Telstra Barred Me from All Phone Plan Services

hey, what’s your thoughts people. I am trying to go on a telstra plan, but it seems they put a bar on my account and they refuse to lift it. i haven’t had an account with them for around 20 years and currently run off boost prepaid. they said it’s my problem nothing they can do. i think the ombudsmen might need a call

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    Why go with overpriced crappy service?

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      "Why go with overpriced crappy service?"….HUH?

      Definitely not crappy.
      I'm a long time customer and have always had good service and no maintenance issues .
      Do you have a good reason for labelling the service "crappy"?
      Please elucidate.

      Maybe a little overpriced but definitely not crappy.
      I'm happy to pay a little more.

      I love their modem with automatic 4G wireless backup if the landline fails,
      Some time ago when the landline failed, I didn't notice because I was automatically switched to 4G wireless.
      This alone is reason enough to be with Telstra!.

      Do you know of any other internet provider with this backup feature?

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        telstras call centers are in a 3rd world country and their service is appalling via the phone if you have any issues that need to be resolved with communication.

        telstras 4g backup is fine for voice calls, capped for data usage and its not instant, there is a down time on wired connection before you get the gsm service

        their nbn is over priced and nothing special compared to other providers

        yes abb offer a 4g backup solution, optus have a commercial version, not sure if the do a resi version.

        telstra have the best gsm network in Australia, that is the only drum you can beat for telstra and if your happy that's all that matters to you.

        other than using their gsm network via boost i wouldn't touch them.

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          "telstras call centers are in a 3rd world country"


          BUT that didn't affect quality of service when I had to make a service call.

          Prompt service always.

          "telstras 4g backup is fine for voice calls"
          The backup is for internet access and worked like a charm when the landline failed some time back.

          I have an emergency mobile phone (which isn't used 99.999% of the time and for which the service cost is $15 per annum) which would have been used for voice calls if the landline failed, which is extremely rare anyway.
          I only use the landline for voice calls as well.

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          "abb offer a 4g backup solution"

          abb who? Never heard of them.

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          And Telstra plans to have all their call centres on shore by 2022 (afaik But 100% happening)

        • Uh, GSM (2G) was switched off a couple of years ago?

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          telstra have the best gsm network in Australia, that is the only drum you can beat for telstra and if your happy that's all that matters to you.

          Considering OP is clearly trying to sign up for a phone plan (they mentioned boost prepaid) then yes that is all that is relevant to this discussion.

        • I'm with Aussie Broadband been waiting almost a year for NBN to fix my HFC connection that drops out when it rains.

          Aussie doesn't give me an option for 4G backup seriously considering swapping to Telstra just for this feature with WFH its almost a necessity.

          Currently I hotspot on my phone when its raining but switching is a pain and my phone hotspot usually drops out if i get a call.

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            @811b11e8: Having previously been on telstra with the "4g backup" - don't bother. They throttle the speeds and it's often far more infuriating than having no connection at all.

            Just up your phone data plan and hotspot when needed.

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            @811b11e8: Optus and Vodafone NBN both have the 4G backup option as well I believe, and their customer support is way better if anything goes wrong.

      • Do you know of any other internet provider with this backup feature?

        Last I heard Optus was the only other provider that had it… but a quick google search came up with a few other options:

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          I thought Vodafone did it too

        • Last I heard Optus was the only other provider that had it…

          Any ISP can do failover. Hell, I'm sure my iiNet BoB DSL modem (circa 2008) could do 3G failover, you just needed to plug a 3G USB modem into it (you know those old 3G USB keys you could get for your work laptop - around the size of a Chromecast v1)

          Yes, Telstra/Optus/whoever have the convenience of it being on the same bill and device (DIY you'd need to provide your own #G stick and SIM), but it's not (substantially) different from what a lot of routers can already do.

          Hell I'm sure someone on here has done it the real DIY way with OpenWWRT, pfsense or something similar.

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            @Chandler: I think the point Chandler, is that the 4g service is part of your service. If your NBN goes down and you burn through 100GB that day, it's coming off your NBN quota, not a 4g quota.

            I only use 4G and appreciate the expense of it (outside NBN coverage until April this year apparently).

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              @MorriJ: True, the 4G data being included as your normal data is a huge reason to get it.

              But now we're talking about paying a premium (it is Telstra) for a feature that you shouldn't even need. I've been on NBN for 16 months now, and have had two outages - both planned, both scheduled from 1-2am, and both substantially shorter than that (one was 20min, one was 2min). No other connectivity issues (that I've noticed), speeds are typically as advertised (again, no issues that I've noticed), and ISP (automatically I presume, going by their charts) obtains more CVC if they approach their limit.

              • @Chandler: I hear that, when I was in the CBD with real internet it wasn't an issue for me. The further out you get from the cbd, the worse it gets. At the moment in the blue mountains, their NBN are going down every storm and staying down for a few days. I've a friend out there on voda.

                I'm in the bush now, no fixed service, literally the property on the border of the "planned fixed wireless" and "satellite service", with fw coming in April.

                I use a lot of data (1.5TB/month +) for work, gaming and tv, it costs me a couple of hundred a month in the end.

                Optus 500GB, Tangerine 1tb, Telstra 80gb.

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                @Chandler: Only 2 outages. You're lucky. My internet seems to go down more than a 2 cent hooker.

            • @MorriJ: The 4g isn’t unlimited like that though. The back up has only a limited data a amount, once you go over it’s almost dial up speed. Call centre can remove that restriction once (maybe twice can’t quite remember) but once they have done it it can never be done again and modem needs to be replaced for some stupid reason.
              4g back up is more, to be honest, for delays in connecting the service to start or very small outages.

          • @Chandler: Not the same as free failover with no data limit.
            It is throttled though, but suits me fine.

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        Agreed. I've been with most carriers and have had to come back to Telstra. If you spend anytime whatsoever outside of Metro areas it's non-negotiable.

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          He said he was swiching from Boost, which has exactly the same coverage, but cheaper.

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        On hold for 40 minutes to two hours, passed between operators and straight lies (we will sort out the overcharge once you leave [started taking payments a fortnight before service], we will credit the down time [disconnected for a week, not credited], and my favourite, we will fix this for you).

        Product and local technicians were awesome, but service is hot garbage. If I never had to use customer service I would have never left them.

      • Optus offer 4G backup and FetchTV

      • +1 still use a landline ?

      • Get the smart modem, hack it and use it on a different rsp

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        "Do you know of any other internet provider with this backup feature?"

        With the price difference between Telstra and many other providers you can actually pay for a separate 4G connection as a backup and still come out ahead. Just buy a router with 4G failover as a feature like many of the the "Billion" models.

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      After churning through four 'cheap' NBN providers and constantly dealing with congestion and other issues, I'm happy to pay more for a service that actually works as advertised.

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        works as advertised

        I haven’t seen the adds for overpriced crappy service, but I’m glad to hear they’re now being honest

    • i've been with tpg, optus and now with telstra.
      overprice: yes
      customer service is crappy but technical service is good

    • They are now and will always be the gold standard for quality of mobile coverage, if price is all you look at I can understand why you have that opinion but they're not that far behind, not that they need to be competitive on only that front.

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    I wouldn't be concerned. This is good news.

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    Did they give you a reason why?

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      I think it's a troll post. OP is looking for sympathy and attention

      • Thought that could have been the case, but just odd that someone with account age of almost 4 years posting a troll post.

        • To fly under the radar. Easy

  • Start a new account.

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    You weren't a victim of COT? You probably wouldn't be going back to Telstra if you were.

    • What's the TL;DR of this?

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    so they do not want to do business with you and you want the ombudsmen to intervene ?

    if you get a response please post i am actually curious how they would rule on this , and if they would take it on !.

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      A fundamental of business law is they have the right not to accept your custom.

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        I do think he should be given a reason. I mean, maybe he was super abusive to the call center when he left them 20 years ago. But it seems a bit strange, because otherwise its likely a mistake.

      • But things get complicated when they have a mandate to service everyone…
        Also nothing wrong with raising the initial ban with the ombudsman if you think it's unfair.

        • For modikka:
          Don't need to give a reason. Often it's not necessary discussed/recorded openly why so that the service team can't say cause they literally don't know.

          For TnD - you sure they are mandated? given there are several different carriers i wouldn't think that to be the case, and i'm sure there would be exceptions.

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          Could have failed a credit check, I did years ago (was a fairly minor issue but dealbreaker for them) and optus lost my business four mobile phones for 10+ years as a result.

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        Not necessarily cut and dry with uniquely regulated sectors like telecoms - there may be more to it.

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      You know.

      • Could be selective amnesia.

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    Time to change your identity

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      omg its Jason Ozborne

      • Bornee's still undercover, now in so much need for cash he's working for Helstra to assassinate troll their haters victims on online forums?

        Wow. Well I guess we all know they will do anything to get some profile after decades of failure.

        Maybe they got Ziggy or The Big Don (Sol Trujillo), to make the deal with Borne, in Monero, on the beach out back of one of their private holiday palaces, on the Caymans…

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    So what exactly did you do 20 years ago?

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      I also need to know, so I can do the same

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      i would like to know also

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        I bet he pissed on a Foxtel set-top box

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        Must be bad, if you can’t remember it 😂

        Are you currently a construction worker? Maybe you were secret agent. Remember Total Recall.?

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          Should have got his ass to Mars.

      • remember this doesn't have to be a recent incident. What happened 20 years ago that led you to break away from them? was that an amicable parting?

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      So what exactly did you do 20 years ago?


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        The world is still not ready for this kind of joke.

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          I'll try again in another 20 years.

  • Go with another provider?

    • telstra is the only one with esim i can use

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      Perhaps OP failed credit check?

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        Or maybe OP failed police check :P

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    What naughty things did you do?

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      He kept his Foxtel remote instead of posting it back.

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    unpaid dialup bills ?

    • DIY Phonecards ?

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        How did you make a phone card?

        • +3


    • 1900 numbers to the girls……

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    Are you banned or is there a problem with your account?

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    I worked for telstra tech support back then, you may have spoken to someone in Telstra or support that rubbed them the wrong way and they put a ban on you.
    They usually leave notes to why you were banned and once you are banned its never overturned.

    I have seen some real bad shit where customers curse out customer support or give them death threats = instant ban.

    They will never tell you why you were banned but 99.9% of the time most people did something to deserve it.

    Calling the ombudsman will get you nowhere, Telstra can refuse service to anyone for any reason. You would have to take them to court.

    There is a few ways you can get around the ban, but probably best i dont say.

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      It is a two way street. The Claremont serial killer was a Telstra tech and the last guy I spoke to at Telstra was 100% a serial killer as well.

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        My daughter works for them, and I am suss. Checks out.

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          I'm sorry mskeggs, just keep facing her, do not turn your back, and never accept a glass of water from her if you can help it (keep a handy potplant nearby if necessary).

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        and the last guy I spoke to at Telstra was 100% a serial killer as well.

        LOL at this, made my morning

      • There is an IMPOSTOR among us at a new map: Telstra Airship.

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      Certainly, the OP knows what they've done and are only telling a part of the story.

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        Probably swore at the operators and told them they'd never join Telstra ever again and to **** off & die etc.
        20 years later…

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      I have seen some real bad shit where customers curse out customer support or give them death threats = instant ban.

      Did they get referred to police?

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        • Valid reason to decline access to personal information:

          your personal information is part of existing or anticipated legal proceedings between you and the organisation

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      take them to court will only lose your money, because as you said "Telstra can refuse service to anyone for any reason."

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      There is a few ways you can get around the ban, but probably best i dont say.

      It's ok you can tell me, I'm a doctor.

      • Are you? Cool. Can you look at this strange growth on my arse?

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    OP is responsible for hiring Sol Trujillo

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    You could do a credit score check and see if any defaults against your name?

    • This would be my first port of call