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TerraMaster F4-210 4 Bay NAS $287.99 Delivered @ TerraMaster Amazon AU


20% off on this entry level NAS from TerraMaster. It's suitable for all the basics like file storage, backups, your own private cloud, Docker and more. TerraMaster recently introduced a new version of the operating system that's made the interface look a lot better, as well as new features like wake on LAN.

It has Realtek's RTD1296 Quad-Core CPU, 1GB RAM, 1 Gbe Ethernet Port and 2 USB 3.0 port. Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD and Single Disk.

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  • How is this a a Plex media server. Marketing material says it's suitable, but that's marketing. Enough RAM? I'm not really experienced with NAS. Is this relatively easy to get up to speed?


    • This is Plex's official list and if you look at this model it really isn't suitable. It will software transcode SD/HD fine, some 1080p and that's it. No hardware decoding.

    • Ideally you want one with an intel processor.

      I just set up a f5-221 with truenas and extra ram but haven't fully tested it yet.

    • I’ve had the F4-210 for about 4 months and am only getting it stable now with settings changes and software patches. I use it mainly as a file backup but also Plex and DLNA. It can only do the basic Plex functions which is fine for my usage. RAM isn’t upgradable unfortunately and remote access is painfully slow. But it has been a good introduction into the NAS world and RAID configuration that has taught me a lot about the technology and hardware.

    • If you want easy, probably stick to one of the bigger brands. The UI is very average and trying to get stuff running in Docker was a headache and a half.

      If you just want cheap and prebuilt tho, this is hard to beat.

    • It's fine if you don't need to transcode. The overwhelming majority of people don't need to transcode. I don't transcode on Plex, just use it as a nice interface and media manager - this will be fine for that purpose.

      • maybe you don't neeeeed to transcode, but if you're buying gear for home media purposes you're going to want hardware decoding of HEVC somewhere.

        if you only have one endpoint its probably best to take care of it there, but if you have 3 or 4 old chromecasts or RPi 3's in service already and you're buying a new NAS I think you're going to want one with HEVC support.

        this would be ideal as a backup to your main server/NAS IMO.

    • I am also very new to NAS. Did you end up purchasing one?

      Any thoughts if this is suitable for just banking up photos and videos and using this as a media server?

  • Thanks for the feedback. Feels like some change I'd be buying some stress and a headache. And with this I then need to go buy some Nas hard drives. Might pass for now..