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EKO 70" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $799 (Was $949) in Store @ Big W


Not as good as this earlier deal, but a good price for a 70" smart TV nonetheless.

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  • What is the quality of the screen? Is it LED LCD panel?

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      I got EKO 65" android TV in Dec. Very happy with the picture quality.

    • Almost 4 star energy rating; id assume it has to be.

      CCFL cant usually get that high.

    • Does anybody still make CCFL displays?

      • Yeah, anything over 110" tends to still use them.
        Not sure why….

        Perhaps when that big hot spotting becomes more of an issue?

        • That size, 99% of the time you are talking projectors in dedicated rooms.

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            @bargaino: Depends where you shop.

            I used to work in a home theatre supply shop almost 7 years ago.

            There was one supplier; sharp, who did up to 130" LCD screens.

            We sold a lot more huge tv's than we did projectors.

            That said, anyone going to a dedicated home theatre showroom usually just whipped out the cheque book at the $20k price tag, or ordered 3 or 4 for different rooms.

            It's a wildly different lifestyle when you have bulk excess money I swear to god!

            Projectors only really ever got sold to "poorer" people, because for others, their super yacht, or their penthouse or their open plan art House had too much glass to darken.

            Crazy world man.

            Off topic, I had one customer buy 2 sets of $280k solid gold speakers (TWO SETS!?) and didn't buy an amp…. When I asked why; and I quote:
            "I'll probably never play them, they just need to be obvious on my deck because the guy in the Super yacht next to mine thinks he's top shit showing his off". Absolutely. Nuts.

  • Iā€™m guessing the sound quality is tinny.

    • Yes sound quality needs improvement. I also bought a 2.1 sound bar and the sound quality is so much better.

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      I'd almost argue TVs should start omitting speakers. The quality is so poor, regardless of whether its a $300 generic or premium make.

      I use a $30 set of creative 2.1 PC speakers which i bought 10 years ago that are still leaps and bounds above the built in sound quality of new Tvs.

      Own the 58" EKO frameless, can confirm its good.

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        Feels like they put in crappy speakers on purpose to make a market for their soundbars

        • Probably. The sound quality from them is still garbage $ for $ against a basic stereo setup, no matter how expensive they make their sound bars.

          • @ptenkae: I agree. I bought a Voll subwoofer, 2x bookshelf speakers and a small amp and the sound quality is amazing for its size and price.

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          Except that you have the option to use a soundbar from another company. I think the poor sound from current TVs is usually due to people wanting thinner and thinner TVs and thus less room for decent speakers.

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            @Gravy: Yep space is a big issue.

            Also, why put more expensive speakers in a tv when most people are going to connect something far better external to the tv anyway?

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        It's like when Apple supplied ear buds with iPods, they were just enough for the base experience. TV's are the same.

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          But earpods are actually quite good. They were a huuuuuge step up from the absolutely awful headphones that used to get supplied with MP3 players.

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            @DealhunterMelbourne: Yeah except the wireless part I feel the sound quality is the same in Apple ear buds

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            @DealhunterMelbourne: Those White ear buds they supplied were no better than the $1 black Chinese crap other people provided. You fell for the marketing and that's ok.

            • @Mickice: I dislike Apple.

              But you made me curious; I literally have a drawer full of $2 store earbuds, some Huawei ones, some BlackBerry ones, Nokia ones (came with the N95), and about 3 pair of Apple earbuds.

              I can actually say with confidence that those Apple earphones ARE better than the cheapest. ESPECIALLY when I put them through my tube headphone amp.

              As someone who genuinely believes their price is driven by marketing more than tech costs, and dislikes them on principal; those 'Steve Job's era ear buds, are actually better than any of the cheapies.

              To beat them I had to go to some $25 Phillips, from about 2000; some of the first to use aluminium drivers.

              Not that it matters, ancient news now, but I just thought it was interesting.

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        creative 2.1 PC speakers

        But is it Atmos? You got to have Atmos to be cool.

  • Which store is this? In the online page I can't find any stores with stock…


    • This was at Macquarie Centre NSW

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    I did a runthrough of the menus and startup times on my Eko 65" Android TV, if it helps anyone.


    Very happy with mine.

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      Thank you very much.
      Great video! Thanks for sharing

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      Can you stop it defaulting to the silly menu system, and just start the darn TV? Lol.

      I have one 'android TV' in my house and the need for 'menus' for my tv to be a tv is the bane of my couch potato times!

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    can't find any stock :(

  • has anyone found out the EKO universal tv remote codes?
    Trying to use it with Fetch tv remote but the codes EKO provided don't work.

    Also tried the Konka codes with no luck

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      Down the bottom of that thread someone said this for the 65 QLED version. Try that.

      ā€œ I actually emailed support and they said the remote control code is A05Fā€

    • I use my phone as a remote using the "sure" ap.

      Brand is Haier. (tried that given the name came up on the tv somewhere)

      Can normally use the "android tv" ap to control it of your phone doesn't have an IR sender.

    • We use one of these with ours, and it's great:


      We paid around $30, but you can get non-keyboard versions for a fair bit cheaper.

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    Returned my EKO 55 QLED Android TV yesterday after 3 months of use, video freezing now and then with audio playing in the background.

    • Did you try a full power off/on? Ours went weird a couple of times over the past year but was fine after switching off at the wall and back on.

      • Turned on and off but still same.

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          Turn off/on and stand by is a little trick in this tv. To turn it really off you need to hold the power button. Otherwise it only goes to stand by

          • @Dienk: I once had the EKO logo during the start-up so I thought it's restarted but still had the issue few weeks later. How often are you supposed to perform this ritual?

            • @anamul: I do it every time. This tv gets slow if you do not turn it off. Holding the button you get the eko logo all the times

              • @Dienk: We've had ours since the last time it was posted on OzBargain. The last couple of weeks its been having a similar issue where it will be completely laggy after a quick boot. This is especially noticeable on Disney+ which becomes unusable. Force closing all apps won't fix it and the only solution is a full power cycle. This can occur a few times a day or only every few days.
                I have even gone into developer settings and restricted the TV to using one app at a time and clearing caches - no change.
                For some reason this happens more often when my partner is the one who last used it. I emailed support weeks ago and haven't got a response.

                Does anyone know:
                - what could be causing this on a technical level? Is it an issue with RAM or the suspension of apps when put into standby?
                - is there anything in particular we can do to avoid it other than a full power down each time?
                - if there is a way to disable quick boot until the developers fix these issues in an update? (My TCL Android TV let's me do this) I think the most recent update was mid 2020 -_-

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                  @Ashmattic: While in dev options, try to "force gnu rendering" and restrict it to 2 apps, not 1. Occasionally those TV's lIke to have a companion app hidden but running.

                  A few things to check before you get aggressive.

                  Can you get the TV into fastboot (recovery) mode? (Usually volume down + power),

                  If so, enable USB debugging, ADB into the TV and get aggressive with the uninstalling or blocking of apps.

                  if you screw up; factory reset.

            • @anamul: Just turn it off by holding the power button for around 3 seconds. (much like shutting down your phone)

              • @Duff5000: Already returned mate. Thanks for the fixes though.

  • I have one (Android TV) quite impressed. Only thing I noticed is sometimes on lower light scenes, the colour transition doesn't seem to be a smooth gradient - rather more distinct "rings". Does anyone else notice this and is there a setting to change to correct for it, or is it just a factor of the low brightness / contrast ratio?

    Also just an FYI when I got it, no delivery available, had to click and collect. Wouldn't fit in our SUV (Kia Sportage) so had to hire a GoGet van. Store was great and arranged so I could collect from their loading dock, since the size meant it wouldn't fit in a trolley (if we collected instore and had to take to carpark).

    • +2

      had to hire a GoGet van.

      Protip: if you're fairly close by, usually a maxi-taxi is cheaper than any hire car.

      • How do you book maxi-taxi on the spot? Do you just call taxi company?

        • +1

          Thanks for the tip. Didn't even think about it but good to know for next time. Not sure if it would fit with the seats in the maxi though?

          Unfortunately none of the stores near me had stock and I had to drive halfway across Sydney (twice, after the failed SUV pick up attempt - wife was thoroughly not impressed). I was lucky and got it a couple of months ago when it was down to $635. Maxi taxi trip would probably have cost me half the price!

          I've booked a maxi a few times before just calling at the time. Usually told it's not guaranteed though, since I think they might prioritise them for disabled people or those that are less mobile that need them.

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            Not sure if it would fit with the seats in the maxi though?

            They're a mini van. The rear isle folds down, leaving an entire gap up the middle :)

            I used to do new house fit outs when my father (builder) was still working.

            70" was all the rage about 10 years ago for people with enough money for a theatre room.

        • Yup, just tell them you need a maxi, same as you would any other :)

  • No stock around Brisbane. Any similar sizes tv on sale atm?

    • Yeah I tried sunny coast and gold coast as well but doesn't look like anywhere has stock.

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    We bought one of these last time it was in stock for our conference room TV at work. I am absolutely amazed at the picture quality. I have a 65" Sony Bravia at home and the EKO picture is easily as good, possibly better. Amazing TV for the price.

    • Seriously? Which Bravia model?

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    How does this compare with the Aldi TVs

  • +1
    • Not Android

      • Does it really matter? Honestly asking. It has Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and you can always buy a Chromecast w/ Google TV. I would hate not to be able to update the Android on my TV in 1-2 years of time.

        • For others who want to sideload apk files (apps which are not on google play store).

          • @arctan: Aside from this are there any other downsides? Does this non-android version operate more efficiently, for example (menus, startup time, etc).
            If it is replacing a non-smart TV presumably you wont know what you are missing & it seems a great price for a 65"

        • The annoying thing will be the android version has been that price before.

          If you have a console you can always use that for other aps anyway.

          • @Duff5000: True, but lack of Android might be a good thing for a cheap TV as this as one commenter pointed out above. CPUs used in TVs for Smart TV features are not the most powerful ones and Android is a heavy operating system.

    • Does anyone know what the input lag on these are like? Just got casual gaming so not super fussy but don't want to end up with something like 100ms

  • +1

    I have this TV. Ill be honest I have barely used it as its in a spare living room that I dont use. Few things to note.

    Picture quality is ok but Im using a OLED LG so its a downgrade to what I watch on 99% of the time

    Control is crap. It uses BT and sometimes takes several presses to do something like turn on or off tv

    Price for a K 70" Android TV (thats the biggest kicker) is very good though so I would recommend for those on a budget or as a 2nd tv

    • +4

      …or for those with kids.

      ie it's a "sacrificial" tv :)

    • Control is crap. It uses BT

      Not sure if these are the same as the 65in but on them the remote is both BT and IR. You can just use it as IR and not worry about pairing it via BT.

  • Can't update Amazon Prime Video app on eko Android TV in the Google Play Store it has the update button but fails to up date on 2 different TVs

    • +1

      Check your Google account location setting. If your Google account has been used for those Indian YouTube premium account subscription the Disney and Amazon prime would refuse to update as your account location is India and those app are not supported.

      • One account did have India but the other TV account didn't. I will try a third account

    • Works fine for me.

      Try a new account to rule out what arctan said.

  • Have the 55ā€ and my biggest gripe is the lack of a skip next button on the remote.

    • You can use the Google Android TV Remote app or voice control via Google Assistant (only on in remote control by default)

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