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Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak: Single $107 or Double $143 + Shipping @ Groupon


Usually $259 for the double seater at BCF. Used one on ebay is over $200 This is a great price and the Kayak is great. Use code: FORTUNE to get 10% off. Shipping is $19.95 to Sydney. Please click my referral if you like the deal!

Available in single or double size, this inflatable kayak is ideal for lakes and mild rivers; paddles, storage bag and a pump included

Product Details

Store important supplies like water bottles, snorkeling gear and wet bags in the cargo net at the front
Low-profile design is ideally suited for lakes and mild rivers
Inflates and deflates quickly and easily using the Boston valve in the main hull chamber
Move it around using the grab lines on either end

Includes a paddle for each person, storage bag, patch kit, cargo net and pump
Material: 30 gauge PVC
Floor: inflated I-beam floor for added comfort and buoyancy
Chambers: two completely separate air chambers to help keep it afloat
Oars: 86-inch aluminium paddle with comfort grip handles

K1 Kayak - Single:
Dimensions: 274cm x 76cm x 33cm
Max weight: 100kg

K2 Kayak - Double:
Dimensions: 351cm x 76cm x 38cm
Max weight: 180kg

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  • +44

    Hopefully my attempts at fishing for + votes with the use of puns doesn’t sink and I get some bites.

    • +35

      Its a hard thing to tackle, lets hope you dont flounder otherwise I'd scale it back a bit.

      • +3

        You win.

      • +4

        Fishing for votes - that’s a paddling

    • +1

      Hopefully these upvotes don't pump up your ego too much and leave you with an inflated sense of self worth.

    • Floundering at that one!

      • How deflating…

    • $99 Delivered (if you have kogan first)
      it actually looks really good!
      Also wider and taller compared to the groupon version

    • +8

      Check the Amazon reviews here. It’s better to buy a reputable brand like Intex than an unknown brand.

    • +3

      Just an FYI. The one listed on Kogan can only hold 80kg whereas the Intex branded one can handle 100kg.

    • +3

      Personally own 2 of the Intex K1 sngle-seaters so can vouch for it (got it from Groupon last year). Amazing and stable inflatable kayak and well worth the price. If its not urgent, best wait for a 20% groupon cashback offer to get this. Check some of the reviews on youtube before buying.

    • +3

      The intex looks solid af. Seen in store and also someone using one. That Kogan one looks like a kids toy. Check out the seat in the photos of the Kogan one

    • does Kogan sell any double ones?

  • Nevermind, didnt use the "FORTUNE" coupon

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      Discount code: FORTUNE

    • +1

      Use code

  • +1

    would it be ok to use inside the sydney harbour or something tougher is needed?

    • +1

      I'd be wary of the wake of those big ferries.

      • +1

        thanks. I have just started looking for one and i know nothing about kayaks

    • +2

      Done a few times with my 10yo son. Never had a problem.

    • +1

      Done a few time as well - gone from Lady martins beach across to darling point and then around clark island - Would definitely recommend going in early morning when the water is calmer and water ways less busy, but kayaks have worked well.

      • My favorite is from Ballast Point to Goat Island then Harbour Bridge. You would meet a couple of organised kayaking tours along the way.

    • Ive done it a few times in one of these, you need to be careful of wake and if its choppy. I would say it better up on of the rivers

    • +1

      I bought a K1 last time Groupon ran the deal (Nov '18).

      I have been using it to get to and from my boat out on a mooring in a sheltered bay (Hobsons Bay Melbourne)

      The upsides are that it handles well (the skeg makes a huge difference, it's uncontrollable without it), and I can fold it up and carry it in a (very large) backpack. It takes me about 10 mins to set it up, and about 20 mins to put it away. The kayak isn't going to spontaneously pop, but would tear if you hit something sharp. Be careful not to leave the kayak in the sun, as air expansion may cause it to pop.

      The major downside is that my kayak has had multiple leaks along one welded seam on the bottom, and on the welds on the inside near the stern. I have to keep repairing it with vinyl cement (HH-66). A new leak appears every two months or so. So I always paddle with the pump connected to top up, but having two chambers means I'm not going to completely sink. A minor downside is that the area of plastic between the seat back and the seat floor tore, causing a puncture. Fixed but still annoying.

      It has been excellent for the money, but that's because it wasn't a lot of money. They are what they are, and couldn't be said to be over-engineered.

      Always wear a PFD!

  • What happens if you get a hole in it in the middle of the bay?

    • +26

      All the water runs out.

    • You thank yourself for wearing a PFD! :)

      Seriously though, these things are not really intended for off-shore, but more for slow rivers and estuaries. But either way, Victorian law (not sure about other states) requires you to have PFD, waterproof buoyant torch, and pump or bailer when kayaking in the bay.

      Also worth noting most Intex kayaks (not sure about this one) have multiple (at least two) separate inflation bladders, so if one punctures, you might be slow, but should be able to kick your way back into shore if you're not too far out.

      • +1

        waterproof buoyant torch

        not unless you go more that 4km from shore…

        • Oops. Yes, you're right, I misread the table :)


          • +4
            • @jv: LOL
              Last night i took my kids to a beach - around 7pm so sun was about to set, not too bright but not too dark either
              We were playing near shallow / calm waters when i suddenly noticed a dark area, which was moving towards me
              Cant really see clearly initially but i got out of the water first, and finally noticed it was a LARGEEE stingray, easily twice my size
              Alerted the couple who was swimming and when saw the stingrays (another large one appeared out of no where) they quickly got out too
              Swear I would not go into the water with swim rings anymore

  • Will this be a PITA to pump and deflate each time?

    • Yep. That's the downside. The upside is they're not as much a PITA to transport, and store at home. Depends on your needs :)

      • +2

        PITA to transport, and store

        Hard kayak sits on the roof racks and can be wet or covered in salt or dirt on the way home. I sometimes spray the kayak and car clean (kayak still on roof, at the same time) where I used it if there is a tap available (I usually bring a hose) and it's dry by the time I get home. Inflatable needs to be stowed inside so you have to think twice about taking it home wet or dirty.

        Hard kayak can be plopped under the house - I leave mine upsidedown on the side of the house, been there for years no problem. Sometimes gets covered in leaves - I just blow them off.

        IMO inflatable is more a PITA for both. Depends on what car / home you have.

    • +2

      After several inflatable outside pools that barely last a few uses and an inflatable bouncy castle gifted by someone without experience in inflatable crap (none of which were easily inflated with a pump and ended up with me nearly passing out from manually inflating them), I am done with anything inflatable.

      • +3

        (none of which were easily inflated with a pump and ended up with me nearly passing out from manually inflating them), I am done with anything inflatable.

        • +1

          I bought a mains powered pump from BigW, but the nozzles never fit well on small valves, the pump gets superhot within minutes (too hot to hold), or the little bit of rubber behind the nozzle (to prevent air coming out) won't open up properly. Pumps work 'ok' for the large valves.

          • @Make it so: I heavily vouch for this ryobi one. It has high and low flow. I use it for all my car tyres, bike tyres, air mattresses, balls, etc. Never had an issue. I leave it in my van in case I ever get a flat.

          • @berserkk:

            Anything wrong with these ones?

            I already have Ryobi tools and batteries…
            If you already have Ozito, go for those…

      • +8

        I am done with anything inflatable.

        She developed a leak did she?

        • Always use the KY!

          • @tiskael: If you're a bit rough she might go down on you.

        • Said the banana…

    • If you have Ozito or Ryobi batteries you can buy 18V inflators at Bunnings. I use them for inflatable donuts at the beach.

    • +2

      I have the K1 and it is less of a pain than I'd expected. Fully packed in the back to fully pumped up and ready to go takes me about 5 minutes with the included hand pump. Deflating and packing up is maybe 10 minutes.

      Personally I find pumping up the tires on my bicycle to be more of a pain than pumping up the kayak.

    • +1

      Bought the double in the last deal, a mild PITA to deflate and fit back in the bag - especially when you're tired after a kayak sesh.
      Pretty easy to inflate and put together with the included pump.

      Did not find it as comfortable or fast as a regular kayak - seat sags when we had 2 full grown dudes.
      but does the job and costs similar to hiring a kayak 2-3 times so probably worth it if you're just out to have a paddle.

      Kayak is actually remarkably stable even for 2 people (2x75kg males) on the double. Pretty sturdy too, should be able to cop some mild rock scrapes.

      Found myself fomo-ing when i saw the anaconda kayak deal.
      Depends on your needs though, if you don't have a roof rack or space to store a kayak this may suit you.

      • When you mentioned anaconda kayaks I thought you meant this deal.
        This was the winner of double.kayak deals. Pain in the ass getting 2 home on the dual cab ute. When I asked a mate if he wanted one he didn't hesitate at this price.

    • I wonder if I can use the portable tyre pump that my Audi comes with? and I live 5 mins from nice/calm lake

      • You need high volume inflation - not high pressure. High pressure will take an hour to pump this up…

    • 1) Yes, annoying to inflate/deflate SUP/kayaks but if you have no option that's what you have to do.
      2) Inflatables can be a bit lighter to carry than solid boards/kayaks
      3) You get 5 minutes of extra exercise every time you inflate it
      4) Inflatables retain air well. I relocated to a place with more storage and I've not deflated the SUP for over 12 months

      • Inflatables instructions usually say deflate after use. I'm guessing leaving it inflated for long periods of time stretches the plastic?

        • Maybe, I don't remember reading that. The local beach rental place leaves them pumped up all season as well

      • You can just as easily carry inflated SUPs on roof racks as hard bodied SUPs. Just tether them front and back. The benefit is in storage. Literally 10mins to inflate to pressure and deflate to store using a dual pressure/volume pump.

  • Usually groupon have heavy discount when u buy 2. Can vouch for quality

  • For paddling in creeks and rivers wouldn the floor in this thing puncture as soon as you touch a stick or rock? Just looks like a thin plastic layer without any reinforcement…

    • +2

      I've had pokes and scrapes on riverbanks and bottoming out in shallow creeks, bumping into the rough wood and concrete of the landing and it hasn't punctured yet. I'm sure one unlucky tree branch could get through but after owning mine for a year and a half I'm more confident now of its toughness than when I first bought it.

  • +3

    Easy to carry, pump , deflate , paddle , And carry 150 kg in total , but super hot on the skin in 35 degrees heat .

  • whats the size of this thing when it deflates? Can you carry in your car eithout a trailer?

    • +2


      The bag is about 100cm (D) by 50cm (W) by 80cm (H) for the 2 person one we have.

  • +4

    Apologies if this is a dumb question but as a 100kg+ fatty could I use the 2 person one by myself a throw an esky in the back?

    • +8

      Yes the seat can be adjusted to the middle

      • Thank you

    • No idea but following as i seem to fit the questions parameters and needs.

    • I tested the single to about 125kgs. Me and esky. I was out for about 3 hours and not an issue, yes you are lower in tye water but it was fine

  • +2

    I have the K2. We took it to a house in Currumbin and left it inflated for the week. Didn't need to top up the air. Carried about 250m down to the creek and back up to the house each day (sometimes twice per day). Can be carried by one (dismantle things and pop them inside, carry the kayak on a shoulder), but easier with two people. Kids loved it.

    Things to consider - relatively thin and low sides make it easier to paddle without scraping hands on the side (especially for kids); the decent skeg helps with paddling efficiency (the Kogan ones look iffy); the two chambers is important; took about 20 minutes to set up - the pump works well. It's still bulky to transport, but can do so without roof racks, at least.

  • +2

    Ordered this last time a good deal like this was posted.

    Got this email 10 days later:
    "We’d like to inform you of an important development regarding the Groupon you purchased for the Intex Challenger K2 Double Seat Inflatable Kayak deal. As much as we wish to be the bearers of good news, unfortunately, due to unexpected supplier stock shortages, we are unable to get this product delivered to you."

    So if you do order, it's no guarantee they'll actually deliver,

  • +2

    I would recommend getting one of these for the inflation:

    You still need to pump a few times at the end because this doesn't get enough pressure, but it's been great.

  • Thanks OP.

    Any deals on PFDs? 😎 Or even recommendations.

    • I just got the cheapest one from BCF, you may want to get a more comfortable one if you plan on kayaking for >1hrs

      • Thanks! I seem to recall receiving a $10 discount voucher for BCF. I only want to go paddle on something like Cardinia Reservoir.

    • BCF had the Seack ones for $39 recently. I just missed picking one up, but that's the price point I want to hit.

  • +3

    I wouldn't consider getting this for much except a short paddle over holidays on still waters. Always be mindful of wind and tides (in creeks or rivers), these wouldn't track well and with a cheap paddle you may have trouble getting back to shore against the wind or currents if you went out offshore.

    • +1

      You keep saying "wouldn't" like you've never used one.

    • It tracks well. Paddles work well. No problem paddling into a wind against the tide in a river, but they are obviously going to catch more wind than a more aerodynamic hard shell. Comfortable seats. Considering getting shades to do a very long paddle and perhaps take some fishing gear (though I'm cautious about mixing an inflatable with hooks).

      But no, this is not a surf ski or for white-water.

    • I've used my single K2 on low rapids, yarra river in Melbourne and strong tide/wind going out in Dolphin Reserve in Adelaide. They work a treat. I did learn my lesson, as on the 3rd trip down rapids in Warrandyte I tore a 60cm hole in the bottom. Was still able to paddle it to shore, but that was my day done.

      The lesson is sharp rocks and sticks easily tear this guy. You need to spend $1,200 if you're going to be tackling rocks or low water in remote areas.

    • I own 2 and would agree about the wind and tide comment. Hard going compared to my hard kayak.

  • This or a SUP board for casual paddling over the water?

    BCF price-matched it for me (but not the 10% off promo) + free shipping.
    I will go with them then.

    • How did you price match?

      • Just give them a call and tell them the price on Groupon.

  • Great deal, bought 1 x K2. Cheers OP

  • Got a K2 as well thanks OP!

  • Any recommended cheap and small life jacket to get ?
    according to this RMS, Level 50S or greater at all times!

  • Dammit I just bought a Hobie pro angler 14 yesterday. Could have bought this and saved $6k

  • great, want to try kayaking for a while :D

  • -1

    so i am 120 kg fatty, if i get a K2 and ride it with my 15 kg daughter. Would be it be out of balance?

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