Stanley 37cc 14in Chainsaw $75 + Shipping or Click and Collect in Store @ BCF


Looks like a great chainsaw for the money. Noosa is still showing stock, Check your local may still be a few left.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing


  • Boating, camping, fishing…. And chainsawing?

  • $60 at Osborne Park store. I am just back from the store VIP night event. Some other stuff is extra 80% off the discounted price.

  • Dang. Not a single BCF close by with one.

  • As recommended by Ash Williams?

  • I don't even need a chainsaw but for $75 how could I not buy one?

    • The OzB way

    • Imagine driving down a country road one dark and stormy night. You stop as a tree has fallen over the road, blocking your path. You go to the boot of your car and whip out your Stanley chainsaw…

      Tbh, I don't think I can even change a car tyre. I actually have no idea what I will use my chainsaw for, but bargain!

      • I'm so retarded my step father took the jack out of my car and told me to just call NRMA :(

        • Time to put your big pants on

          • @Steptoe: Meh. I never go outside the city and roadside assistance is cheap enough. The one time I needed to use it they were there in under half an hour and changed it quicker than I ever could.

            I couldn't care less if people think I'm a useless weiner, if I'm paying for a service I'll use it when I need to. I sat in the guys truck while he did the work and when it was done I continued on my way. No need to get dirty or sweaty.

      • Heh. When my Dad starting teaching my how to drive one of the first things he did was make sure I knew how to change a tyre. Old skool stuff, for sure, but it's surprising how many times I've had to do it. It'd be great if it was something they taught as part of driver education.

  • Can buy it because its cheap and put it in the shed next to the Fiskars axe I bought that was also cheap on OzBargain. Even if I dont have a single tree in my yard a bargain is a bargain 😁

  • Blows my mind you can get something with an internal combustion engine for 75$. Wonder if it can make a go cart or powered scooter!

    • Well before the drone took over the world of flying enthusiasts, most would have ripped out the IC engine to put in their flying aero models. Although, probably would need to be a big enough model to overcome the weight of the engine itself.

  • Just bought one. That’s livin’ OP

  • Yep, bought now ask questions later lol… Lucky, as it was only available at my closest store and none other nearby, and then checking back it's no longer in stock at the local store I selected c&c at =D

    Now that I've had a chance to do some quick homework, the part number (model) is SXPG23701 and it seems that this model is not really stocked at many other places, I'm guessing it's old obsolete hence the BCF clearance?

    The equivalent 37cc 2-stroke chainsaws in other brands are about $169-$229 (from Bunnings Homelite, Ryobi, Hyundai) - Very quick search.

    Coming from an Ozito PXC 18V Pole Pruner, I dare say I won't be disappointed in this $75 purchase. The Ozito one surprisingly did me very well with backyard jobs!

    Fingers crossed this doesn't get cancelled though!

    • Thanks for sharing your research. My only experience with chainsaw is as a volunteer with SES. I am now seeing units adopting battery powered saws. They are so much more convenient, and quieter too. Less mess in trying to fuel up and fill the bar oil in the middle of the night.

  • Didn’t need it. Bought it.
    Cheers OP.

  • I can guarantee this will be a very frustrating user experience.

    Don't be fooled by the Stanley name. This is rebranded Chinese junk.

    Parts will be next to impossible to source except for the bar, chain and spark plug.

    If you did buy one please use all the safety gear. At a minimum that is hearing and face protection. These things are dangerous. If you have no idea what you are doing pay a pro to do it. No jokes - this think could change or end your life in seconds.

    Source: I cut 20m3 of hardwood every autumn. I have used cheap sh!t like this and it's false economy. I recommend mid range husqvarna or stihl.

    • If I could double vote this comment I would.

    • Parts will be next to impossible to source except for the bar, chain and spark plug.

      That's my first thought with things like this. I'm amazed people buy Chinese engines for pumps etc. I'd rather find a secondhand B&S or Honda. One like this soon becomes landfill because you can't find a simple $5 primer bulb. It's really annoying too because I need one. At this price I probably could have resold it for $50 after using it for a week.

      I wish people would demand quality, refuse to buy this garbage. They buy junk because it's cheap, think they're getting a bargain. A year later it doesn't start because they didn't know to drain the fuel before storing. Repair is going to cost more than a new one, so it goes to landfill. Meanwhile decent brands have to charge like wounded bulls due to fewer sales. They go out of business or have to switch to Chinese junk too.

      Anyway would your recommendations remain the same for secondhand ones? I can repair most things, know how to make my own gaskets, service lawnmowers, etc but I haven't touched a chainsaw for over 20 years. If you're not sure, that's ok. I need to be sure I get something parts are still available for. (If you know.)

      • My neighbour restored a big ass stihl (can't recall model number) that was around 15 years old. He was able to source new parts. It runs like a champ and I had the privilege of putting the 22" bar through a dead fallen yellow box. Cut through with ease but at around 8kg was too heavy for my use.

        • 066 or 088 by the sounds of it, beast of a saw either one.

        • Thanks. I'll keep an eye out.

          I wonder why B&S and Honda don't make chainsaws. Maybe they do and I've just never seen one.

          I remember an uncle who had a McCulloch (spelling?) on his farm in the 80s. Not sure if that brand is good or awful, but what a useless piece of junk his unit was. It spent more time getting repaired than it did making firewood. Usually the day before AND after using it.

    • Don't worry.
      None of them are actually ever going to use it.

    • 20m3 every year?
      Pretty sure that would last us near on 10 years

  • Good for protection against home invasion, all you need to do is turn it out and intruders will turn around and run away.

    • Good luck turning it on. Just hope the intruders give you 30 minutes notice and come with some spare knuckle skin.

    • Or go one better and fire up a chainsaw app on your phone when they break in

  • $67.50 with suncorp rewards 10% gift card

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    I can not speak to the quality of this product, I will however, guarantee my housemate will sh1t his pants the morning after this arrives!!

  • Great for taking to the office

  • +1 vote

    I do a lot of chainsawing. After a while, this thing will become a bitch to start and it will be hard to maintain.


    If you want hassle free cutting, get a 36V Stihl - the lightsabre of chainsaws.

  • Saw this chainsaw this evening in store though I don't need a chainsaw and went back home saw this deal and then I went back to the store and bought one. Now I have to find out where and how to use it. :)

    • You can come down to my place and chop of some trees. Have shit load i wanna get rid off. I'll pay you $75.

  • +12 votes

    Bought one for the apartment, thanks OP.

  • So many candidates here for the OzBargain Darwin Awards.

    • Yeah. They don't consider buying it earlier until they see someone post this as a deal here. Flock of sheeps.

  • A mate of mine bought this recently for double the price.

    He chopped about 30 yakkas and 5 big trees, ran like a dream, it tackled everything we throw at it. The big trees struggled a bit at the trunk, but for the money especially $75 it's a no brainer

  • Take a look at the the ONE STAR verified reviews. Full of serious design flaws that make them effectively useless and dangerous. Don't waste your money folks. This is not a bargain, it's a waste of your time:

    • Very poor quality engine runs rough, will be returning this week as I only used it once and it kept breaking down
    • Returned product as the string broke off on the 4th pull. Didn’t even get a chance to use it.
    • Hard to start, Keeps stalling, chains keeps coming off even after being tensioned up
    • Fuel pick up in the tank doesn’t move and faces the cap. When it’s 1/2 empty and you have the chain saw on a angle it cuts out. Returned for a full refund
    • Had to remove the drive cover to fit the blade. The brake mechanism came off with it but it seems the brake was engaged when it came off and I cannot disengage it to put it back on. Instruction booklet is of no help. As I live remote, this is a major problem.
    • I note a review since I purchased mine that says the exact same thing. Design fault. Got a refund.
    • I disagree. This chainsaw is a great little saw, very useful for pruning, chopping small logs while camping, trimming golden cane and other light duty work.

      if you buy it an expect it to be a Stihl or other quality saw, you're fooling yourself, but for $75 it is a Bargain!

      • Fair enough and that's good for you. But these chinese manufacturers are known to let quality control and quality assurance slide.

        Often the first few boxes on top of shipments will contain well built products, to fool the retailers, but they soon start swapping out internal components for cheaper alternatives at much lower quality. They don't care, they sold the shipment and trying to return it would cost more then it did to get it here. If someone catches on, they just cut them off and find another market for their branded (but junk products), or sell them in counterfeit markets.

        It's happened to countless companies that tried to manufacture in China, who also have their IP ripped off rebranded and sold as a new product (shafting their business partners with no recourse). They basically need constant quality control, which costs a premium eg Apple.

        Otherwise or you will be playing russian roulette with quality, and if you are dealing with chainsaws you really don't want to play that game.

        I suspect you got one of the good display models. I'd still be cautious. Good luck!

  • Honestly, if you don't need this don't buy it - using a chainsaw without knowing how to use one properly will easily mean you'll be ozbargaining hand or limb surgery

  • If you plan on chopping trees and an amateur please go on YouTube and search for: tree cutting fails. It will make you think twice.

    • Me and my friend were amateurs we managed to cut 5 big trees and 30 yakkas with no issue. If you don't have any common sense best to get professionals. If you do have common sense you'll be fine

    • Thanks… that was entertaining!

  • Mmmm tempting as the mother in law is visiting next week!

    I also need a shovel as well

  • Not cheap considering on ebay you can get a better saw for $100 with a 16 to 20 inch saw. Bought one for 99 and 3 years later still runs like a dream.

  • Ive used cheap and expensive chainsaws, my fav right now is 36V makita. Cheap petrol ones often have poor air filters and get ruined when cutting trees off at ground level as this kicks up dust which it sucks in. Having said that I couldnt help myself and bought one. When it fails ill reuse the bar/chain on one of my good saws.

  • Reading the comments from @field1985, those who got the best deal would be those who couldn't find stock. Not voting, not because it is not a great deal. But a unsafe chainsaw in an inexperienced hand can potential cause a lot of harm.

  • This is 2-stroke, so that means you must mix unleaded petrol with 2-stroke oil. Not difficult but just another step and product to buy for the process of refuelling. You either mix this in a separate can or bottle, or mix it in the fuel tank and shake it.
    If you don't mix oil you will burn the engine.

    2-stroke also produces more emissions and you can really smell it when operating.

  • $75 and it even comes with metal bumper spikes, nice. No doubt it will be poor quality but I think if someone wants a casual saw for the odd job or a camping saw then this would do the job and at 37cc for a 14" bar it's pretty powerful, all though for a little bit more I'd lookout for some of those occasional electric saw bargains.

  • Bit of a step up from my Stanley knife.

  • Thanks OP just bought 3. One for each kid!

  • Have cancelled my order…will wait for a good deal on battery saw.

  • Just bought couple for Personal protection..

  • Thanks OP my Texas Chainsaw Massacre cosplay is complete now

  • brought one for camping

  • Thanks OP Great find.

    Ordered yesterday, arrived today.

    I see BCF have stopped deliveries now and none left in stock in my local store.

    Started quickly after a good priming.

    Perfect for small jobs in the garden.