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Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer (Skin Only), $29 @ Bunnings


Looks like the Aldi price match is being done by dropping the items separately. Add the mower kit ($160) and it's slightly cheaper too but on the trade-off of only having one battery … but any OzBargainer should have a few spare 4Ah lying around already ;)

This is skin only. Not as good as the previous deal which included a 2.5A battery but might be close enough for those who missed out on a getting a cheap trimmer of sorts. Handy they drop the items separately if you don't need both too.

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      Awesome. Needed something to trim my eggs.

  • Been using mine for a few years. It's been pretty good. I was sceptical about the plastic blades but they're pretty easy to replace.

  • Last one on special (with batt and charger) also had 20 included blades, but not the rotating head.

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    By chance, I just picked up the Bosch replacement blades today that are made in the UK. Will find out soon if they’re any better than the ozito ones:


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      Look forward for your feedback.

      • The difference between the two is negligible. May be slightly better but in the end it is still plastic. Might try the line suggestion.

  • Apparently the new version of blades are stronger according to Bunnings.

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    Does it use the same battery as the mower?

    • Yes

  • What's the regular price of these?

    • $79

  • Whats is skin only ?

    • No battery included just the grass trimmer

  • This one's got plastic pins and probably won't work if your grass longer / tougher like buffalo grass.

  • I got Ryobi battery. Can I use it on this trimmer?

  • Should i upgrade my older one for this one with a rotatimg head?

  • Thanks OP - I'm going to buy another one and try to convert it to hold a metal blade like the "unbreakable trimmer" above so I can tackle long grass and shrubs.

    OZBs - this is well worth $30, I've had one for years (bought it in early 2018) and its not skipped a beat. Easily get half an hour our of a 3 or 4Ah battery (can't remember which one, I use whichever one will full charge first tbh). Blades flying off or breaking easily isn't an issue after your first go or two, you adapt to it pretty easily.

    One thing to be aware of with this Trimmer is that the blades are a fixed length, so it is really, really useful for precise work (like edging a lawn) as the length of the blade is fixed (unless its damaged or broken). With a line trimmer that has a spool, the line length is varies all the time.

  • Tried to order this last time, to be told no stock even though the store was showing as in stock at the time of order. Just got the same message again. Trying a different store & crossing my fingers.

  • Thanks! Added to cart as soon as I seen this and that my local still had stock. Collected this arvo but can’t play around until tomorrow or Sunday. Already about 7 tools deep in ozito land, so can’t really lose at this price!

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    Had one of these some time ago, it's so flimsy I couldn't even get a straight cut on the edges. I wouldn't recommend it?

  • I have Ozito 1.5Ah batteries for Hammer Drill, can I use it on this trimmer?

    • Yes

  • I like mine. Much quicker to change the blades than frig around with my line on the base of my Honda. The Honda is now redundant at my place. *I bought two of the $29 (inc battery and charger) line trimmers earlier this year.

  • Instead of this go for the 2x 18v battery model. You will not be disappointed.

  • Bummer, just got a notification that they've refunded mine owing to no stock 😔. Cheers to those managed to grab one.

  • Do you need to wear eye protection with these?

    • How can you forget Murphy's Law, so Safety First Always.

  • A few left at Cannington in the garden tool aisle, although you might need to get a ladder and check up top.

    Pretty pleased with it. I only have the crappy 1.5Ah battery from another tool, but was able to edge approx 30m of lawn that hasn't been done for ages. Did not break any blades even going against the fence.

  • This thing is a giant turd to use. I don't mind the low power, I expected that and it's suitable for smaller yards like mine. Those plastic blades just pop off frequently and consistently. I go through at least a dozen every time I use it. Once they pop off the head the hole is stretched so can't be reused.

    I just use the corded trimmer now and it's fantastic. Well worth having an extension cord connected. It saddened and angered me when I run out of trimmer wire before having a chance to go to hardware. When faced with the decision to fall back to this POS or just have long edges, I tried this for 10min then chose long edges.

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    Grabbed one of these a couple of days back. I already have a 2ah battery and a 4ah battery.

    Opening the package, I was a bit disappointed to find that these use plastic blades rather than the typical cord that comes with line trimmers, you do get 10 spare blades, which probably only sets this back as a minor inconvenience as you would need to change them as you go. However, this also means that you will get a consistent cutting diameter.

    Using the line trimmer, I find it's pretty much in line with a typical 18v trimmer, fine for the lighter stuff, but you will need more patience with thicker, longer green grass. It will get the thicker stuff down without a worry, but you will need to work down from the top of it.

    After about 20-30 minutes of use through a combination of thick and thin patches of grass, I'm still on the first blade and the 4ah battery I was using was still on 2 bars (and I think the battery would have been on around 90% to begin with as I used it a little bit since it's last full charge.

    So, for $29 I'm bloody happy with it. I have a black and decker 54v line trimmer that's on my list of things to repair at the moment so this will get me by for now.

  • How tough are the blades? Will they take a beating if I do the edging and keep hitting the concrete by accident

    • They will be destroyed rapidly.

  • And back to full price. $79

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