rates bills.

        • Just to clarify, when you say not using Amex to pay a DEFT bill you’re talking about normal payment right? and not through Sniip? I normally just have a quarterly auto transfer set up from my bank account so I don’t incur fees, but will give Sniip a try this quarter.

          Edit: realised you can't pay DEFT through Sniip using amex (they're working on changing that). Guess I'll pay council rates

          • @neilpatrickharris: Sorry, meant through Sniip. Sniip takes AMEX, but not for payments to DEFT.

            So you can do payments directly to councils or other bodies with AMEX for the 1.5% surcharge. It works well if you value the points at greater than 1.5c per point i guess.

          • @neilpatrickharris: re council rate… depending on which council you're paying some incur credit card surcharge and some council doesn't charge even though paying with a credit card.

            just curious how do you go with the council rate payment?

            I get one that due at this end of this month… if can get $10 off… I wouldn't mind paying just 1.5% still bargain by few dollars after all

      • Their site says "*Credit card surcharges are at the discretion of the service provider and may apply to Sniip transactions. Please check the fine print on your bill or with your service provider."

        So the way I read it is there is a fee to Sniip of 1.5% + the credit card surcharge of the merchant if they charge one.

        • Just called them, they confirmed it's just the flat 1.5% and nothing else on top

        • I've made rates payment before and it was a flat 1.5% cc surcharge.

        • I have a gas bill that I need to pay and the merchant charges 1.5% for Amex payment. I guess if I use Sniip to pay for this bill then I will need you pay 1.5+1.5%=3%?

          • @birdnw: No - just once. Infact my utility provider charges 1.xx % for Visa/MC and 2.xx % for AMEX so via Sniip app this reduces to 1.5% for AMEX and 0 for Visa/MC.

            • @bajirao: Do you mean Visa/MC debit or credit? Sniip website stated they charge 1.5% for Visa/MC credit as well?

              • @birdnw: I used the Coles prepaid MasterCard and it was treated as Debit card so 0% fees. Had i used provider website, it would have costed me 1.xx% surcharge.

            • @bajirao: have above been proven???

              it seems too good to be true… but won't complain if it's real

              edit: saw that you mentioned "prepaid m/c" … I guess this has the same category as a debit card… if a credit m/c will have surcharge

  • $50 and received 1000 points offer (amex rewards points) vs $100-10 —- which one is better?

    • it's the same, 1000 pints is $5, so they are both 10% off, minus the surcharge, it's like 8% off

  • where is the processing fee stated on website? Its in the faq section of BPAY. But we are getting $10 back so effectively $8.5 back

  • Amount Paid $100.00
    Amount $98.52
    Processing Fee $1.48
    Processing on* 13 Jan 2021 AEDT

    Pay $98.52 so the total is $100 exactly after the fee. Got the email from AmEx immediately:

    Spend $100 or more, get $10 back
    Thank you for using your Sniip - Pay bills fast Amex Offer with your Card ending in xxxxx.

    • can you split a bill of $300+ into paying 3 different cards with the offer???

    • I tried adding my amex and it says "biller unavailable (under review). Some industry codes are unable to be paid"

      Did you also have this problem? Can we get this deal without using amex card?

      • I didn't have that problem, I don't think you can get this deal without using your AmEx card.

        Might be best to contact them to ask why.

  • ok everytime I see 'sniip' on ozb, I keep thinking it is a vasectomy clinic

  • Can't see why anyone would pay 1.5% to use this service.

    Not only do you have to pay a fee, the payment can take several days to be acknowledged by the recipient. That could lead to late payment issues on some occasions.

    If you're going to pay a credit card fee, at least many companies will acknowledge the payment right away if you pay direct.

    • I would agree with you however if using a card payment mostly will charge a surcharge to the most bills & rates…

      I will give it a try since there's a $10 cashback even though I can't split a bill of $300+

      obviously if can split it is even better…

  • Definitely targeted. Waiting for Ninja to come up with a manual link :)