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Free: Azure Training Event Week 15th-19th February @ Microsoft


Received the invitation email from Microsoft Azure team. There will be a week of free Azure training events on 15th – 19th February.

Get valuable Azure product insights, chat directly with Microsoft Azure experts, and develop the skills you need to become Microsoft Azure certified. With multiple training sessions to choose from, focusing on real-life product applications, the Microsoft Cloud Skills Bootcamp is a fantastic way to hone your skills and future-proof your career.

Grab and register those events you are interested. As usual seats are limited.

Time is in AEDT

Monday 15 Feb - Start Your Skills Journey
11AM–12PM Women in Tech | Start your skills journey with Azure (Beginner) - Register
12PM–12:45PM Ask the Expert | Women in Tech - Register
1PM–4:10PM Azure Fundamentals – Part 1 (Beginner) - Register

Tuesday 16 Feb - Prepare for Cloud Adoption
11AM–12PM The Power of GitHub and Azure(Intermediate) - Register
12PM–12:45PM Ask the Expert | Preparing for Cloud adoption - Register
1PM–3:35PM Azure Fundamentals – Part 2 (Beginner) Free exam - Register

Wednesday 17 Feb - Accelerate Cloud Migration
9:30AM–10:30AM Security Fundamentals for Windows Virtual Desktop Environments (Intermediate) - Register
10:30AM– 11:30AM Manage your Servers Anywhere with Azure Arc(Intermediate) - Register
11AM–1:50PM Modernising Web Applications and data – Part 1(Advanced) - Register
11:30AM–12:30PM Accelerate your Journey to the cloud with Azure VMware solution (Intermediate) - Register
12:30PM–1PM Ask the Expert | Accelerating Cloud Migration - Register
1PM-4:15PM Migrating Server Infrastructure(Advanced) - Register

Thursday 18 Feb - App Innovation
10AM–11AM Get Kubernetes Up and Running(Intermediate) - Register
11AM–1:10PM Modernising Web Applications and data – Part 2(Advanced) - Register
2PM–3PM Build Apps Faster and Scale Innovation with Azure Serverless(Intermediate) - Register
3PM–3:45PM Ask the Expert | App Innovation - Register

Friday 19 Feb - Innovate With Data
9AM–10AM Azure IoT- from connected assets to connected environments(Intermediate) - Register
10AM-11AM Azure IoT Solutions Recipes(Intermediate) - Register
11AM–11:45AM DevOps for Data Science(Beginner) - Register
12:15PM–1PM Ask the Expert | Innovate with Data - Register
1PM–4:30PM Intelligent Decision Making Through Modern Data Warehousing(Advanced) - Register

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  • I believe there are free exam AZ900 vouchers up for grabs?
    Attend Azure Fundamentals – Part 1 and 2 to claim it.

    • Decided this past week to go and get some certs and am kicking myself I missed the $15 ones.

  • As usual, they demand all your personal info, tell you your career is down the tubes if you don't attend this trainingtechnical sales event. What they do with it, when and how is not disclosed.

    Like ransomware pros they scare you into signing up, practice scarcity strategies and throw lashings of FOMO. And why? To make you buy, use and recommend their stack of bugs in a way they can track, measure and claim credit for with their bosses.

    Before too long, they give you a worthless cert and into a billing agreement that allows them to overcharge you for compute/data/operational time whenever they like.

    Query an invoice and it goes into the technical ether- and if you persist past weeks of technical excuse/rebukesupport layers you must either succeed in proving it was their crumby billing from only the logs you can see, or identify whatever bug caused it, and when. Even if it that is one of the many previously acknowledged bugs in some form or another, or especially if it is an unaddressedunacknowledged bug.

    The only bar they need to beat in terms of customer service is their own, not that Amazon's service levels, let alone the very basics of customer care mean anything to MS.

    Just a warning ;-)

  • Thanks, signed up for most of these. Typically happy with their technical webinar series'.

  • It's mostly a sales pitch around how to do these things with their services, which can be very expensive. If you're in that market you might get something out of it.