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Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless $160, Edifier S350DB $299, Edifier R1700BT $129.60 & More @ Wireless 1

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  • Amazing keyboard, can vouch for it - well worth the money

    • Agreed, been using the keyboard since Christmas day, made starting work in the new year almost enjoyable…almost.

      Being able to switch between 3 computers at the flick of a switch and quality of the keyboard, can't fault it.

    • Much better than the magic keyboard, by far. I used this in conjunction with the imac (before giving it away), my pc amd my surface.

      Works well on my ryzentosh.

    • Also agree… This is by far the best keyboard Ive ever used, switching between computers is great and the overall typing / feel of it is unreal

  • Website says "Extra 10% off with code NYS2021".

  • Appears to be the model where the left shift button is small. May be a deal breaker for some.

    • The images and advertising across the various models are really inconsistent.

      As far as I can tell, this model (920-009418) is the 'standard' US model which does NOT match the photos. It has a dollar symbol, standard full-size shift and Enter buttons, and 4 keys with shared Mac functions. I bought one of these.

      The 'import' model (920-009294) which is on Amazon US is the crappier layout, as per the photos. Unless you get a grey import, these should not show up in AU stock.

    • That would be the UK layout.

  • S350DB are pretty good, I got them from wireless1 on boxing day sale and am happy.

    • S350DB are pretty good

      Totally agreed. Impressed with the company as well.

      Emailed and was told my speakers were getting send out from warehouse Thursday. Came home Wednesday and they were already sitting at home.

      Zero clue about their own shipment but in this case, I wasn't complaining!

      • Yeah someone in the comment section of last said there was no tracking and not to buy but I risked it and there was tracking and it was prompt. Wish I would stop getting bass complaints though, have treble +4 bass -4 and still get complaints.

    • Yeah I have this one and it is good

  • Buyer Beware
    The MX Keys 920-009418 looks to be the UK version.

    US version available at Amazon for $159.21 (w/ Prime).

  • This isn't a mechanical keyboard, is it?

  • Coupon code is wrong. It's NYS2021

  • im trying to understand how/why this keyboard gets rave reviews. Can anyone compare this with mx cherry brown keyboards like g610 or filco majestouch 2 or anne pro 2?

    I have more keyboards than I do computers, I probably don't need this.

    • This is a chiclet keyboard. You're wanting to compare apples and oranges.

      • yep. just trying to understand why its great (without spending $160 on it).

        My question was, if someone has both, can someone explain the difference to me..

        • This feels more like a laptop with less travel than any mechanical keyboard.

          But the premium feel comes from the 'feel' of key travel; the breakdown force is relatively high compared to the travel force, so once you've felt the key move under your finger you know it's been registered even though the travel distance is tiny. Likewise, the return travel force is high enough to push your finger away which provides another similarity to some mech keyboards.

          By comparison, a dodgy laptop keyboard has that 'spongy' feel where you can feel the key movement (or worse, it rolls and slides sideways) without a registered keypress; the breakdown force of the chicklet is not very high so you don't have a natural haptic response when typing.

          …hope that helps!

        • One goes click click.

          The other goes clicka-di-click.

      • I mean comparing oranges to apples isn't entirely unfeasible. They're both fruits. That old saying is so dumb.

        • You're correct. In this cas, they're both keyboards. However, when you're comparing apples with other apples to work out which is the better apple, you aren't likely to comare an orange with an apple to compare which of the two is the better apple, because the apple is clearly the better apple.

          So the saying is not attempting to suggest that you're comparing towo completely different things (i.e. apples and aeroplanes), rather that you're comparing things that, from an orbital perspective, are in the same ballpark, but are not in the same category.

          The old saying is not dumb.

        • So you'd be ok with putting a Tomato in your fruit salad?

    • some reviews said MX Keys is the best office keyboard, and G610 is one of the best gaming keyboards.

      • haha i do use the filco majestouch mx cherry brown for work. mmm explains the noisy-typer-award I got at the christmas party…

        I'm tempted to get it to try it out. reviews for this keyboard is like, raving.

        • We nearly throttled a guy for bringing in his MX Blue keyboard. He genuinely didn’t realise they were so noisy.

    • A keyboard doesn't need to have mechanical switches for them to feel nice to type?

      • As with anyone else who's used this keyboard - absolutely.

        I don't like the (excessive) travel distance of mech keyboards, and I've always like most Logitech standard keyboards anyway.

    • You can try them instore at JBHIFI

  • can anybody compare the Edifiers S350DB to the logitech z623?

    • LOL this is the exact speaker I came from. I am no audiophile but they sound much clearer for music and movies / gaming was nice. I am happy with the upgrade. EDIT- and the added input sources is great. Logitechs are great tho if you get them <$130 but these are way better if you can afford the upgrade.EDITx2 and the remote is sweet :) and the treble knob is also dope.

  • Paid $159 from JB for MX Keys. Don’t need to wait for sale. Call them up for the best price.

  • speakers are cheaper thru ebay if ebay plus member. shipping on website is $30, even with discount, still cheaper on ebay.

  • Get it price matched at Officeworks with digidirect's $169.15 so you pay $160.69.

    Isn't that cheaper than with postage at wireless1 ($166.52)?

  • Any deals on k780? They’re like a budget mx keys lol

  • There is no better keyboard on the market imo, I've used this for 6 months+ and my typing is amazing (way less errors, so much faster) and it's aesthetic and minimal too.

    However they way overstate the battery life if you're using it for work all day. Unless I have a dud, the battery life in nowhere near 10 days with the back lighting on (more like 5 at the very most, that's with the back lighting is on a lower setting). This isn't much of issue for me though, as I plug it in every 2-3 days anyway out of habit now. With back lighting off You could pretty easily get a month out of it with moderate use though

    Use it for gaming too and absolutely no issues. Finger wells in the keys are just way to good to pass up imo

    • I use mine in office for 8 hours a day and it lasts 2 weeks or 10 working days. Depends on how much you type too probably.

    • Have you tried the 'adaptive' lighting? I'm not entirely sure how it works but my keyboard is not lit during the day and lights up when it's dark, but you can still turn it up if it's too dim.

  • $12 shipping and $15 tax kills this deal for me

  • So tempted, but my Logitech Craft still smells fresh 😁. Got it for $179 @ JB last year and it was a steal.

  • Thanks. I Got mx keys at jb

  • Just bought MX Keys from Officeworks via Price match, price matched cheapest price on Staticice reducing price to 160.69. Happy with that. What a gorgeous keyboard! And solid as a rock!

  • $12 shipping to Melbourne 🤦

  • Grabbed one, despite the $12 postage to Brisbane.

  • Just ordered the Edifier S350DB speakers yet when I check My Orders under My Account I'm hit with "You have placed no orders."

    Money has been taken out (Zip) so it just seems a bit funny as this is the first time I've purchased something where I didn't receive an email confirming my order.

    Ah well, just venting..

    • Happened to me last time too. If you're really concerned, give them a call and ask. Most likely they have received the order though.

  • Anyone know if the keyboard keys fade after a while? The keyboard I currently have (some cheap Lenovo one) have faded after a year of use. The space bar and a few keys have gone from a matte finish to glossy.

  • Has anyone received a shipping notification? Ordered a week ago and haven't any received any notice that it's been sent or even tracking number after asking customer service.