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XFX Radeon RX 6900 XT Speedster MERC 319 Black 16GB GDDR6 $1999 + Delivery @ PLE


Hey All

I thought I'd post this to advise availability of this highly sought after card.

Not sure if it's cheap for its price, but looks cheaper than other AIB's. Also a good looking card IMO.

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    Watching your money escape from your wallet like a speedster.

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    $2000 for a Gpu

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        Did you buy it for gaming? I can't find any benchmarks to justify the extra $1000+ compared to a 3080 and I thought it might be something more suited for productivity.
        I've almost pulled the trigger but it's just not there for me (yet). Plus I play at 1440p which a 3080 seems to be able to handle fine
        *Not that I'm judging your purchase. You do you man

        • +5

          1440p Ultrawide gaming.

          FPS per $ wise it's absolutely terrible value no arguing that, i wanted the best and those extra fps does help in more demanding games like red dead 2 and Cyberpunk, even warzone barely hits my 160hz monitor refresh rate.
          as for why i didn't go for the 6900xt, DLSS is amazing and more recently ive found Nvidia broadcast's noise removal from my mic is insanely useful as well when i have my fan on to not piss others off.

          • +1

            @Axelstrife: Yeah that noise cancellation is insane.
            I was looking at a 3080 ROG Strix but for the little price bump this might be a better deal. DLSS would be great to have though and I haven't heard of XFX before but stock will run out soon I bet

            • @NuttyGoodness: Tough decision, Any games you regularly play use DLSS or will get DLSS in the future such as Warzone?
              6900xt is a really good card matching 3090 for not raytracing and DLSS games.

              • @Axelstrife: A few of them definitely could but I'm only running them at 1440p QHD 75hz so far which I might increase in Hz down the line but I doubt I'll go 4k.
                I pulled the trigger on the 6900xt which might be a bit of FOMO but I'm sure I won't regret it when I get to start using it

            • @NuttyGoodness: Hardware unboxed did a review of xfx merc 319 and said it was the best aib model they had tested, beating red devil. I think it was the 6800xt

          • +1

            @Axelstrife: I've read that DLSS only works on 16:9 resolutions since you noted ultrawide.

            RTX Voice is indeed a nice feature. Use it for work everyday :)

          • @Axelstrife: A 3090 for gaming is bonkers! I'm not criticising, i'm just jealous.

            • @Ryanek: We're all gamers, just different budgets.

              Now just to get my hands on a damn 5900x and I can order parts for a custom loop.

          • @Axelstrife:

            ive found Nvidia broadcast's noise removal from my mic is insanely useful as well when i have my fan on to not piss others off.

            Wait, what's this? Is this something us plebs with a 3060ti can do?

        • Do you know free any tool for benchmarking without too much bloatware? I wanted to check mine

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    waiting for a normal price.

    • +3

      same here, prob 6mnth wait though.

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    I have this card, it's a long slong (34cm from memory) so be mindful of your existing case size. Built like a tank, no GPU sag, quality understated looks and whisper quiet (I can hear my AIO pump over this card, it's that quiet) With default auto fans it hits low to mid 70's at 35% - 40% fan speed (26/27 degree room temp) Overclocking is good too, can hit 2700Mhz + comfortably. No doubt an RTX 3080 or 6800XT is better value (You don't need that extra kidney) but when you want the best team red has to offer than this is it for now…..

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    What a joke

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    I dont get why people are acting like $2000 for a GPU is ludicrous. Yes it is expensive, but it is nothing new. This time last year people were paying $2000+ for a high end 2080ti, this is no different. You should be used to it by now, surely.

    • +1

      Yes I done the same for 2080ti never again. The price will go down quickly when next one coming soon.

      • And then you see the 3070…

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      I paid $400 for a 7950 years back. Insane that I have to pay 4 times that for not even top of the line.

      I honestly blame phone manufacturers pushing the cost of tech higher.

      • +2

        Yes, but top of the line costs an additional 25% again. The market will shape the prices. While consumers are paying there is no incentive to drop. When supply catches up and demand drops, the prices will change.

        People are wasting their breath complaining.

      • -10

        You paid $400 dollars for a low-mid tier card 7-8 years ago. I don't see any comparison here.

        Pay 5 times more to get 6-7 times performance.. seems like a valid case.


      • It is literally AMDs top of the line card, what are you on about?

        • -1

          Mainly thinking about the 3080

          • +1

            @Caped Baldy: 6900XT is on par in most cases with the 3090 though?

            • @Vinodra: Sorry, I may not have been clear enough. Was just saying that $4/500 would get you a top of the line GPU in early 2010s and now you have to spend close to $2k and it still may not be top of the line.

              • @Caped Baldy: But why mention that on a post about the 6900XT, a literal top of the line card.

                The reference design RRP of the 6900XT is also 1600AUD, these prices are just inflated due to limited suppy, once demand from miners die down, cards will be a lot cheaper.

                • @Vinodra: The comment I responded to was commenting about the 2080ti. The 3080 is on my mind as I'm keeping an eye out for one.

    • no no no, $2k+ is for nvidia 2080ti, amd announced price at launch day is $1k usd, so i expect $1k6 max not $2k aud

  • -3

    LOL PLE…they will just take your money and trade you some slow moving squares in your profile for atleast 6 months. Would rather pay scalpers than buy from that incompetent mob.

    • +1

      Just because YOUR experience wasn't as pleasant as you'd hoped, don't write the whole business off.

      I for one think that PLE has great customer service especially through the thick of the corona period last year. The 2 times I've ordered through them has gone smoothly and delivery was prompt.

      • +2

        Lets see what PLE got themselves into now that RTX prices have started to increase from manufacturers.

        PLE have alot of outstanding pre-orders since September, if they didn't hedge and locked in orders then. There's going to be alot of disappointed people after waiting 3 months.

        • got my 3080 3 weeks ago and ordered in november.

        • Yep thats me - ordered 2am release morning, still no ETA for EVGA Black 3080. Loving life.

      • clearly you are the golden child/chosen one for PLE…us plebs only get little No ETA squares with the money we give them.

    • totally agree

  • Anyone else still waiting for their 3080? I was charged in full through credit card payment after I swapped to a card that supposedly had a shorter queue. The credit card charge for my initial order was only a security amount, so I don't know why I was charged in full for the swap. I emailed them multiple times and they ignored me. And they aren't giving updates on supplies of 3080 anymore either.
    Never dealing with PLE again after I get my 3080.

    • +2

      Bold of you to assume you're getting your 3080

    • +3

      Are you a member of Australia Bureau of Statistics?!
      Can you pls provide more insight into other products as well from consumer purchase behavior statistics?

      • Sure what do you want to buy, i can tell you about its scarcity, normal price, scalping price etc. (5700xt, 2080 super upwards)

        The 6900xt is value around a high end 3080, hence they don't sell very quickly at $1999

      • Are you a member of Australia Bureau of Statistics?!


        • he actually replied too lol

  • The fan noise on my rx 580 is super loud when gaming in Verdansk. Does this mean I need to get the fans replaced?

  • I've bought this one from PLE on the first week of Jan with the 100$ discount I had from them, got it delivered couple of days later.

    Note that this is Black edition which has a little more overclock headroom than Ultra edition. Be aware that AMD software default/automatic configuration was unstable for me on this and was always crashing 2 min into games. Manually tuned now it works fine.

    • I always wondered the difference between the black and ultra editions? Could never find any information of the difference between the two. Come to think of it I couldn't find any info on what the bios switches did on the card in what position? No YouTube reviews of this card anywhere last time I checked.

  • Does anyone know what's the RRP for RX 6900 XT in Australia?

    • Probably about $1800 or so for reference card

    • Can see it listed for pre-order on sites like mwave for $1699. Guessing the MSRP would be around that or lower.

  • any benches on rage mode with these? especially interested in VR, but I guess lack of stock also means lack of real world stats?

    • +1

      Running this Merc Black version with manual overclock and it is outrageously good/fast & totally stable. Easily reaches 2700mhz boost gpu clock and 2150mhz memory. Extremely stable and runs cool as … hotspot tops out at 75celsius with fan running at 60 to 70% speed and that is in Brisbane where temps have been pretty hot past few days.

      I am more than happy with this card as it is so well made quality wise and the beefed up power components and copper piping keep it running under 300 watts per GPU-Z. Nearly got the PNY 3090 for extra $599 but glad I didn't as I only use PC for simracing in VR (Reverb G2) and this card allows me to run SteamVR SS at upto 74% though I keep it at 60 odd % as it looks just as good but allows more headroom for day/night and some weather which does hit hard. Racing a 20 car field in daytime fine weather is no sweat though. Great card from AMD and yeah $2k is alot but depends on your income & priorities as it was $ well spent imho.

  • +1

    if it was highly sought after it would've already been out of stock

    • Going out of stock for this has happened at least three time since launch as I was monitoring it.
      Maybe this time they have more stock.

  • +1

    You get so much more buying an LG OLED TV vs a $2,000 graphics card from NVIDIA or AMD

    • Agreed, on 6 figures with multiple investment properties and still cant justify paying 1k+ for this.

      I know 2 people who have 3090s who can barely afford there own rent.

      • The old trap of spending money on things to distract yourself from how poorly you're doing compared to your friends. I blame you for your friends' impulse buys :P

    • wouldnt even touch a TV even if I bought one so whats the point?

      • -2

        How do you know someone doesn't have a TV?

        Don't worry, they'll tell you.

    • -1

      Drop in another 750 dollars for the latest xbox or PS ( pretty much the cost of a cpu able to drive this card w/o a struggle + some ram), and you have potentially 4K VRR solved for the next 3-5 years with backwards compatibility. PCMR is becoming a frekking niche market unfortunately…

  • thats one good looking card… (despite terrible price for performance value)

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