Repco 2 Stroke Fuel Can 5L Clearance $0.50 (RRP $12.00) @ Repco


Was on the hunt for a small 2L fuel can due to this deal Stanley 37cc 14in Chainsaw $75 + Shipping or Click and Collect in Store @ BCF and happen to come across this Repco one instead. I still picked one up due to the no brainer price, but I did end up using SCA loyalty credits to grab a 2L can from SCA at RRP =O

The link is for the 5L can that has the 2 stroke part number, but obviously is the same type as the normal petrol fuel can (if you don't care or worry about the printing on the can). I was able to pick up in Box Hill VIC, also shows in stock in Mentone VIC. There's another link for the $12.00 can which seems to be the same things just a $11.50 price difference hah!

The normal 5L petrol fuel can link is here, but I wasn't able to find one that's local or nearby to me! Might want to try your luck in other states other than VIC!

For $0.50 a can, can't go wrong!

YMMV regarding stock and your Repco location/state!

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  • Nice OP, ordered 2

  • Bought 2 on the last clearance sale about 6 months ago. Excellent quality and happily replaced the old rusted Victa can!

  • Thanks! Lucky my local repco has it. Bought 2 for who knows when I'm gonna need it

  • Sorry if this a stupid q, but can this be used for the Stanley chainsaw?

  • Will go great for my trip to Bonnie Doon

  • No stock, great deal for those that can find it

  • This item been out of stock for months wonder why Repco didn't take it off their web site. Has anyone found stock in Syd?

  • +1 vote

    Thought pic said fuel cell, wow, then oh, fuel can…

  • im seeing $12 now :(

  • I ordered 2 and just got canceled..

  • If you are just using your chainsaw occasionally then you do not need this.

    2 stroke fuel has a very limited shelf life. Only mix up what you are going to use in the next 2-4 weeks.

    If you think "I'll mix up 5 litres then I won't need to worry about it for ages" you are doing it wrong. And if you are doing this wrong then you are likely using your new Stanley chainsaw wrong.

    • Yep spot on!

      If you do choose to keep for extended period, then you'd want to use a fuel stabiliser.

      But yeah, that's why I opted for a 2L so I don't need to store too much 2 stroke/fuel mix.

  • Had my order canceled with no email explanation.

    I did however get an incomprehensible voicemail message about it. Listened to it 3 times now and still have no idea what they said.

  • Yeah got mine cancelled too, devo :-(

  • I ordered 6 for delivery, got two refunded then received a call from the branch saying they have cancelled the full order as they have no stock to send. Sent an email to ask where the rest of my refund is and ask why I was told they had no stock but online is shows as having stock and in store I can see them.

    Bad Repco for only partially refunding and lying to your customers.