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Double Credits on $50 or $100 Loads @ Timezone


Double credits at Timezone on Saturday 23rd January one day only.

Load Up $50 Get $100 Credit
Load Up $100 Get $200 Credit

Locations - ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, VIC, WA

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  • if you ask nicely

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    Brother and I went to one of these at Eastland, VIC while the car was getting serviced the other day. As two near 30yr old men, really brought back so much memories.

    Then you realised that this was the OG micro-transactions of the 90’s. Still a lot of fun though!

    • Never to old to have fun

    • are you twins ?

    • +2 votes

      Never too old. My age starts with a 4 and I've spent enough over the last 30 or so years to buy one or two nice cars. (One time I saw the cumulative spend total on their screen since they started electronic cards and multiplied that amount by the number of years since I've started playing as a rough estimate). Only play redemption games though.

      • What have you done with the other 370 years?

      • Oh, aye, I hear you! If I could have all the coins back that I pumped into arcade machines in the 80’s I’d have a very tidy sum indeed. These days, for a few hundred dollars of hardware and a good MAME emulator I can play them all for free.

    • How did it feel to have them service you?

  • I took a date out after dinner and drinks to Timezone, I let her beat me silly, even though video games weren't her thing when young.
    It's now been over a year and we live together. Still go to Timezone here and there, of course, no more MR. nice guy, she loses a lot lol

  • Double checking the credits last a year ?

    • The credits last a year from your last use. So if you topped up today and decided to play a whole 364 days later then your balance will last a year from that date.

    • Valid for 12 months from last use.

  • Awesome.

    Air hockey pre movies set

  • Do they cap these?

    When I was a teen I threw $1k at a "double dollar day", and managed to last me almost 3 years!

    After that I learned it was better value again to book a birthday party deal, and pay for the 30
    imaginary guests myself; worked out to an extra 10% or something value.

  • Good deal, there is usually also a deal on par with this in the entertainment book for use anytime. Not sure about the 20/21 version.

  • Seriously, why isn't there any timezone or good arcade in Melbourne CBD area :/

    Then again, probably not best time to be going to arcade during these times

  • which timezone in melb is the best one to go to in terms of variety and size?

  • Arcades are still fun - I remember George Street in Sydney had quite a few around the cinema, the main one being West world … went to a timezone with daughter and had fun even though I went in at the start in "grump old man" mode stating where is 1942, ladybug, dragons lair, operation wolf, gauntlet co-op games etc :)

    • they've been replaced with ticket based games that are literally gambling for kids. Getem hooked young.

      • Yes and no…maybe 1/3 was ticket machines, grabbing machines etc but then 1/3 was ipad games (ninja fruit etc) and the 1/3 we spent most time in shooting and co-op games- Jurassic Park, racing games, Namco cabinets etc…

    • gauntlet co-op games

      Now there's a genre that needs to come back

  • Anyone know if it's possible to split one card into multiple cards? E.g could I top up 50, get 100, and then split this into two $50 cards?

  • TIL Timezone still exists

  • Anyone remember back in the 90's going through abandoned trolleys collecting the 2 free games coupons off of the back of the Woolworths receipts? In hindsight that was probably the spark that lit the Ozbargainer in me.

    • I used to scrounge around the back of the washing machines at the laundromat for the twenty cent pieces that people dropped and then take them to timezone. The woolworths receipts sounds like a better use of ones time though.

  • FYI Terms and Conditions have 12 month expiry on credit for anyone who was planning on stocking up.

  • Sunday Supersession at the two story Timezone on Swanston St back in the day was great. $10 - 2 hours of unlimited plays on all the machines.

    • Oh no. It's now $26 for one hour with 45 second cool down (so you can't cheat the system and swipe to infinity so you can play past one hour) AND only red and yellow swipers only.

      • This was pre-swipe - coins only. They used to turn off power to the whole place to restart all the machines when the time was up from memory. The machines would be in "free play" mode and when they restarted, would go back to normal.

  • They just need to have Gundam, Fate/Grand Order, DanceRush Kingdom, and more DDR then $100 probably won't be enough.

    • *DanceRush Stardom. Lol long day at work today.

      • Man, once my back surgery is complete I'll be back on those pads, ASAP.

        Problem is, being 115kg and doing 12+ foot (15 foot in 'new ddr') my joints hate me, so I think I'll need to slim up before I can rejoin properly again after surgery ><

        • Back in early 2020s I played DDR with our gang and one of us lost 8kg just playing DDR.

          Good ol days. These days I am playing but notice I am not as quick as i was. lol

          • @burningrage: Yeah I lost 38kg playing.

            I was legally blind but I could still see colour and general 'row'.

            I used to start at 8am and finish at 7pm, only stopping for some hanaichi at lunch.

            It only got worse when I bought my own machine :p

            As soon as my back is healed…. I'm back.

            • @MasterScythe: Wot!!!! You bought your own machine! Thats sick.

              We used to congregate at Crown Galactic Circus every weekend.

              • @burningrage: Yeah, it wasn't cheap, but it wasn't stupid expensive either.

                $1500 for the machine.
                $1000 for a piano-mover truck from WA to QLD.

                Absolutely worth every cent to me :)
                I bought a jpac and replaced the konami system573 (ko-na-mi) with a PC running OpenITG and went from there :)

                Its a good time for sure.

    • I just couldn't get into ddr after they went past supernova.

      • After supernova most people moved to iTG,

        Ddr was beat based (usually); iTG was rhythm based.

        Identical game, way harder step charts, and the ability to bring your own songs.

        Having TunakTun blast across the arcade was always a hilarious time.

        • Yeah I could never get into iTG for some reason. At 16 i always thought damn, in 10 years I’ll still be playing ddr for sure. I stopped at 18 :(. That was over 12 years ago now lol

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Ah, yeah I started at 12, I'm now 30ish. Need a knee operation, because I played comps and refused to use the bar (disqualification).

            Managed to get to 12foot songs (in the old metric) so up to 12 'commands' a second.

            At 120kg at the time; moving that fast is a stress on the body.

            Still goin strong though. I see no reason I'll lose interest, as long as I enjoy movement, and music, it'll be around :)

            • @MasterScythe: At my best I could only JUSTTTTT PASS xepher and doll at heavy, no jump no freeze. And had to use bar. I probably should have taken the effort go stop, go back to medium and learn to cross step…

              • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Absolutely, I resisted learning to cross step for probably 2 years; and the sudden jolts is likely where my joint damage came from.

                But one day I decided, "It's only a 8" and went abck and ground Rhythm and Police until I could full stream it without missing a cross, and it was glorious.

                I still avoid them, but they at least can flow now.

  • Having a timezone lock-in party in the early 90s was the ultimate when growing up