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30m Retractable Hose Reel $215.10 Delivered @ Hoselink


Use code LAURA10 to get a 10% discount at hoselink.com.au for the 30m Retractable Hose Reel

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  • Wonder if Laura gets a commission from Hoselink for the code used?

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  • I know these are highly recommended, but still seem so expensive compared to alternatives. Is it really worth the extra $$$ or has someone found a better budget reel that will do the job?

    • The cheap reels feel cheap and the hose they come with is rubbish, the more expensive reels at Bunnings feel better, but for not much more than the Bunnings high end reels, these are significantly better in every way IMHO.
      The only downside is that all your existing fittings need to be adapted.

      The hose comes with a valve at the outlet end which is great for switching out fittings without needing to turn off the hose first.

    • The spring rusts out too then snaps rendering them useless. In saying that it took 10 years for my 2 to die.

      • The spring rusts out too then snaps rendering them useless. Mine did that too. After less than 4 years. Useless piece of junk.

  • I have these taps at my place, will the hoselink one fit on?


  • warranty - 5 different

    Retractable Hose Reel Unit 2 years
    Tap to Hose Connector Set 3 years
    Hose Connector with Flow Control 12 months
    Accessory Connector with Swivel 12 months
    Comfort 8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer 2 years

    for over 70 bucks a year I ain't seeing a reel quality product …especially when the connectors just degrade and snap after 3/4 years

    • Just had to look how long i'd had mine for, bought in April 2014 and still going strong! Was 20m Auto Rewind Hose Reel for $149.00. It's on a north facing wall pretty much copping the sun all day, however I have replaced a few UV covers over the years (maybe on the 3rd). I have replaced the connector that goes to accessories, not because of failure, but because I wanted the lever to turn it off when changing accessories.

      • my hozelock still going after 6 years - 30m - less than 100 bucks…. sits in the sun all day fading away…..

        • This ^^ hozelock definitely my go to over all others. In saying that no promo on them currently so bought a Gardena from bunnings for the back yard

  • I replaced similar priced Holman kits I got from Bunnings that died just after warranty with Hoselink. Very happy with my purchases, feels far superior than the Bunnings stuff so far.

    • My Holman died straight after warranty too - both of them. What a scam. The coil popped out of its housing rendering it useless. Even worse, I got rid of my hoses thinking this was a solution, but only for three years. The 30m units aren’t cheap either. You buy thinking this is a good way to keep things neat; on the other hand, Holman is thinking quick cash is sweet.

      • Totally agree, when my 3 out of 4 died I was grateful to swear off Holman forever. Hoselink have been going strong for 14 months still all operate like new.
        Holman felt like crap after a few months

    • Just bought a Holman retractable.

      Goddamn the reviews are shocking for all the non-powered retractable hoses at Bunnings.
      The good reviews only kick in for the battery operated/powered units in the $250 mark.

  • Was looking at this a week ago and i could only find the $10 off code then so decided to wait a bit. With 10% off, i now have no reason to not buy this. Thanks OP.

  • 215 for holman? hozelock 12mm x 40 m bunnings price $210 current 5 year warranty on unit

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    code works on more than just the 30m reel too.

  • I bought one of the kits that combined a 30m reel with extra fittings etc using a 10% coupon late on Christmas Day that let me stack a coupon with their Boxing Day sales.
    Mid Boxing Day morning they turned off the coupon applying to anything except full priced items, so keep an eye on the prices during checkout on case the same thing happens again.

  • Can confirm code works fine.
    I had one of these a couple of years ago which worked perfectly until some arsehole stole it. Replaced with a Holman which is falling apart after 2 years.
    These are the best by a long way so have now bought another.

  • Bought this 30m hose reel from Hoselink back in 2016 at $202.50 so this price is not bad at all.
    And mine is still going strong.