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[Pre Order] MSI Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB GDDR6 - Reference Model $1699 + Delivery @ PLE Computer


ETA for WA warehouse is 01/02/2021.

If you want the 6900xt at MSRP maybe a good option

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  • How does this compare to what nvidia is offering? I haven't really kept up with GPU lately.

    • Much cheaper than the 3090, of course less features like DLSS.

      • DirectML update coming. Not sure how it compares to DLSS though. Good thing is game makers don't need to send their games to DLSS supercomputer for analysis

    • Very similar in standard raster performance/FPS.
      No DLSS and much worse at ray tracing if you play games these apply to.
      Cheaper than top Nvidia (3090)
      But Nvidia 3070/3080 or AMD 6800/6800XT are better options for most people, all exceeding previous speed champ 2080Ti.
      However, GPU market is trashed at the moment, most cards selling well above RRP, hence, normal retail pricing being considered a 'deal' (at this point anything in stock is considered a deal to someone)

      • 'at this point anything' so like toilet roll last year

      • Also there are some hybrid cards for 3070 and 3080 which personally interest me due to ITX form factor and squeezing extra performance out of it

    • Getting anything at MSRP is the best option at the moment. Some 6800xt and 3080s are going for this price.

      6800,6800xt,6900xt are better than Nvidia competition cards in rasterisation in most games and more power efficient. Nvidia has better ray tracing and DLSS. 3070 and 3080 vram is lower so could be a problem in a couple years for ultra textures In new games.

    • This is a 3080 competitor

      Rasterization: better at 1440p, slightly towards 3080 favour at 4k

      Features: 3080 wins though 6900xt can do hackintosh

      • if you had a choice to buy 3080 at this price vs this card I would still go for 3080 tbh

        • +2 votes

          I agree. The 3080 has some advantages. In terms of maximum frame rates at 4k they are similar (the 3080 winning more often than losing). But the biggest difference is when you compare the lowest and highest frame rates. The NVIDIA cards are far more stable and have less fluctuations in frame rates. The AMD cards show significant fluctuations. That may be drivers but I'm not sure it can be ironed out.

          • @DisabledUser372094: I am a big fan of AMD but Nvidia cards just work - thought I still bit the bullet and pre ordered 6800 xt - I think for 1k you cant go wrong with that performance
            as I only game at 1440p and rtx is of no interest to me plus I got a new monitor thats free sync

            • +2 votes

              @botchie: Yeah it's perfect for your use case. At 1440p AMD is the king. And you can't beat that price to performance.

          • @DisabledUser372094: I'm genuinely curious where you got that information since in every place I've looked I've seen the complete opposite trend bar a few games. 6800xt tend to have higher 1% and 0.1% lows than the 3080. If you for example look at Tom's hardware's review the 6800xt tend to have lows closer to the frame rate compared to the 3080.

        • Um nah, 8GB RAM already hitting limit

      • https://youtu.be/rRftG_gDIQg


        When is the 3080 faster at 4k? The 6800xt yes, but the 6900xt is faster than the 3080 at 4k. It's usually not enough to matter, but you really really have to cherry pick to say the 3080 is faster at 4k

    • Slightly faster than the 3080. Not quite at the 3090 level. 3080s are impossible to find for anywhere near aussie MSRP while this is basically Aussie MSRP making it a better choice IMO if you really have to buy it. It's better than paying $1599 for a 6800XT or $1799 for a 3080

  • want versus need factor in greed…

  • after having nvidia gpu's since the 1050ti I can confirm the 6900XT is by far the better option over 3080/90, for one the price and two its user hub is just so much neater and better than nvidias. I think the 6900XT at this price standpoint is serverly underated. It literally outperforms the 2.8k 3090 in most games, yes no RT or DLSS but the perofmance boost alone doesnt require any DLSS to gain those extra fps and RT… Who the (profanity) uses ray tracing.

    • Who uses RT? Cyberpunk of course, and it’s a noticeable difference.

      • Also it does have RT in basically everything but Cyberpunk (which is coming)

        The RT performance is barely better than a 2080ti, and no DLSS means more like a 2070S with DLSS so yeah, RT performance is pretty bad.

    • I agree on most points but a much better option is 6800 xt if you can get it (for $1k which is its RRP) - Im still waiting on my Harvey Norman pre order…maybe I will get it half way thought the year :)

      • yea you cant get it for 1k tho, non xt yea but look at the prices now, now its just not worth 1.4k. It does make cyberpunk look better with RT yea but is it a staple to the future? no

        • you could pre order 6800 xt few weeks ago - how long it will take to get it, thats another questions but if you are not in a rush there are deals to have, and if you are in a rush and need something now I would suggest you get a 3070, thats still a very good card
          3080 stock is a joke
          I still recon 1k should be the norm for a top tier card, not sure how we went from $800 for a 1080ti when it came out to 2.5k for 2080ti when that came out….absolute joke but again, I remember when CPUs were over 1k and look at it now
          you win some, you lose some

      • quick question botchie. When you put the 'pre-order' in, did HN send you any email confirmation or notification of the purchase on the day it was made???

        • I got an order confirmation email yes with a order number but no invoice
          they still haven't charged my card, its "pending"
          I expect to go through crap with them before I get this card….I waited 2 months on a 1080 TI when I ordered it and the situation wasnt this bad :)

          • @botchie: Thanks, the reason I asked is that I haven't received anything of the kind, however, it does show up in my HN online account.

            • @TilacVIP: Yeah, you should be good but don't expect much communication from them, see if you can get it elsewhere then cancel or wait, that's what I'm doing

          • @botchie: I got an order confirmation from HN AND my card was charged (this was on the 7th). I also have the 6900 XT from PLE preordered since the 18th and guessing this one will come through first

            • @not4us: nice, I cant wait for myn but don't want to get 2 excited :) - my 1080ti is still doin ok and can sell it pretty well - in the end the upgrade will only cost me $500 which aint 2 bad if prices stay this this way - let me know if you hear from HN

    • Massive difference in visual quality with RT for games that use it and it needs DLSS to get acceptable frame-rates. After seeing what Cyberpunk looks like with RT on, I'm really glad I went with nVidia over AMD this time around.

    • what is a 'user hub'?

    • Sorry for the dumb question, is this any good for vr? I only use my pc for vr sim racing and 90 fps is all important.

  • I bought one, heres hoping this ETA is realistic and not like the launch 3080 ETAs.

    • You can go to your order, and click “edit” , if you see a ETA in your order that means you have an allocation

      • Says "Not Editable Online", keep in mind they dont actually have the cards yet, this is the ETA provided to them buy the distributor, I could edit my 3080 order when I placed in back in September, didnt change the fact that a lot of launch 3080 orders are still not fufilled.

  • +6 votes

    2020 - toilet paper
    2021 - graphic cards

  • can you install 2 of these similar to sli?

  • Maybe I'm being pedantic but I don't see how this is a 'bargain'. Top of the line AMD cards were $600-650 now they're $1700. I have the same issue with the current gen Nvidia cards too. I get that supply is limited, and demand is high, hence the price, but either way it's not a bargain.

    • The 6700XT will be compareable to the cards you're talking about, will still likely cost that much. You are comparing apples to oranges.

      • If the 6700XT is like anything else recently, they'll sell one or two reference cards at $799 and then once those are sold out (instantly via bots) you'll be paying $1000 for scalped + AIB price premiums

    • … supply is limited, and demand is high

      The end.

    • It's pretty insane. Just the GPU costing more than 2 of the brand new gen consoles. For some people they can justify this insane amount of money on a GPU, but for most this is crazy territory.

      And is just RRP.

      But, it's pretty obvious which way the demographics skew on OZB

  • nvenc or bust

  • Best AIB 6800xt or this?

  • Is this an overkill for 1440p gaming?

    • Is $1699 overkill for 1440p?

    • Yeah unless you absolutely want 144fps in all games no matter what. It's more for 4K and you're better off going for a 3060 ti or 3070 for 1440p.

      • I managed to get a 6900xt (albeit at a higher price than I wanted to pay), it is good for 144fps at 1440p but it still can't nail that framerate at max settings in all games with RT off, at least not without a few tweaks. At the moment the GPU voltage is driver locked (at least when I try to overclock in the adrenaline software) so I haven't been able to test how far I can push the game clocks. Out of the box, with some tweaks to the fan profile, it will maintain 2.5ghz at good temps. With the power limit unlocked and stock voltage, I've been able to maintain 2.7ghz stable. Curious to see if it can go higher with a bit more voltage.

        Honestly, I recommend the 6800xt. I got impulsive and bought the 6900xt, but I believe a good 6800xt AIB card with the right tweaks will be just as quick and better bang per buck (if you can find a 6800xt at RRP). Although this price for a 6900xt is pretty good considering some 6800xt cards cost more than this. I've tried ray tracing in some games, but I don't think the visual quality benefits outweigh the massive fps drops on these cards.

    • save money and buy 1080 or 5700xt second hand

  • just don't bother ….and guess what prices will fall….

    • guess what prices will fall

      missing a ‘?’ in middle or end? 🤔

      • if no-one buys at dumb prices the price falls. its a fact - the problem is dumb people buying at redickulous prices using other peoples money….but since education standards continue to plummet, and living standards, MADness is running exponentially.

        • Problem is people are buying

          • @alz: 'problem is dumb people buying at redickulous prices using other peoples money….but since education standards continue to plummet,' yep dumb aint it ?

            • @petry: Shits me bro knowing that I will never be able to buy a video card at an aggressive price moving forward and yes it's because of dumb people who fork out thinking it's a bargain.

              • @alz: mate shift to a console, buy a great tv when 2.1 dust settles and just kick back, and enjoy the sports as well if thats your thing. I'm not seeing good 4k on 75" as a downer especially when so much shit is online now.

                pc gaming is just elitist here now…with flashing go faster colors like a f..ff….g coffee table book.

  • rrp…not in stock…and at a store that has no issue with ques that they cannot fulfil in any near future.


  • Here I am just trying to find a GTX1660S for under $400. That RTX2060S FE I bought 6 months back, is starting to look like a good deal.

  • I guess this counts as a bargain when one considers that people were splashing out in excess of $2000 for an RTX 2080 Ti not too long ago.

    • so bigger dumb deals are justified by cheaper dumb deals - now what was i muttering about MADness…

  • Well… I guess pricy is the new normal with these stuff in future… The thing is you probably won’t need this unless you need so called best of the best for whatever reason, Before this people
    used to go nuts with sli anyway.

    n.b. i use a rtx 2060 and quite satisfied with it. when red camp comes up with their version of dlss i’ll get a similar range card for comparison. 😀