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Apple iMac Pro 27" Retina 5K Display 3.0GHz $6569 @ The Good Guys


Intel Xeon W
Storage Size
Operating System
Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics processor with 8GB of HBM2 memory

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • +169

    How much extra is the power cord?

    • -64

      What's In The Box: iMac Pro, Space Grey Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, Space Grey Magic Mouse 2, Lightning to USB Cable, Power cord

      If you’re going to Apple bash find something factual please. It’s easy to do with this archaic build selling for top dollar.

  • +41

    wowie, this is targeted for the rich daddies of ozb

    • +3

      I'm looking for sugardaddies

      • +7

        You need to dial up your onlyfans game then.

    • +2

      Jokes on you. This is ALSO targeted for those of us prepared to max out our credit cards cos reasons.

    • +3

      Just let you Ozbargainers know I'm going to auction one of my kidneys

      • +3

        Please post when it's on special and also does it support band 28?

      • Any cashback?

  • +37

    Audibly chuckled when this was the first thing I saw on ozBARGAIN

    • +22

      The computing section has been a joke for the past few weeks with most of the GPU's and CPU's jacked up prices getting spammed with new accounts.

    • What constitutes a bargain in your opinion? 20% off? 30%?

      • +6

        At least 50%. Just received 2 nice Guildan ultra cotton shirts discounted to $2 each with additional 100% discount. I was nice to not order 100 ;)
        Super fast/small portable Samsung T5 1TB SSD 10Gbps with 2 FREE usb-C to usb-C/A cables for $108 with 10x weekly instalments (original over $500 https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/samsung-portable-ssd-t5).

        • +6

          Funny how discounts work. 50% off RRP can still be a rip off for some products, but for some things 20% discount would be a true bargain.

          Example, Pixel 4 is around $1200 new / 128GB version. I wouldn't buy it for $600.
          Pixel 4a is $599 / 128GB. At $479 I'd purchase or at least consider it a bargain.

          • @pennypincher98: Pixel 4 is disconnected. The Pixel 5 RRP is $999.

            • @Rodgort:

              Pixel 4 is disconnected

              Yet another issue with the Pixel lineup? I'm shocked..

              • @pennypincher98: They discontinued in favour of the Pixel 5, Pixel 4A and. Pixel 4A with 5G. There's no room left for the 4 which is why they discontinued it.

                • @Rodgort: Oh I'm appalled! How dare they not sell 2019's flagship directly! Writing to the ACCC as we speak!

                  Honestly, you can still buy it. At quite a considerable discount. Yet it's not selling as well as the 4a. Thank you for providing even further evidence for my point.

          • +1

            @pennypincher98: You're not wrong.

            RRP to me is "recommended rip-off pricing" not "recommended retail pricing".

            To quote Cosmo Kramer "retail is for suckers".

  • +12

    wa wa wee wa

  • +27

    Wow, Apple only give a 1-year warranty with the product? Far out that's bad!

    • +26

      Yes, but you’ll have Australian Consumer Law coverage in addition to the 1 year warranty, and that should last a number of years, considering the amount of money you’re forking out for this…

      • +2

        You are correct.
        1 year warranty with ACL coverage, Apple is really good for this and I'd probably rate them up there with Sony (whom I've also had a really good experience with).

      • I have used consumer rights to get my top lid and keyboard replaced multiple times.

    • -28

      tbh I'd rather have very reliable 1-2yr warranty from apple over what other companies offer

      • -1

        made me laugh…no battery I suppose…

      • +6

        shouldn't matter you go to the retailer

        • +8

          Have you tried warranty claims via retailers. Shoot me now.

          • +1

            @Soldier: I have. They may try to play you, but just state you know the ACL yadda yadda and i've yet to have one not concede.

            • +1

              @Xizor: You're lucky. I had to take an Apple retailer to court over a warranty claim. They then dragged it out for months before finally settling at last minute.

          • +2

            @Soldier: I tried a warranty claim with JB hi-fi once… no questions asked straight took it back.

  • what are you buying this for OP?

    • +15

      just to film some "Mac Setup Office Tour" youtube vids

      • +3

        Well, someone has to make videos about lightening ports and cables.

  • +4

    Thanks just bought 100

    • +4

      at only 10% off ? hand in your ozb badge please.

    • Save some for the rest of us!

  • +21

    Must be a price error?

    • -24

      How is it a pricing error? It says its 10% off on the website.

      Also there is talk about new Apple Silicon CPU based Macs for the full line up and the move away from Intel, so it makes sense that there will be some reductions in price for Intel Macs.

      Its not mentioned in the post that this iMac Pro has 32GB RAM

      • +39

        Was a joke. Calm down bro

    • +1

      Don't worry boss I got the joke :)

    • RRP error ;)

  • +3

    Not bad for the speced out Mac. Would probably upgrade this for our team if management approves it lol, probs never.

    • +1

      and free apple tv…. management will go for that…..

  • work from home tax deduction.

    • Doubt they will cover the whole amount

      • +4

        Its over $300 - decline in value unless business.

        Apportion to work/personal use correcrly and its fine

        If using shortcut method then cant claim decline in value.

        Be very careful advising thats its tax deductible - everyone has differing circumstances and may not use an accountant that will advise on deduction.

  • -2

    HBM2 memory is nice but… isn't it still going to be completely outclassed in terms of latency and bandwidth with on-die memory with Apple Silicon.

    Intel x86 are going to be treated as second-class citizens when Apple Silicon makes it way into the workstation models.

    • +7

      HBM2 is the GPU memory and it's on-die

      • In principle you are right but it is actually two or more different dies in the same package.

        High density Transistors (the GPU) dies and high density memory (HBM/SDRAM) dies are currently done through two different VLSI processes. There is another die the interposer that connects the two or more dies together. It all very interesting.

        If the HBM/SDRAM could be on the same die as the GPU there would be no need for the SRAM catch in the GPU and the GPU would have an order of magnitude increase in memory bandwidth. Perfect for ethereum coin mining.

        • +1

          It does not matter where DRAM is, be it HBM2 on Vega or the LPDDR4X memory on the M1 (and others), it is going to have much higher latency than SRAM based cache.

          That is because at the distances you will find in a computer, the time a signal takes to travel from one point to an other is tiny compared how long DRAM takes to work (the signal travels at over 20 cm per a nanosecond, but DRAM access commands like column access strobe and row access strobe take 10s of nanoseconds each).

          • @Namesareapain: Yes your probably right. It sounds like CAS only takes 1 clock cycle (both edges) so if you don't change row speed would generally not be too bad. But that with needing to refresh the RAM will probably mean that it never replaces SRAM.

            So although being on the same die will allow for hudge bandwidth the latency still will be a limiting factor

    • +4

      I think you need to do some reading up on HBM2. It is on die 3d-stacked Sdram developed by Samsung, AMD and SK-Hynix. HBM2 has 256 GB/s per stack. The newer HBM2E has even higher bandwidth. The memory on the M1 has a peak bandwidth of about 68 GB/s.

      • +1

        oops you're right.

  • +1

    Having this Mac can show off how much cash you have got.

    • +42

      Having this Mac can show off how much cash you have got had

      • +14

        Having this Mac can show off how much cash you have got had lost

        • to a product designed in Cupertino, California*

          *and made in China or somewhere

  • +1

    What a bargain, gotta be quick before it gets brodened.

    • +2

      Think this will sold out in few minutes.

  • +5

    Rumours suggest some big releases coming up soon, probably M1 powered iMacs and Mac Pro that are faster than the old ones and cheaper if the Air update is any guide.

    • +2

      Maybe m1x.

    • Yeah, 16 core iMac would kill this for most applications, and it sounds like the base model iMac will have that (if rumours are to be believed).

      Picked up a M1 Mac mini last year. I’m a convert.

  • Xeon powered?

    What exactly was the use case for this thing?

    • +3

      5K pron.

      • +1

        For people who haven't heard of ryzen.

  • +1

    Wowsers! This certainly burnt out my retinas with that price.

    • +1

      Lucky for you, the display…

  • yea, but you get 1TB SSD - SO WORTH IT!

  • +4

    From someone who can justify spending $1649 on an RTX 3080 can someone tell me why anyone should pay $6569 on an iMac?

    • +1


    • +5

      Paying for the logo mostly.

    • +7

      Everyone has different needs.

      When it comes to hardware like this, it may be an income-producing tool, which may be producing an income of $XX,XXX annually.

      On, the flip side, how much are you making with the $1649 RTX 3080? How is that card justified?

      • +5

        If buying this makes me money then why is Apple selling them away 🤡

        • Philanthropy? Lol

          • +4



            From Apple?

            If they really were good-willing then they would reasonably price their products 😆

            • @DarthPyro: It was a joke….

            • @DarthPyro: Also, on a separate comment, their project red is philanthropy. So it's something worth considering when it's available and making a purchase decision.

        • +3

          An income-producing tool, still requires skill to make the money.

          • +1

            @RNDM: Once you have the right skills, you can buy much cheaper & more capable product that will not be sourced from 1 supplier (Apple's strategy).

            • +2

              @taki: No question you can build a fast PC with an excellent 5K monitor for less, but it won’t run MacOS with Final Cut Pro (legally!) and that combo is how some people make a living. They’d argue there’s no point in learning to build a PC to save some cash if it costs them time they can use to make more money editing video.

      • +1

        I've been trying to understand this for years. My siblings and their partners buy MacBook Pros or whatever they are probably every 2-3 yrs, they do design and video type work, they always just say "i like them" (perfectly good enough reason, style alone is worthy) and "its what everyone else uses because they are better for it (with zero evidence)". I can only laugh, but it makes them happy for some reason.

        • +3

          Final Cut Pro is one of industry leaders. In terms of pricing it's fair. It's a one off cost, as opposed to paying a subscription for Adobe Premier Pro. Premier Pro subscription per year is roughly 3/4 of Final Cut Pro purchase price.

        • +3

          I mean, both of those are perfectly valid reasons to buy Mac. If it's making money for them and it's an ecosystem they understand and are comfortable working inside, why wouldn't they stay? And using the same software as everyone else in your industry has big advantages in being able to share work seamlessly. I know a lot of architects that use mac simply because the architectural software is better on mac than it is on windows, so why pick up a new OS to use a worse version of what you have now?

        • +2

          I've been trying to understand this for years. My siblings and their partners buy RTX 3080s or whatever they are probably every 2-3 yrs, they play games and use the Internet, they always just say "i like them" (perfectly good enough reason, style alone is worthy) and "its what everyone else uses because they are better for it (with zero evidence)". I can only laugh, but it makes them happy for some reason.

      • 93megahash/s. Sure as hell justified for mining ethereum

    • +9

      There's two target audiences for this;

      1. Professional studio's that use MacOs software

      2. People who think a banana costs ten dollars

    • There is cheaper 3080 you don't need to pay over 1.5K if you want something within 2 weeks.

    • -1

      Because you are a government department and like wasting money on a way overspec machine to create PDF documents.

      • No wait, that is the full spec version but 1 step down on the storage plus a top of the line extra 5K LG monitor.

    • If you are a pro as the name suggests and you need the ISV certification.

  • +25

    This must have just been posted to see the comments section

    Even if you need an Intel based iMac now, this thing is effectively from 2017 with old Vega graphics and is beaten by an up-specced regular 2020 iMac (10 Core i9-10910 3.6GHz CPU, 5700 XT 16GB Graphics, with 1TB SSD and 10Gb ethernet upgrades for significantly less cash - A$5,349.00 from Apple delivered).

    This may have 4 TB3 ports but they are using the old Alpine Ridge controller from 2015 with limitations on resolution (cannot output 6K to work at native res on the Apple 6K HDR display) compared to the newer Titan Ridge TB3 ports on the 2019 and 2020 regular iMacs which do push full resolution to the 6K display.

    2020 iMac also has a RAM door so you can easily upgrade memory later without having to worry, while the iMac Pro requires massive warranty voiding disassembly to get to the RAM

    Future Apple ARM based chips in the next few years will also leave these in the dust soon.

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