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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 $749, Digital Edition $599 @ JB Hi-Fi (Instore Only)



We can now confirm that JB Hi-Fi will be taking PS5 pre-orders in store starting today with stock set to arrive on or after January 21st.

As of today, stores have received their allocations for the next shipment meaning that they can now take pre-orders for the drop happening next week. You’re best to call your local JB Hi-Fi before heading in just in case they have already pre-sold out.

EDIT: Few replies to the Tweet confirming success at preordering at JB. https://twitter.com/PressStartAU/status/1349913754532679680

YMMV but don't give up

EDIT2: "Just spoke to my local, all stores are taking preorder in-store now, according to one rep. Wouldn’t take my details over the phone though, so need to head in and take care of it. Will report back."

EDIT3: "Local JB (Perth) confirmed they're taking preorders with full payment"

EDIT4: "Just made the preorder at northland. Was told stock sometime next week"

Mod: Check comments below, before calling your local store(s) regarding availability.

Edit 2/2: Some stores/users are reporting preorders are available in store again. Comments

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  • +2

    Need delivery.

  • +8

    Still undecided between Xbox and PS5, maybe I'll wait it out a little longer and wait for an actual deal?

    • +2

      yeah same…. Might wait for a bundle console + game or extra controller

    • +2

      Xbox has the benefit of being able to run RetroArch, which is HUGE for someone like me who mostly plays PS2 era games anyway.

      Playing Spider-Man 2, Tony Hawk 3, and Hit & Run (as well as the original Battlefronts, via the 4K back compat versions), in "8K" on the XSX has been an absolute blast.

      • First I’ve heard of it, will do some more research

        Is RetroArch an app on the Microsoft store?

        • There's 2 ways to get it that I know of, and I'm faaaaaar from a hacker.

          Option 1: Go into "dev mode" (which costs 20 or so bucks) which lets you run and test your own programs (as well as others) and you can install it from there and run it fine and dandy.
          Option 2: Go to this bloke tunip3's (https://discord.com/channels/538519561230745605/538637168134...) Discord and see what's what, I don't have an account on there so I have to link to that one from my history, hope it's still valid, but he got tonnes of people, myself included, onto a lil loophole where we could download it in retail (normal) mode and not spend a cent. I think he charges like 5 bucks for it now though ( :'( ) but yeah, there's 2 options.

          RetroArch runs GameCube and earlier pretty well flawlessly for me on the XSX with max upscaling and whatnot, I love the thing. It has good enough performance I've dumped my NVIDIA Shield at the missus' place as it's replaced it as my go to TV emulation box. From what I understand, due to limits in the UWP framework and whatnot, and the CPU's being the same between them, the XSS will offer the same performance in RetroArch though, if that's more up your alley.

          • +3

            @Master Bates: Also if you have a PC from the last 5 years it's much easier to just spin up emulators there.

      • +1

        Not really a valid reason to neg.

        • Didn't neg because of that, negged because no stores seem to actually be taking preorders as everyone else did, but go off, I guess.

          • +1


            negged because no stores seem to actually be taking preorders

            Except that's wrong

            • +2

              @His_Holiness: I can see some more positive results now, where there was not when I was scrolling along before, as such it's been revoked my guy.

              I got 400 or so EB credit to burn through from a recent trade, might go suss them out and see if they'll have any of the digital ones in a week, that'd be cool. Cheers for the heads up if this turns out to be a massive restock.

      • +1

        RetroArch on XBOX is slow and full of bugs. Heaps of better ways to play retro games.

        • Xbox One, sure. I mean, I had no problems playing Dreamcast, but GameCube was undeniably waaaaaay beyond too slow to play.

          But on the Series consoles, I've finished Tony Hawk 3, 4, Spider-Man 1, 2, Hit and Run, a shitload of Road Rage (finishing everything takes hours and I've barely been home for a while), Terminator 3, SpyHunter, and Enter the Matrix (which is a 2 disc game which adds more complications when carrying over save states and shit, and it was fine too) all on GameCube, all on max resolution, all full speed, no problems. Hit & Run did have an issue where it would appear in letterboxed format once, but a reinstall of the app fixed it for me and no problems since.

          • @TheDukeOfNukem: Not slow playing the games. The app is so so slow. Loading, closing a ROM and the playlist feature is full of bugs. May improve, I hope.

            Chromecast with GTV for example is WAY faster.

            • +1

              @boxall: Oh there's definitely better options out there, but for a console, with no modding or hacking, this is aces.

              Might be a dumb question, but are you loading off a USB? The load times were ridiculous for me too, until I realized every time I loaded a ROM off the USB, it was actually copying it into the local SSD, once I realized that and started to load the versions it copied over, the boot times went from a couple minutes to a couple seconds, and then with save states there's obviously no loading times to get into the actual gameplay.

              With the Chromie and GTV, can that handle GC games? Because if so, holy shit, we've come a long way, that'd be dope.

    • +5

      I'm waiting for the ps5 pro, and by then hopefully, all the good games are out.

      • +5

        That's actually the most reasonable thing to do.

        • Do we have a confirmation on PS5 pro?

          Sony released ps4 pro I believe because ps4's performance was behind at launch already.

          But Ps5 is in different case as it come out with good graphic performance.

          • @windwai: No confirmation, I'm just talking out of my B.U.M. Sony usually releases something mid-generation though, whether it's a pro, a slim, more HDD space, or hopefully a black ps5. I'm just gonna wait for whatever it is, as I have a backlog to complete anyway. Mainly I'm waiting for all the good games to come out and hopefully, the ps5 will be cheaper then by then too.

          • @windwai: PS4 graphics performance was actually alright for 1080p screens. What happened is that 4K TV sets got popular and Sony wanted to offer a console that could make better use of these. The problem with PS4 and PS4 Pro was never the GPU. The CPU in these is very slow, which is why most games won’t be able to deliver to 60 fps.

      • You gonna be waiting awhile there mate, this is he latest technology that they have for such prices with the storage. It's going to take atleast a few years before something better comes up to warrant a PS5 PRO. Eg. 8K 120fps, 2TB SSD storage etc. Atleast 5+ years for a PS5 PRO. They're not gonna chuck in a new Console with minimum upgrades. You're most likely looking for a slim version with a downgrade in to the minimum. In terms of specs.

        • That will depend on the competition, predominantly from cloud gaming. Once (and also: if) games streamed from the cloud start to look and play significantly better than on consoles, Sony will need to respond to that.

          But regardless of whether a PS5 Pro will ever be a thing, a PS5 Slim is definitely on the cards. Probably with a 5nm CPU/GPU and hence, a smaller cooling solution.

    • +2

      Go with your heart, I have both and they are amazing. Ps5 for better UI and exclusives, Xbox Series X to keep your drinks cold while gaming on the ps5. Good luck.

    • It's all about the games like The Last of Us 2 only runs on Playstation and some games only on XBOX also if you have existing games on PS4 you would get a PS5 so you can use them

  • +11

    I called a few stores, they are not taking preorders

    • +4

      I concur.

      • I see

    • I called a store north brisbane, told me it's $50 preorder and in store only

    • you have to go in-store to ask. the people on the phone probably didnt get briefed. i called twice to the same store and got different answers.. i preordered one with a 50 deposit.

    • The same stores I called earlier are now taking pre-orders (in-store, $50 deposit, disc edition only). So yes, it seems some stores were on the ball while others were a bit slow getting into the preorder game, but sorted now! Limited stock allocated per branch, roughly 20 or so

  • +14

    Just rang up my local. He was clueless and had no idea what I was talking about
    "yeah nah mate you're best bet is to check the JB website"

    gee thanks. :S

    • +12

      Chilled but non-committal response - definitely a JB rep, this checks out.

  • +3

    Same here, they had no idea!

  • +4

    lady at games told me half the article is wrong. They don’t have any info about stock allocation and they aren’t taking pre orders in store yet

  • +5

    "are you kidding right" that's what i've been told over the phone.

    • +5

      JB Hi-fi employees have the most slappable heads.

      • +1

        I dont think its staffs fault, most likely management or head office fault

        • +2

          I was commenting more on the fact that they have shit attitudes.

  • +3

    Nope, jb staff didn't know anything about it. But regardless its still some good news - stock is slowly flowing, not much but better than zero.

  • +3

    I just called my local jb hifi and they said they are not taking preorders and that this news appears to be fake. Anybody tried calling and gotten the same feedback?

    • just look at all the comments above. everyone got told the same.. Press start just trying to get clicks and attention

      • +1

        To be fair they did say the stores will get allocations within the coming few days if not today. So maybe its not completely false.

      • haha hadn't refreshed this thread so only saw the above comments after I posted. How disappointing :(

    • Yep got the same response from local jb..

    • -3

      Called two JB Hifi's in WA. None are taking pre-orders until at least next month.

      Not a bargain, not even a genuine offer.

      • +2

        Others have been successful. Try again

    • +2

      Went to Highpoint (VIC) a ten or so mins ago after emailing and calling up.
      Snagged a pre order with deposit.
      Note on counter had a tally of 14 already pre ordered with a note of ‘expecting 32’.

      Lady picked up around four calls while I was in line and at counter pertaining JB stock, so hot stuff.

      Edit: Also called Brunswick previously but had similar response to others in this thread with no pre orders being taken.

    • Called Airport West and they weren't taking pre-orders but expecting stock on 21st Jan (first in first serve basis).

      Called Essendon DFO and they were taking orders for Disk Edition only. A quick drive and have now got a pre-order to pick it up next week with over half the allocation already gone. Definitely not fake.

  • -2

    not true

    • I have ordered one. That is ture.

  • +2

    Local JB (Perth) confirmed they're taking preorders with full payment

    • Hey mate, which JB specifically if you don't mind me asking?

      I spoke with Ennex JB and the person I spoke to said they have a "list of 50" already (from the other preorders) so any new stock will go to them, you can either sign up to the EOI or put a $50 deposit down. It felt like this was already in place rather than a new development (I could be wrong).

      • +1

        This was in Malaga. I mentioned I read an article and he said "Yeh we are taking full payment and put an order through for you" So unsure what the article is about in regards to allocations etc or if he was talking through his ass. Most the time these things are sprung on staff I've found

        • -1

          I literally called Malaga and Osborne Park and neither were taking order. Do you remember who you spoke to so I can phone them back?

          • @solidice: Sorry mate I didn't catch his name, spoke really quickly. Was a male, maybbbbbe Mark? But could be very wrong.

          • +1

            @solidice: I called Osborne Park, they said yep, just come in ASAP. I did and they took my preorder with a $50 deposit.

            They had a "private and confidential" A4 print on the till about how to take the pre-order. I was one of their first with two other people next to me so they figured out on the fly how to do it with all three of us. The only thing of note is she said "because of COVID we can't guarantee a date".

          • @solidice: I hope you got one!

      • OK, so I just went down to the store that told me to come down and preorder (Forrest Chase) in the CBD), and they said their "EOI list has been exhausted". Meaning they're no longer taking preorders or even just basic EOIs.

        I think how it works is that any stores that still have outstanding preorders or EOI's, they'll be honoured with this new stock. You can be added to the list, but it will depend on the store.

        I can confirm Forrest Chase in the city's list is "exhausted", but I managed to get in on the Ennex one which is "roughly 50 ppl long". I don't have much faith, but hey I'm on the list I guess…

        I would shop around but I don't have a means to visit any stores outside of the CBD. I advise anyone who gets knocked back, try another store.

        • One store i called (I think Claremont?) said they have a preorder list of 100 so they were calling the first 20 and offering them the consoles. Another one I called said they were going to do that but customers were citing the website so they just made it a free for all. I think I found about 5 in Perth that were selling to first through the door.

          • @compacc: Damn!

            I managed to get one from another store SoR. I called up after failing with Ennex/Forrest Chase and they put me on the list (#39 or something) and advised they were getting 30 to the store.

            Surprisingly I got a call 2-3 hours later, the JB person said they had went through the preorder list and there were a lot of no answers so I got bumped up in the queue and managed to secure one with a $50 deposit. They said that by paying, I would be securing a PS5 from the next shipment.

            Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

    • can confirm, Malaga as well

      • Yea I successfully placed an order an hour ago at the Malaga store. Spoke to the guy and paid the full amount.

  • What a bizarre post….forums!

  • -2

    Called my local in VIC - not taking preorders

    • I hope you tried others and got one

      • Tried 3, but all good

  • +1

    They all have no idea

  • +9

    So this is more a competition, than an obtainable bargain?

  • Hmm ok, my first shop I called was a bust but I called my next closest store and he said that I could indeed come in and place a pre-order, but no guarantees when the stock would arrive.

    Apparently the listings and stock are being updated on their systems as we speak, so those of us who rang around earlier may have been a bit too eager.

  • +1

    Local store VIC, also not taking preorders. Was told that stock is allegedly arriving in Feb

  • I called up JBHifi Westfield Garden City - they did take pre-orders, but it's all sold out :(

  • +2

    Just made the preorder at northland. Was told stock sometime next week

    • Did you pay full amount?

      • Was offered to pay full, but I chose to only put down 50 for deposit

        • I just called jbhifi store in Northland and the lady said she is not taking preorders over the phone.

          • +1

            @v1nn1e: Too bad, when I got there they sold 9 already, and a guy in front of me and a couple behind

  • False Alarm - Flippers dissolving.

  • Nothing at my local JB

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