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$2 Bonus Cashback with Any Purchase Over $5 Excl. ShopBack Gift Card Store for All Users (App Required*) @ ShopBack


Hi everyone,

We're offering a $2 cashback bonus (limited to one bonus per customer) when you make a transaction of $5 or more (excluding delivery fees) at any store (*except ShopBack's gift card portal) today. Limited to the first 5,000 to "Start" the challenge offer.

  • To qualify for this offer, enter the code 19JANBONUS (case sensitive) in the 'Earn More' section of the ShopBack app prior to purchase and 'Start' The Challenge (go to Earn More tab at the bottom of the app screen).
  • Once you've redeemed the code and started the challenge, you can make your qualifying purchase on any device (not just the app).
  • If you have the app already installed on your phone/tablet, clicking on "Go To Deal" will open up the app and pre-fill the voucher code field for you. Just remember to tap on "Apply" to actually redeem the code.

Note: Bonuses from this offer will be credited to your account once the regular cashback for your qualifying transaction turns Confirmed.

Any questions or issues? Send an email to [email protected] and we'll help sort it out.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This challenge entitles you to $2 bonus cashback when you spend $5 or more in a single transaction (inclusive of GST, exclusive of delivery & all other fees) at any store through ShopBack between 10.00am and 11.59pm AEDT on 19th January 2021.
  • Purchases from ShopBack's Gift Card Store (ShopBack Voucher) and stores offering no cashback are excluded from this challenge.
  • Only purchases made after you 'Start' this challenge will qualify for the bonus cashback.
  • Limited to one bonus per customer.
  • Available while redemptions last.
  • The $2 bonus cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive shopping at your desired store.
  • The $2 bonus will be added to your account once your regular cashback turns Confirmed.
  • Purchases that do not count towards this challenge are those in which do not meet the store's respective terms and conditions (including but not limited to cancellations, returns, exchanges, using unapproved coupons, purchasing excluded products/categories).
  • Cashback will be voided if any fraudulent activities are detected or if any terms and conditions are not met.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offer at any time without prior notice.


Can I use a gift card to pay at eBay/Amazon and still qualify for cashback and the bonus?
Yes (provided you are buying eligible items, and not using unapproved codes). Refer to Notes under the T&Cs of the respective pages - eBay and Amazon.

Can I buy items from multiple sellers on the one marketplace and still qualify for the bonus?
Yes if it’s within one transaction (same cart).

Can I buy a mixture of eligible and non-eligible items from Amazon and still qualify for the bonus?
Yes, provided the total amount of the eligible items is $5 or greater.

My previous challenges disappeared, where did it go?
Go to Earn More, and then tap on the icon in the top right corner to view Past Challenges.

Will this challenge stack with other challenges?

Handy Links:

Referral Links

Referral: random (4063)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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    • PM me your registered email address, I'll check the purchase for you.

    • +1

      Interesting, I find that Shopback tracks my purchases with far greater reliability than Cash rewards.

  • Should I take another chance with SB?

  • -1

    Like many others who +1 shop back deals, I just assume my cashback is being appropriately tracked and bonuses are being paid. However, I rarely check my cashback…Maybe I should.

  • $10 from previous deal is not yet showing for me. Assuming it will be sorted by 25th February.
    Anyway, taking a risk to go for this.

    • +2

      And if they reject it or it goes missing in the meantime, they will open another investigation with a another end date of 3 months time or outright reject, or hope that your kids won't follow it up

  • Got some packing cubes

  • +1

    Love these, thanks OP.

  • Hi @gotyourback,

    Can you please clarify what the difference between "tracked" and "redeemable" is?
    I just checked my account, and there's a bunch (150+) cashbacks that show as "tracked", and many of them are from 6 months+ - 1 year ago, does this mean the cashback is still not redeemable?
    And some others show as "redeemable", also from the same time frame.

    Some of the "tracked" but not redeemable cashbacks are $40+.

    Thank you for the clarification

    • Tracked means the transaction has landed in your account, while redeemable means it is ready to withdraw. It sounds like you might be looking at your Notifications in the app. If a notification comes up as Tracked, that will not update later. Once the cashback associated with it turns redeemed you'll have an additional notification come in later to indicate it is redeemable.

      It's best you go to the Home section of the app, then tap on the Lifetime Earnings amount to see all your cashback transactions and its most up to date status (Pending/Confirmed/Rejected).

      • About 90% of the cashbacks in my account are "pending". It says…

        Pending: Redeem your bonus
        Congrats! You've qualified for your bonus and it has been added to your Pending Earnings. It will move to your Available Balance shortly after you:
        Earn $10 confirmed cashback from purchases

        But I have way more than $10 cashbacks. Will this be another one that'll be marked as "pending" or will it count towards the confirmed cashbacks?

        • +1

          Yes this $2 bonus will be marked as pending, it won't count towards the $10 confirmed cashback amount.

          If you have a checkmark next to the Earn $10 confirmed cashback from purchases then it should take up to a week for the bonus to be confirmed.

  • +5

    My cashbacks from the boxing day deals were both rejected by ShopBack, basically blaming me for it, even though I've been using ShopBack for ages and the transactions have never failed. Will NEVER be using this service again.

    Off to Cash Rewards I go. At least their support is great, they're prompt, and they dont leak my friggin data then reject my cashback claims.

    • I can check this for you, feel free to PM your order IDs over. I have an email address from past PM threads with you but there are no claims from Boxing Day associated with it.

      • How can i change phone number in shopback app as my old number is not working anymore?

        • Go to Account > Personal Information and then tap on your phone number, and then follow the prompts.

  • +7

    Combining the amount of money received with how much of a hassle it is to then claim your money makes this a bad deal.

  • Hi @gotyourback, friend signed up using my referral link on 06/01/21, my pending referral bonus is $10, shouldn't it be $25?

    • Our bonus for refer a friend was indeed only $10 for sign ups on 6/1/21. The $25 bonus offer kicked in from 14/1/21.

      • Thanks for your clarification.

  • Hi @gotyourback, I activated this prior to checking out and purchasing something ($26 total). I was notified my purchase tracked 30 mins ago, but the challenge hasn’t updated to show that I have completed it. It should have met the requirements for a purchase over $5. Could you please help?

    • PM me your email address and we'll have a look.

  • +6

    You guys are very untrustworthy, I have followed everything you asked in this promotion https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/587383 and yet you didn't give me any cash back at all even after I submitted missing cash back inquiry, you just made a lot of lame excuses. Therefore I wouldn't trust this promotion either.

    • Happy to look into this you - could you PM your registered email address?

      • +4

        They already submitted a cashback inquiry. Why wasn't this looked into then, isn't that the purpose of submitting? What more are you going to do?

        I have the same issue.

  • Have done my transaction through shopback app this time but not tracked yet

  • +2

    It would be great if challenges had a clear confirmation date after completion

  • The item I wanna buy is $4.99…

  • +2

    Collating the shopback hate on this thread in terms of actual posts by members (not comments)

    blueskywalker - 0 posts
    cook99 - 0 posts
    corrocoat - 0 posts
    essplicit - 0 posts
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    crazynic - 20 post
    justtoreply - 32 posts
    mustkil - 50 posts
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    kingtightarse - 70 post
    trishool - 73 posts

    Collating shopback hate on the following thread

    brandoon - 0 posts
    isys - 3 posts
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    freo - 4 posts
    masterdbater - 5 posts
    elitistphoenix - 4posts
    mudkips - 22 posts

    All these theories about shopback intentionally trying to rip people off and not paying out - and must be getting revenue from the store and not passing it on. If this is the case - then provide some proof that it is happening. It can't be too hard to reach out to a merchant and ask did you or did you not pass on some type of reward back to the shopback or whatever for purchase associated with the following transaction X.

    Why would they do it? They received funding and want to go IPO - you wouldn't risk damaging your brand and having merchants call you out for fraud …

    Cashrewards just went IPO as well… and have been very good about rectifying any issues whether as a result of the end-user or not… they also request you to write a favourable comment afterwards when they correct a problem as a gesture of good will.


    If I were shopback reps on this site - I would become more transparent and start providing public root cause of analysis if they are actually investigating denied transactions and believe there was a problem either as a result of existing merchant cookies, plugins interfering, or whatever.

    Better still they should implement …

    If you don't start providing RCA - you will continue to get bashed on the ozbargain.

    • Spot the Shopback CEO/Marketing Rep…

      • +1

        I've worked 22 years at the same big tech company based in the US and 80 posts on ozbargain and 1000 comments and ozbargain member since 2008. I write enterprise software for a living. This is the type of stuff I do … http://todayguesswhat.blogspot.com/2015/07/java-ssl-httpurlc...

        I deal with low-level HTTP and TCP network request stuff everyday having to troubleshoot failed client requests through proxy and tcp/http load balancers and to back end servers and then integrations with stuff like object storage.

    • +1

      Do you think everyone can be an auditor and look at Shopback and its merchants books ?

      BTW Cashrewards deals with the same merchants and have 100's of complaints less !

      Reviews is the simple way to get the answers .

      You seem to have a lot of time defending Shopback I'd advise you to PM gotyourback and apply for a job Bud :)

      • I just understand what is involved with an end to end transaction is not as black and white as people think and sick of reading all the hate and lack of logical reasoning including by some supposed computer experts.

        Take safari content blockers on a phone - you install some ad block plugin app and then wonder why tracking cookies are not passed on. Or you install a VPN client on home network to route all your all your requests through so that you can be supposedly anonymous or get YouTube India pricing and have no idea what VPN provider does with network traffic.

        I’d be very surprised if cash rewards does not hit similar issues with their end users. Difference likely is that they payout currently anyway for goodwill which is great.

        Hence why I suggested that shop back become more transparent as to cause of failure.

        I don’t like the shop back private app either. With their private app you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes and they could be seeing all traffic in clear including auth credentials and credit card details.

        If they don’t have the relationships with the merchants to end to end debug transactions that is also going to be problematic for them.

        • One thing shop back could do with their app is wire it with their own http/https proxy server and a custom certificate authority. That way all requests would ultimately leave their own network infrastructure and they could inspect/manipulate requests to ensure all relevant tracking details are present.

          It would be very hard to dispute then - and any issue would ultimately be due to a merchant e-commerce problem.

          • @mshannon: Finally - as a consumer - you want more than one cash back site operating here in Aus. If there is just one player and no competition do you think you are going to be getting the same amount of promotions and percentages as currently?

            If I work for company X - I'm going to be doing everything in my power to bag and negatively publicise company Y if it means getting them out of the market. It will have significant positive impact to company Y from a financial/shareholder perspective.

  • +2

    My challenge has now completely disappeared ☹️ Not in challenge history either. When I try to re enter code it says the code doesn’t exist?

    • +1

      Pull down to refresh or close + reopen the app.

  • +4

    I did a claim and received the following response

    Thank you for submitting a missing cashback claim.

    We have appealed this missing cashback claim with the merchant and found that the merchant has deemed ShopBack ineligible to earn commissions on this transaction which results in us being unable to pass the cashback along to you.

    ShopBack awards cashback on your transactions on the basis that the merchant attributes your order to ShopBack and pays us a commission, they are the deciding party on a sale being attributed to ShopBack.

    There are quite a few reasons why these orders may not be attributed to ShopBack. This includes:

    1. If a user clicks on a Honey, Cashrewards, or another chrome extension after clicking from ShopBack
    2. If other web pages (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers are opened after clicking through ShopBack
    3. Clicking through to another page from a banner, pop-up, or advertisement on the store’s webpage whilst shopping
    4. Antivirus/Cleanup or Adblocker applications block or disrupt cashback tracking (Tracking cookies are required to track transaction)
    5. When the order falls under the merchant’s exclusions, including the use of promo codes not listed on ShopBack.

    Surprisingly I just used the app as usual and followed all the conditions. I was doing the same earlier and transactions were tracked. But this time where the bonus is promised the transaction was not tracked and then the missing transaction claim was refused

  • +5

    I am sorry, but SB rejected the 12% cash back as per Amazon Flash Sale for my high value purchase. But only validated cash back for my much smaller purchases. It is almost like a click bait. I wonder if they actually didn't get any money from Amazon, or they kept those cashback to themselves.

  • Made a purchase of $7.25 on eBay (Lego minifig), just got the tracking and it says the cash back amount is $0 and the challenge still shows I need to make a $4.54 purchase ???

    • Could you PM over your registered email address? Will check with the tech team to see if there are any system delays.

      • Received your PM, thanks. Ultimately the $0 cashback amount has come down to using a coupon code. Unless otherwise stated, using any coupon codes on eBay invalidates cashback.

    • Same with me, no idea why!!

    • Turned out the tracking I received today was from an eBay purchase I made yesterday where I used the BPLUS $10 off code, hence why it tracked as $0. Tracking for today's purchase should come through tomorrow. Confused me as I didn't activate ShopBack on yesterday's purchase, but somehow it tracked anyway (apparently this can happen if repeat buying an item that was previously tracked, which was the case here). Thanks gotyourback!

  • @gotyourback, I made a purchase 5 hours ago and normal cashback has been tracked too. My challenge is still not showing as completed. Any idea?

    • Could you PM over your registered email address? Will check with the tech team to see if there are any system delays.

      • +1

        Done :)

      • Received pm. Thank you

  • Remember to use the affiliate checker if you're buying from AliExpress too guys

  • Just realised that 8 Agoda stays are still sitting on Pending since 06/2020 almost $80 worth. I emailed support. Apparently you have to send them the booking confirmation manually each time. I must have missed this requirement.

  • How does SB handle multiple eligible purchases?

    Does the bonus come through as long as one of them confirm, is it locked to the first tracked purchase or is there some other way it works?

    Would really like to know!

    • +2

      The system will look at the earliest transaction you've made. Say your first one gets rejected, the system will then look at the next earliest eligible one.

      • +1

        Excellent, thanks for quick reply and info.

  • Cashback from Menulog today has tracked, but the challenge still says $4.54 to go?

    • +1

      From a few that have messaged over there may be some delays to the challenge progress for this offer. Tech team is on it and it should automatically update within the next 24 hours.

  • I’m getting: “This code does not exist” error. Clicked through from deal above and tried copy/paste.

    • +1

      Make sure there are no spaces after the code (autocorrect might add a space). If you have entered the correct code once already, then any subsequent redemption attempts would result in an error message.

      Check your Challenges list to see if the challenge has come up there. Pull down to refresh, or close + reopen the app.

      • Ah ok. Was already in list. Thanks.

  • +1

    Thank you for resolving the boxing day bonus. I got it resolved today 😌

  • I have challenges dating back to cyber weekend. Total of 9, multiple retailers, all challenges confirmed as completed but not paid. Am I really supposed to challenge them all? Can I get someone to check my account? I just assumed they were all waiting for cashback transactions to move to redeemable.

    • +2

      if it says reward pending. You need to wait until your cashback is confirmed.

    • Yes your assumption is correct, the bonuses will come in as soon as the regular cashback is confirmed.

      For reference the terms of these challenges would mention

      The $X bonus will be added to your account once your regular cashback turns Confirmed.

  • i can't even log into my account with the app. It keeps saying "Oops, something went wrong. Please try again."

    • Is the app updated to the latest version available on the App/Play store?

      • i fresh downloaded it. It wasn't installed.

  • +1

    Ordered some cds on Amazon AU.

    Cheers gotyourback!

  • Have not gotten anything from eBay challenge boxing day. I was meant to get $10. Activated and transaction was shown. Someone advise what to do and I don't want to deal with shopback clowns after that

    • If the transaction has tracked, then your challenge status would have updated to Completed/Pending Reward. You just need to wait until that cashback turns confirmed.

      • The $10 bonus will be added to your account once your regular cashback turns Confirmed.
      • -2

        Both $5 and $10 bonus Cyber Monday Completed Challenge but all Pending.

        30 Nov still pending cashback activity that's really poor

  • Hmm. Used my iphone last night to activate and make a purchase with Chemist Warehouse.
    Have click history but no tracking yet…
    Will wait, but it's unusually slow for me this time around.

  • eBay purchase tracked. The item I bought is 4+ Euros, which may cause trouble.

    Can SB App redirect to eBay App atm? It does work for me for a long time.

    • +1

      If you like I can check the AUD amount eBay has reported back to our systems, just PM me your email address.

      And yes the SB app does redirect to the eBay app, but this is only for iOS devices.

      • Thx, I made a mistake in my comment. I mean "App to App does not work for me".

        • All good, indeed App to App won't work for Android devices at the moment.

  • Shopback with no reason rejected all my Amazon 10th November music CDs purchases that had 5% cashback at the time, means the $3 bonus challenge unreasonably failed.

    Done nothing wrong, ordered using giftcards which is eligible, made separate orders so won't get mixed up with an order used with promo credit, and no changes to the order.

    Others better check your 10/11/20 Amazon transactions as well.

    • The order with handwash and book cashback confirmed, all the orders with music CDs rejected.

      @gotyourback please tell me why Amazon rejected all physical music (eligible category for cashback) orders?

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