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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 $749, Digital Edition $599 @ JB Hi-Fi (Instore Only)



We can now confirm that JB Hi-Fi will be taking PS5 pre-orders in store starting today with stock set to arrive on or after January 21st.

As of today, stores have received their allocations for the next shipment meaning that they can now take pre-orders for the drop happening next week. You’re best to call your local JB Hi-Fi before heading in just in case they have already pre-sold out.

EDIT: Few replies to the Tweet confirming success at preordering at JB. https://twitter.com/PressStartAU/status/1349913754532679680

YMMV but don't give up

EDIT2: "Just spoke to my local, all stores are taking preorder in-store now, according to one rep. Wouldn’t take my details over the phone though, so need to head in and take care of it. Will report back."

EDIT3: "Local JB (Perth) confirmed they're taking preorders with full payment"

EDIT4: "Just made the preorder at northland. Was told stock sometime next week"

Mod: Check comments below, before calling your local store(s) regarding availability.

Edit 2/2: Some stores/users are reporting preorders are available in store again. Comments

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  • They all seem to have different policies:
    JB Fountain Gate - They don’t accept at all
    JB Narre Warren - They don’t accept at all
    JB Cranbourne Superstore - Put name on list only, can’t guarantee anything
    JB Cranbourne Park - Get in store, place $150, likely late Jan pick up

    • I was at JB Pakenham and they said the same thing. They had a list but zero chance of getting it.

    • Things are in a flux with them at the moment.
      JB Narre Warren in-store took my money (full amount) for a pre-order. Late Jan delivery.

    • +2

      I don't think it's worth a neg if we've proven this is working for many. Odds are all stores have allocation - just staff haven't been made aware.

    • Why the neg?

  • Secured one in Hoppers Crossing VIC :)

    • Just as I was about to line up to pre-order there they literally were just posting signs that the PS5s are sold out. fml

  • If you're in Liverpool, rush to it. They are doing allocations. I think maybe 15 left.

    Just got one.

    I called Macarthur and narellan before and they know nothing about it.

    Edit: I'm positive Liverpool is sold out of allocations now. But try other stores in the area, if they say they dont know anything about it. Tell them to transfer you to the game department.

    • I called both macarthur and narellan ~3pm , Narellan was out and ctown didnt know allocation numbers and were taking names and phone numbers though had a huge list.

      Ended up getting one in Jamieson (penrith) pre-order instore deposit $50.was 2nd last to get one ~4:40pm.

      • Yep ctown told me they had a list of 150.
        And hell yea congrats! Scary to be the 2nd last, but also fortunate.
        When I went to order mine I could hear the people next to me saying "yea im here to pre order a ps5"

        And apparently jb hifis phones have been blowing up all afternoon/eve…ozbargained hehe

        • if it wasnt for the new northern road I would have completely missed out. cant say I wasnt Vrrrrrmmmm either.

  • I managed to get one as well. Does anyone know if they are getting a disc or digital version? I forgot to ask..

    • +1

      How did you get one without knowing what you got?

      • I just asked if they are accepting ps5 preorders and they took my name down and a deposit of $50. Completely forgot about whether it’s disc/digital

    • I got asked if I wanted digital or disc

      • Same. Was asked specifically.

    • I asked and the sales told me it's the Disc version.

    • +2

      Nvm. Called the store and they confirmed they’re only getting disc versions so all good.

    • My pre-order was for disc version only. There were no digital versions.

    • Oops, wrote in the wrong post

  • Preordered one at Northlands in VIC.

    • Just came back empty handed from there

      • must be sold out, when I went there 1.5 hours ago, I was the only one asking, and there was no sign about PS5 preordering.

    • I ordered one there after seeing your comment, called before I went there, I paid $50 deposit so I can pay the balance using my giftcards.

  • I called a store in Melbourne and the info is correct! The rep confirmed that I have to come in the store and place a $50 deposit

  • Melton store in Vic not taking any pre-orders at the moment, the lady said they've had several people call in the last hour :D

  • Things are in a flux with them at the moment.
    JB Narre Warren in-store took my money (full amount) for a pre-order. Late Jan delivery.
    Went to JB Cranbourne homemaker centre earlier and they were out of preorders

  • +1

    Just placed a deposit of $50 for the preorder at Gepps Cross SA.

  • Macquarie Park, NSW took a full payment and told me that it will be ready for pick up next week. The lady was very busy answering 4 phone calls while I was paying

    • Was literally just in there and the guy told me they just sold the last one

  • confirmed jbhifi hurstville is taking pre order

  • Just put my preorder in at JB Carseldine. Staff told me the store has about 30 allocated and they've got maybe 10 left. Good luck!

    • +1

      Ordered at carseldine too. 3:22pm. We got lucky!

  • I reckon in-store pre-order should always be, to stop scalper and bots ordering PS5.

    • -1

      How does that stop scalping? Do they not have legs?

      • +8

        Make their life harder and bots don't have leg.

      • +2

        they can only order 1 this time. Not like 10 at one time online.

    • +1

      it certainly reduces it

  • WA myaree and garden city none left

  • If only EB games followed in JB games footsteps…

    • preordered ps5 fromeb 3 monthsago…havnt heard a peep…

      • Yeah, me too. Called them earlier after seeing this post, and apparently many others had the same idea.

        I think due to EB already having pre-existing pre-orders to fulfill, they are making sure there is enough before breaking the news.

  • -3

    Take this with a grain of salt, but I heard that some stores prioritise people who pay for the pre-order in full (vs just the $50 deposit) in terms of allocating the stock they receive, in case they get less stock. Less of a headache for them. Which means it's not first come best dressed, but more of allocating stock first to fully-paid orders

    • +1

      Nonsense. The sales rep said to me, "Pay as much as you like now, $50 minimum".

  • Came for the comments. Not disappointed.

  • Just managed to Pre Order one from Carindale JB Hi Fi in Brisbane.

  • Holmesglen had like 10 people in line and a phone call every few seconds asking about PS5s. The sales guy was raging about Ozbargain lol. 749 full payment required

  • VIC Wantirna South/Knox unavailable

    • +1

      Paid for one in full at Eastland VIC

  • I finally got one, ordered at JB Hi-Fi Rouse Hill around 40 min back.

    $50 Deposit Only.

  • Thanks op. Was able to secure one.

    • +4

      man with 2 secretaries still couldnt get a ps5 til this date like me. I feel better now

  • if I want to order one of each of the disc and digital edition, how do I go about it considering the limit of one per person?

    • +5

      You throw a hissy fit and make sure someone is filming you and calling you a Karen then make sure you also tell them you are calling the police

    • +4

      When you order the second one, tell them your name is Guy Incognito.

  • I called Brighton, they are taking pre-order $50 from tomorrow 9am. Then called Holmesglen, the salesperson said there were taking orders in-store but must pay $749. Got one from Holmesglen.

  • +3

    spoke to Amazon australia customer service live chat they happen to believe they will receive a large shipment very soon he said cant give a date or time unfortunately

    • Cool a rumour vs people getting them in hand .
      I know what boat iI am on 😃

      • The ESL boat?

  • +1

    I called my local JB first which confirmed they were taking preorders, went in and ordered one for the 21st of Jan. No issues. Had to pay in full. Some of the staff had no idea it was happening whilst other staff knew it was happening. Just poor communication between JB and their staff, or upper management not notifying staff.

  • Got a pre-order at penrith westfield, can't be bothered to call around to find one in stock.
    Enjoy everyone who managed to get one today.

    • they are all pre-orders . non in stock.

  • Got a pre-order at Jb Thomastown

    • I think I was right behind you in line :D, you got the 3rd last cause I asked the lady and she was like there are 2 left when I dropped my fifty bux

  • I'm just glad all these shameless scalpers commenting are in Vic/Melbourne seemingly. Might have half a chance picking one up from my smallish QLD town tomorrow morning.. Jealous of peeps able to get out in the middle of a workday like this =(

    • I am in Darwin, I called first store and told me they have 150 queue and put my name without deposit or going to store, felt something is odd. so I called the other store and told me they've ordered only 20, and 12 left, I was there 15min's after with only 8 left and a line of 6 behind me. so don't put your hopes so high.

      he did not write my name anywhere, he've put it on the system and printed a receipt of payment and confirmation of pre order.

      based on that, I believe every store that book you on phone or just write your name on a paper, they are out of stock and you went to store late. unless you made a payment and got a printed receipt.

      however, I really wish you best of luck

      • Yeah I'm not feeling optimistic =(
        Will ring them back just before closing time this evening and see if they have any stock left, hopefully be at their door 9:am opening time tomorrow if so.

        Hopefully (like what a few people are speculating) this means overall stock drops though, and more chances at Amazon or other stores..

  • Got a preorder at JB Caringbah NSW. $50 deposit and there were a few in front of me.

  • Pre-ordered from jb hifi Merrylands NSW, had to pay in full and if i heard correctly I was one of the last two that they were taking after around 40 orders today.

    • I called and they said they out :(

  • Got one $50 deposit. They didn't give me an option. I'm guessing they're all disc version. Nobody wants that digital.

  • Preordered one at local JB store. But they only have ten disc version and I am the 9th. Lucky, thank you! They still have plenty digital version available @ JBhifi Gold Coast helensvale.

  • Brisbane City & Garden City sold out.

    • which Brisbane city store though? there are three in there. Wife got one from the Albert St one.

    • I got one from Macarthur Central about an hour ago

  • is this a good time to get ps4 since ps5 came out? should be great deals on ps4, right?

    • The limit is the production so new ps4 not on sale

  • Dandenong has a few more left. Need to make full payment. They've sold half of their allocation.

    • I bought one, four remaining. They said pick up next week.

  • Still got some stock at JB Leichhard, NSW. Broadway & world square sold out.

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